Fesco, JMMB & Sygnus in IC TOP10 stocks

IC TOP10 stocks are now based on earnings for 2021/22 fiscal years. Of the January listing, Access Financial Services moved out of the TOP 10 Junior Market list while Main Market QWI Investment and Carreras fell from the Main market list with increased prices.
Coming into the TOP10 are Fesco, the latest IPO that is expected to come to market shortly, with the prospectus having been released but temporarily withdrawn to correct some errors. JMMB Group and Sygnus Credit Investments are now in the TOP10 Main market listing.
 Since the start of the year, the Junior Market is up 10.5 percent, with 11 companies’ stock rising between 20 and 63 percent, including four with gains from 49 percent up. The Main Market, on the other hand, is marginally down for the year by less than one percent, with five stocks recording gains between 21 percent and 47 percent and Ciboney rising 500 percent for the year to date.
The Junior Market and the Main Market moves are supported by technical indicators, pointing to robust gains ahead and back up by some companies reporting positive profit results.
This week’s focus: Grace Kennedy had outstanding results for 2020 with much more to come in 2021; expect the price to move sharply over the next few weeks. Caribbean Cement reported a 70 percent rise in profit for 2020 and is projected to earn $6.70 for 2021, the stock is an ideal candidate to move higher in the weeks ahead.
The top three stocks in the Junior Market can gain between 329 to 339 percent are Main Event followed by Elite Diagnostic and Jetcon. With expected gains of 202 to 459 percent, the top three Main Market stocks are Radio Jamaica, followed by Berger Paints and VM Investments.  
The local stock market’s targeted average PE ratio is 20 based on profits of companies reporting full year’s results, up to the second quarter of 2021. The Junior and Main markets are currently trading well below the market average, a clear indication of strong gains ahead. The JSE Main Market ended the week, with an overall PE of 14.7 and the Junior Market 9.8 based on ICInsider.com’s projected 2021-22 earnings. The PE ratio for the Junior Market Top 10 stocks average a mere 5.2 at just 53 percent of the market average. The Main Market TOP 10 stocks trade at a PE of 7.1 or 48 percent of the PE of that market.
The average projected gain for the Junior Market IC TOP 10 stocks is 289 percent and 204 percent for the JSE Main Market, based on 2021-22 earnings. IC TOP10 stocks are likely to deliver the best returns up to March 2021 and ranked in order of potential gains, based on likely gain for each company, taking into account the earnings and PE ratios for the current fiscal year. Expected values will change as stock prices fluctuate and result in movements in and out of the lists weekly. Revisions to earnings per share are ongoing, based on receipt of new information.

Persons who compiled this report may have an interest in securities commented on in this report.

Record Carib Cement profit up 70%

Caribbean Cement reported record profit for the year ending December 2020 from sales that rose 13 percent to $20 billion and up 17.8 percent in the final quarter to $5 billion from $4.3 billion in 2019.
For the year, profit after tax surged 70 percent to $3.2 billion after tax provision of $1.2 billion. The tax charge includes deferred tax amounting to $414 million, down from $664 million in 2019. The results would have been far better but for a billion loss in foreign exchange movement, but interest cost fell from $939 million to $812 million, partially cushioning some exchange losses. Interest cost will fall further in 2021 as the debt load recedes with the strong cash flows allowing for the rapid repayment of the $4.4 billion of long term loans.
Gross profit improved rapidly, surging faster than the increase in revenues with a 26.45 percent increase from $7.2 billion to $9.1 billion. The company also benefited from reducing administrative and other expenses that fell from 2.5 billion to $2.35 billion. The company has contracts that hedge diesel fuel to protect it from major increases in one of the largest cost in its operations.
Earnings per share came in at $3.76 for the year, just ahead of ICInsider.com’s forecast of $3.76. ICInsider.com projects earnings of $5.7 billion with EPS of $6.70 in 2021.
Cement generated positive cash flow of $6.5 billion, repaid $4.7 billion in loans and paid $1.5 billion to redeem preference shares due to the Trinidad Cement, its immediate majority shareholder. The amount owing for the TCL preference shares is now down to $2.3 billion with loans outstanding at 4.4 billion, of which $3.1 billion is in Jamaican dollars owing to National Commercial Bank and $1.34 billion due to Cemex Espana in US dollars. The reduction in overseas debt has significantly reduced the foreign exchange exposure, with 2021 set to benefit from a sharp reduction in exchange losses.
At the end of the year, shareholders’ equity moved to $11.5 billion from $8.3 billion at the end of 2019. The stock is one of the original IC TOP 15 stocks for 2021 in the main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange and remains in the list but now at 13th position with a target price of $135 in the next twelve months. The company is set to benefit from an improving economy, with low interest rates encouraging real estate development and ownership as well as expansion and rehabilitation of the country’s infrastructure that will consume an increasing amount of cement.
The stock closed at $65 on Friday with eth PE ratio at 17 times 2020 earnings and just 10 times 2021 projected earnings. The company has a strong balance sheet that is getting stronger each year and is moving into a phase where the payment of a dividend cannot be far away. Based on the above, Caribbean Cement enjoys ICInsider.com coveted BUY RATED investment approval.

February ends on a high note

Trading climbed on Friday with an exchange of 124 percent more shares valued 77 percent more than on Thursday as more stocks rose than declined on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Main Market and ending with the market indices closing higher than the January close, almost wiping out the loss suffered since the start of the year.
The market should move higher during the coming week following record breaking results by Grace Kennedy with earnings of $6.26 that suggests the price should climb to over $100 and Caribbean Cement with record earnings of $3.76 and a likely price of $75. Technical indicators are also pointing to a run in the market to 437,000 points on the All Jamaica Composite Index in the short term.
At the close, the All Jamaican Composite Index advanced 2,408.76 points to 432,649.72, the Main Index climbed 2,126.52 points to 394,528.81 and the JSE Financial Index gained 0.78 points to settle at 100.72.
Trading ended with 47 active securities, the same as on Thursday and closed with prices of 21 rising, 15 declining and 11 remaining unchanged. The PE Ratio averages 17.1 based on ICInsider.com’s forecast of 2020-21 earnings.
Traders exchanged 35,675,257 shares for $112,526,954 compared to 15,923,380 units at $63,507,779 on Thursday. Wigton Windfarm led trading with 63.1 percent of total volume, after 22.50 million shares changed hands following comments from the company’s Managing Director, Earl Barrett, that the rate to be paid for energy produced by their phase two wind turbine will fall from 13 US cents to 5.6 us cents per Kilowatt hour effective April.  Sagicor Select Financial Fund followed with 12.9 percent for 4.60 million units, Pulse Investments 8.1 percent, with 2.88 million units, Ciboney Group chipped in for 3.7 percent with 1.32 million units and Key Insurance 3.4 percent trading 1.23 million units.
Trading for the day averaged 759,048 units at $2,394,191, Thursday ended with an average of 338,795 shares at $1,351,229. Trading month to date averaged 419,015 units at $2,509,660 for each security, in contrast to 399,667 units at $2,516,231 on Thursday. January closed with an average of 311,275 units at $1,432,133.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading has nine stocks ending with bids higher than their last selling prices and three with lower offers.
At the close of trading, Barita Investments gained 36 cents to end at $81.50, after trading 10,772 shares, Caribbean Cement climbed $2.51 to $65, with the swapping of 60,748 stocks. Carreras lost 34 cents in closing at $7.41, in a transfer of 97,841 units, Ciboney Group dropped 36 cents to $1.44, with 1,316,248 shares crossing the exchange, Eppley fell $2.10 to $25, with the swapping of 21,424 units. Grace Kennedy advanced $3.50 to a 52 weeks’ high of $84.50, with 30,224 shares clearing the market, Jamaica Broilers gained 20 cents to close at $29, with 235,232 stock units changing hands, Jamaica Stock Exchange climbed $1.60 to $19.60, after the swapping of 61,828 stocks. Key Insurance shed 79 cents to $4.01, trading 1,226,874 stock units, Kingston Properties declined $1.33 to $5.84 in 5,835 units crossing the exchange. MPC Caribbean Clean Energy dropped $10 to $145 after exchanging 260 stocks, NCB Financial climbed $3 to close at $144, transferring 78,611 shares, 138 Student Living rose 90 cents to $6 exchanging 3,210 stock units, Sagicor Group rose 50 cents to $52.10, in switching ownership of 468,195 stock units. Sagicor Real Estate Fund picked up 48 cents to close at $8.30, after 155,883 shares crossed the market, Salada Foods climbed $3.50 to $44, exchanging 97 stocks. Scotia Group lost 50 cents in ending at $42.50 trading 34,852 units, Seprod shed 54 cents to $69, with the swapping of 8,011 shares, Stanley Motta gained 35 cents to settle at $5.35, with 50 units clearing the market. Sterling Investments ended 36 cents higher at $3 in an exchange of 33,207 stock units and Supreme Ventures climbed $1.60 to $16.90 with 138,316 units changing hands.
In the preference segment, Eppley 8.75% preference shares rose 55 cents to end at $7.40, in exchanging 153 stocks.

Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

Junior Market stocks gain 10.5%

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The volume of stocks trading on Friday surged 785 percent and the value climbed 45 percent higher than on Thursday, but the Jamaica Stock Exchange Junior Market, just squeezed out a modest rise at the close on Friday, as the market closed out February five percent higher than January and 10.5 percent higher than December last year. 
Trading ended with 37 securities changing hands compared to 41 on Thursday, with 17 stocks rising, 11 declining and nine ending unchanged. The market closed with Everything Fresh, Fosrich and  iCreate, ending at 52 weeks’ highs.
At the close, the Market Index inched 0.87 points higher to 2,920.35, the highest point since February 27 last year. The average PE Ratio ends at 15.7 based on ICInsider.com’s forecast of 2020-21 earnings.
Investors exchanged 26,611,809 shares for $45,997,837, up sharply from 3,006,108 units at $8,350,224 on Thursday. GWest Corporation led trading with 51 percent of total volume, after an exchange of 13.57 million shares followed by Indies Pharma with 22.3 percent for 5.92 million units, Derrimon Trading followed with 5.7 percent and 1.5 million units and Jamaican Teas 5.2 percent, with 1.40 million units changing hands.
Trading averaged 719,238 units at $1,243,185, a surge from 73,320 at $203,664 on Thursday. Month to date trading averaged 365,365 units at $881,118, compared to 345,881 units at $861,183 on Thursday. January closed with an average of 232,651 units at $569,885.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows four stocks ending with bids higher than their last selling prices and four with lower offers.
At the close of the market, Access Financial advanced $2.30 to $23.30, with an exchange of 31,291 shares, Caribbean Assurance Brokers lost 5 cents to end at $1.80 after transferring 80,472 stock units. Caribbean Cream gained 10 cents to $4.80 trading 2,080 units, Caribbean Flavours finished 11 cents higher at $2.11, with 68,480 shares crossing the market, Caribbean Producers shed 15 cents to $3.39 in an exchange of 139,589 stocks. Everything Fresh gained 12 cents to end at a 52 weeks’ high of $1.12 in trading 253,217 stock units. Fontana picked up 10 cents in ending at $6, with 98,494 shares changing hands, Fosrich rose 99 cents to close at a 52 weeks’ high of $5.39 in an exchange of 63,738 shares, General Accident rose 44 cents to $5.94 with the swapping of 62,170 units. GWest Corporation gained 8 cents in closing at 80 cents after an exchange of 13,568,963 stock units, Honey Bun increased 9 cents to $5.19, with 24,823 units crossing the market, iCreate gained 5 cents in closing at a 52 weeks’ high of 92 cents, with 562,008 stocks clearing the market. Indies Pharma shed 14 cents to $3.01 with the swapping of 5,922,061 shares, Jamaican Teas lost 7 cents at $3.08 after trading 1,396,887 units, Jetcon Corporation slipped 10 cents to 70 cents in exchanging 52,651 shares. Knutsford Express rose 30 cents to $6.80, with the swapping of 721 units, Lasco Distributors gained 17 cents in closing at $3.87 after transferring 11,980 units, Lasco Financial ended 19 cents higher at $2.65, with 43,965 stock units crossing the exchange. Lasco Manufacturing lost 9 cents in closing at $4.61, with 26,997 units changing hands, Limners and Bards rose 25 cents to $2.75, after trading 167,072 stock units, Mailpac Group lost 6 cents in closing at $3.56 with an exchange of 694,920 shares. Medical Disposables gained 10 cents to close at $4.30 after transferring 183,901 units, Paramount Trading lost 17 cents to end at $1.32 with the swapping of 5,800 units, SSL Venture rose 10 cents to 65 cents trading 916,152 shares and Stationery and Office Supplies shed 30 cents in closing at $4, with 57,150 stock units crossing the exchange.

Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

2020 a great year for Grace Kennedy

The year just past may have been a terrible one for many, for at Grace Kennedy, they have much to be thankful for and management wish must be for another repeat performance like 2020.
Grace reports record profit of $6.2 billion attributable to shareholders for 2020, jumping 39 percent from $4.49 billion in 2019 after taxation more than doubled to hit $2.85 billion for an increase of 178 percent.
Profit before tax rose a strong 58 percent compared to 2019 to end at $9.7 billion. Importantly profit before other income jumped a stunning 82 percent to $6.8 billion while other income rose 20 percent to $3 billion. In what was a spectacular year for the 100 years old company, revenues grew 12 percent to $115 billion, surpassing the $99 billion generated in 2019. Direct and operating expenses rose 9 percent to $109 billion. Other comprehensive income brought total profits to $9.2 billion versus $9.26 billion in 2019.
The groups’ segments had a mixed performance, with Food trading profit almost doubling from 11 percent rise in sales while Insurance and Money transfer contributed 21 percent and 26 percent in profit but banking and Investments fell.
GK’s Food Trading segment saw improved revenue and profitability primarily due to the outstanding performance of its international food businesses. GraceKennedy Foods (USA) LLC showed triple digit increase in gross profit and marked growth in revenue, with the Grace and La Fe brands recording growth and improved margins; and GK’s Jamaican food distribution business recorded strong growth in both revenue and pre-tax profit, coupled with improved operating margins,” a release from the company stated.
The group earned 6.26 per share for the year versus $4.51 in 2019 and the stock price closed on Friday with a last traded price of $84.50 for a PE ratio of 13, well below the market average of 20. ICInsider.com projects 2021 earnings of $11 per share and see the stock heading close to $200 for the year and receives the coveted IC BUY RATED stamp of approval.
Total shareholders’ equity stood at $29 billion at the end of December, up from $27 billion in 2019. the group paid $1.59 billion in dividend during the year, up slightly from $1.54 billion in 2019.

Gains for JSE USD stocks

Stocks mostly closed higher in trading on Friday, with the market Index advancing 5.55 points to 200.72 at the close of trading on the US dollar market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, with 23 percent reduced volume and the value traded falling 84 percent from Thursday’s activity.
Similar to Thursday, five securities traded with two stocks rising, one declining and two ending unchanged. The PE Ratio averages 13.8 based on ICInsider.com’s forecast of 2020-21 earnings.
Investors traded 235,956 shares for a mere US$4,372, down from 305,332 units at US$28,042 on Thursday.
Trading averaged 47,191 units at US$874, in contrast to 61,066 shares at US$5,608 on Thursday. Trading month to date averaged 69,547 units at US$9,223, compared to 70,676 units at US$9,645 on the prior trading day. January averaged 121,154 units for US$15,408.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows no stock ending with he bid higher than the last selling price and one with lower offers.
At the close of the market, First Rock Capital remained at 9 US cents trading 11,088 shares, Productive Business Solutions rose 11.85 cents to a 52 weeks’ high of 90.85 US cents in an exchange of 153 units, Proven Investments was unchanged at 25 US cents, after 4,020 stock units crossed the exchange. Sygnus Credit Investments gained 0.87 of a cent to close at 14.89 US cents in switching ownership of 1,176 units and Transjamaican Highway declined 0.02 of a cent in closing at 0.93 of a US cent with 219,519 stocks changing hands.

Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

TTSE closes month on a high

Trading ended on Friday with the market rising after 33 percent fewer shares at 58 percent less value changed hands than on Thursday, resulting from an equal number of stocks rising and falling on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange.

Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange Head Quarters

Trading ended with 17 active securities, up from 12 on Thursday, four gained, four declining and nine closing unchanged. The Composite Index gained 9.80 points to 1,335.71, up one percent for the year to date. The All T&T Index fell marginally, after two months of trading, gaining 3.39 points on Friday to close to 1,762.61 and the Cross Listed Index rose 4 percent year to date, with a rise of 2.22 points to 122.96 on Friday.
The market exchanged 135,847 shares valued at $2,664,969 verusu 203,091 units at $6,274,039 on Thursday.
An average of 7,991 units traded at $156,763 compared to 16,924 at $522,920 on Thursday. The month to date averages 15,920 units at $307,754  versus 16,358 units at $316,088. The average trade for January amounts to 13,836 units at $275,635.
The Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows three stocks ended with bids higher than their last selling prices and three with lower offers.
At the close of trading, Agostini’s gained 70 cents in ending at $23.70, exchanging 309 shares, Angostura Holdings ended at $14.60 with one unit changing hands, Ansa Mcal dipped 50 cents to $53 in trading 5,072 shares. Clico Investment Fund gained 15 cents to close at $25.75 with an exchange of 17,741 units. First Citizens Bank closed at $43.49 with the swapping of 908 shares, FirstCaribbean International Bank declined 5 cents to $7, with 9,692 units changing hands, Guardian Holdings ended at $22 with 4,560 units clearing the market. JMMB Group ended at $1.85 after 1,200 shares changed hands, Massy Holdings gained 23 cents to $61.30, with 11,106 stock units crossing the market, National Enterprises stayed at $3.12 after exchanging 11,547 shares. NCB Financial Group closed at $8.85 trading 103 stocks, Prestige Holdings gained 20 cents in ending at $7.70 with 25 units changing hands, Republic Financial Holdings fell 5 cents to $134.55 after 255 shares crossed the market. Scotiabank ended at $55.95, trading 1,754 units, Trinidad & Tobago NGL remained at $15 with 44,085 shares changing hands. Trinidad Cement closed at $3.50 in trading 24,442 stocks and West Indian Tobacco dropped 85 cents to $34 exchanging 3,047 stock units.

Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

Barita acquires 20% of Derrimon Trading

Barita Investments now owns 20% of the issued shares of Derrimon Trading Company following the closing of the Derrimon additional public offer of shares, Barita disclosed in a release to the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

Barita headquarters.

Commenting on the investment, Jason Chambers, Director of Barita and Chief Investment Officer of Barita’s parent company, Cornerstone, said: “The Board of Directors of Barita and the leadership team of Cornerstone are very satisfied with this investment as Derrimon embodies several of the characteristics we typically look for in assessing investment opportunities. DTL has built up an enviable track record of growth and value creation, and the management has demonstrated their ability to achieve scale both organically and through the successful integration of several accretive acquisitions. Barita has, over the course of the last two-plus years, established significant capacity to expand its portfolio of investments into sectors that are viable alternatives to traditional ones that are now fully priced in our view and therefore not likely to generate alpha for our shareholders in the medium to long term. This minority acquisition should be seen as a by-product of our increased investing capacity as we prudently seek to unearth both value and growth-oriented investment opportunities within the context of the current global investment landscape.”
Chambers continued, “We also note the diversification factor that this investment adds to our portfolio as it provides exposure to the real sector via a company which has recently begun an international expansion.

Mayberry tried trading 420m Derrimon Trading shares but the transaction was disqualified.

At Cornerstone and Barita, our goal is to positively impact the lives of our stakeholders through the tireless pursuit of opportunities that provide solid risk-adjusted returns throughout their investment horizons. We believe this investment is aligned with that ethos and we look forward to collaborating with the team at DTL to the mutual benefit of our collective stakeholder groups.”
Paula Barclay, General Manager of Barita, in commenting on the Company’s investment in Derrimon, stated: “At Barita, we continuously seek out unique strategic opportunities to build shareholder value while balancing the interests of our clients, team members, and other key stakeholders. We are confident that our association with a company like Derrimon will only contribute positively to our overall future performance. Consummating this investment took significant effort from the team at Barita and I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to them for their hard work.”
Barita Investments is a publicly-traded Securities Dealer listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange and majority-owned by Cornerstone Financial Holdings.
Derrimon Trading is listed on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange and distributes dry and frozen bulk commodities. It also operates retail outlets and Supermarkets.
The shares of Barita are trading at $81.14 and Derimon at $2.56 on early Friday morning after the release.

Junior Market at one year high

Stocks inched to a new one year high of 2,919.48, after adding just 1.25 points as the volume and value of the day’s trade on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange on Thursday were slashed by 56 and 53 percent, respectively, compared to Wednesday.

Trading ended with 41 securities against 39 on Wednesday, with 13 rising, 16 declining and 12 ending unchanged.
The average PE Ratio ends at 15.3 based on ICInsider.com’s forecast of 2020-21 earnings.
Investors traded 3,006,108 shares at $8,350,224 against 6,761,477 units at $17,884,137 Wednesday.
Indies Pharma led trading with 12.4 percent of total volume after trading 371,289 shares, followed by Jamaican Teas with 10.8 percent after an exchange of 324,094 units and iCreate with 10.2 percent for 305,595 units.
Trading averaged 73,320 units at $203,664, down from 173,371 at $458,568 on Wednesday. Trading month to date averaged 345,881 units at $861,183, versus 363,591 units at $903,906 on Wednesday. January closed with an average of 232,651 units at $569,885.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows two stocks ended with bids higher than the last selling price and five with lower offers.
At the close of trading, CAC 2000 dropped $1.40 to $9.50 in trading 1,572 shares, Cargo Handlers fell 11 cents to $8.60 with just one unit exchanged, Dolphin Cove shed $1.30 to $8 with 3,000 stocks changing hands. Elite Diagnostic rose 5 cents to $2.80 trading 201 stock units, Everything Fresh rose 9 cents to $1 with a transfer of 15,218 units, Express Catering advanced 12 cents to $3.62 with 13,143 shares crossing the exchange. Fontana dropped 17 cents to $5.90 with 140,429 stocks changing hands, Fosrich rose 10 cents to $4.40 trading 108,981 stock units, Honey Bun lost 8 cents to finish at $5.10 with 69,158 shares traded. iCreate added 6 cents to end at a 52 weeks’ high of 87 cents with a transfer of 305,595 stocks, Indies Pharma fell 10 cents to $3.15 with investors switching 371,289 units, Iron Rock Insurance declined 10 cents to $3.60 exchanging 1,468 stock units. Jamaican Teas dropped 15 cents to $3.15 with 324,094 shares changing hands, Jetcon Corporation rose 5 cents to 80 cents trading 100,995 stock units, Knutsford Express climbed 32 cents to $6.50 with a transfer of 8,514 stocks. Lasco Distributors fell 17 cents to $3.70 with 29,008 stock units changing hands, Lasco Financial lost 14 cents to end at $2.46 with an exchange of 135,551 shares, Lasco Manufacturing jumped 44 cents to $4.70 trading 11,336 units. Lumber Depot climbed 8 cents to $2.55 with 193,170 stock units traded, Main Event shed 25 cents to close at $3.05 with a transfer of 2,111 stocks, Paramount Trading gained 17 cents to finish at $1.49 with 35,500 units passing through the market. Stationery and Office Supplies dropped 23 cents to $4.30 with 15,000 stocks changing hands and tTech shed 55 cents to end at $4.35 with 2,095 shares crossing the exchange.

Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

Ciboney drops 15% on Thursday

Ciboney Group price retreated after trading more than 2.5 million shares with the price falling 15 percent from Wednesday’s level on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Main Market on Thursday with the total volume of stocks trading fell 46 percent from Wednesday’s quantity as the value dropped 60 percent.
The All Jamaican Composite Index inched 3.97 points up to 430,240.96 the Main Index rose 15.10 points to 392,402.29, and the JSE Financial Index rose 0.14 points to settle at 99.94.
Trading ended with 47 securities changing hands, the same as on Wednesday and closed with prices of 14 stocks rising, 24 declining and nine ending unchanged.
The PE Ratio averages 16.6 based on ICInsider.com’s forecast of 2020-21 earnings.
Investorss exchanged 15,923,380 shares for $63,507,779 compared to 29,447,608 units at $158,590,501 on Wednesday. Transjamaican Highway led trading with 18.3 percent of total volume, after an exchange of 2.91 million shares followed by QWI Investments controlled 16.9 percent with 2.69 million units, Ciboney Group chipped in 16.1 percent with 2.56 million units. Pulse Investments controlled 11.9 percent of market share for 1.89 million units, Wigton Windfarm with 11.1 percent for 1.77 million units and Key Insurance with 9.4 percent for 1.50 million units.
Trading for the day averaged 338,795 units at $1,351,229, compared to an average of 626,545 shares at $3,374,266 on Wednesday. Trading month to date averages 399,667 units at $2,516,231, versus 403,340 units at $2,586,520 on Wednesday. Trading in January averaged 311,275 units at $1,432,133.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading has 10 stocks ending with bids higher than their last selling prices and three with lower offers.
At the close oftrading, Barita Investments fell 36 cents to $81.14, with an exchange of 3,965 shares, Ciboney Group fell 32 cents to $1.80, with 2,562,764 shares crossing the market, Eppley shed 90 cents to end at $27.10, with 345 stocks changing hands, Eppley Caribbean Property Fund closed $1 lower at $40 in exchanging 3,408 units. First Rock Capital advanced 29 cents to $15.29 trading 8,954 shares, Grace Kennedy rose $1 to $81, with the swapping of 29,366 stocks, Jamaica Stock Exchange fell 80 cents to $18 in switching ownership of 52,808 units. Key Insurance declined 20 cents in closing at $4.80, after an exchange of 1,500,426 shares, NCB Financial dipped 40 cents to close at $141 and clearing the market with 66,981 units, Palace Amusement climbed $50 to $850 after exchanging 354 stock units, PanJam Investment fell $1 to $64, with 11,540 stock units changing hands. Portland JSX declined $1.20 to $7.10 in trading 8,000 stocks, Proven Investments closed $1.20 lower at $36 after exchanging 4,285 units, Sagicor Group gained 29 cents to close at $51.60, with the swapping of 4,089 shares. Salada Foods dropped $1 to $40.50 with a transfer of 2,182 shares, Scotia Group gained 50 cents to end at $43, with 15,411 stock units crossing the exchange. Sterling Investments shed 36 cents to $2.64 in exchanging 62,320 stocks, Supreme Ventures dropped 60 cents to close at $15.30, after a transfer of 527,323 units and Sygnus Credit Investments lost 54 cents to close at $14.95 in trading 14,288 shares.
Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.