Freeport to distribute 40c per share

The former Jamaica Stock Exchange listing, Montego Freeport made $44 million in profit for the twelve months to March this year which is up strongly from nearly $11 million reported for 2017.
operating revenue was a mere $1.7 million while other income amounted to $101 million versus $36 million in 2017.  The financial data extract sent to shareholders does not break out the details of other income, but 2017, the category comprised interest income from investments and receivables for land sale and foreign exchange gains.
The statement of financial position shows shareholders equity at $710 million or $1.26 per share. Shareholders at the general meeting slated for November 30 will vote on a resolution to pay a capital distribution of 40 cents per share in December.

10 to 1 stock split for Blue Power

Blue Power 10 for 1 stock split coming.

Shareholders of Junior Market listed Blue Power, are set to see much more liquidity in the shares as the board is recommending a 10 to 1 stock split to be voted on at the upcoming general meeting in August.
Approval of shareholders will be sought, for the board’s recommendation to be put to the Annual General Meeting to be held on August 14, to increase the authorised share capital of the company from 90 million units to 900 million shares of no par value and to split each existing share of the company into 10 shares of no par value, thus increasing the issued share capital to 564,990,000 shares.

Blue Power Group will pay a dividend of 19 cents per share on July 30, to shareholders on record at July 16. The stock will start trading ex-dividend on July 13.

Mayberry restructuring

Mayberry to spin off 10 % of its subsidiary to shareholders.

Dogged by a share price that is bogged down mostly below $5, with a net asset value of $6.54, Mayberry’s directors are recommending distributing a portion of Mayberry West Indies Limited (MWIL), a wholly-owned subsidiary in the form of dividend to Mayberry Investments‘ shareholders.
MWIL is to list on the Jamaica Stock Exchange before the end of the first quarter of 2018 as a result of the move.
Arising from a Board meeting of the Company, on December 29, 2017, a dividend in specie equal to 10% of the Net Book value of its MWIL was declared. This dividend will be effected by the Company transferring, pro rata among its stockholders, shares in MWIL held by the Company and constituting 10% of MWIL’s issued share capital. The record date will be February 16, and shall be effected by transfer of the relevant MWIL shares on February 28 to stockholders. The Ex-dividend date will be February 15.
Based on MWIL’s book value as at November 30, 2017, the dividend in specie is equivalent to approximately $688 million, the Mayberry release said. Mayberry West Indies Limited name is to be changed to “Mayberry Jamaican Equities Limited”.
The Jamaica Stock Exchange requires a minimum of 20 percent of a listed company’s shares to be issued to the public, accordingly, it appears that the plans will be to raise around $700-800 million from the general market prior to listing.

NCB pre-announces dividend dates

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NCB Financial Group has announced the dates when their board will consider dividend payments for 2018, in a break from the historical practice of making an announcement a few days before the board meets to consider the quarterly payment.
The practice is in keeping with what obtains in Trinidad with several listed companies pre-announcing dates for dividends, publication of quarterly reports and annual general meetings. The move enhances transparency in the capital market where all concerned are aware of important announcements. NCBFG advises that the board of directors intends to consider the payment of dividends to stockholders on the following dates this year, January 25, April 26, July 26 and November 8. The dates usually coincide with the release of the quarterly reports.

Supreme Ventures jacks dividend to $844M

Supreme Ventures has pushed up the dividend payment fresh after the major changes in ownership and recent board changes to $844 million.
The new board declared an interim dividend of 14 cents per share payable on December 4, 2017 to shareholders on record as at November 20, 2017 and a special dividend of 18 cents per share to be paid on the same day as the interim dividend. The ex-dividend date will be November 16. On august 9, a dividend of 16 cents was paid and 14 cents per stock unit was paid on May 31.
The new directors who were appointed to the board effective October 23, following increased ownership by Mayberry West Indies Limited to 8.56 percent, Bamboo Holdings of 1.2 percent and Mark Berry to 1.05 percent of the company are Ansel Howel, Christopher Berry, Gary Peart. Paul Hoo former chairman of the boards resigned as the company’s chairman on the 4th of November.

10 for 1 split for Carreras shares

Carreras as high as $110 after stock split announcement.

The directors of Carreras advised that they will be recommending a 10 for 1 stock split to members of the Company at its Annual General Meeting scheduled for September 6.
In order to facilitate the proposed subdivision of the existing ordinary shares in the capital of the Company, the maximum number of shares that the Company is authorized to issue is to be increased by a subdivision into 10 ordinary shares for each one that currently exists and thus raising the authorized capital to $4.8544 billion units with effect from the close of business on September 20, 2017. The existing issued shares are to be increased from 485,440,000 units of no par value to 4,854,400,000 ordinary shares of no par value. The ex-stock split date is September 18, 2017.
Carreras stock trades at $110 on the main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

Bonus on cards for Carreras

Carreras as high as $108 after stock split announcement.

Shareholders in cigarette marketers, Carreras could be enjoying the benefits that could flow from a stock split.
The company today advised that the Board of Directors will meet on August 8, to consider whether to recommend to the Company’s stockholders for consideration at the upcoming General Meeting scheduled for September 6, a split of the Company’s issued shares.
In Wednesday’s trading investors pushed the price to $108 in early trading. In recent weeks the stock has become very scares with low interest rates in the system and high dividend paid by the company.
Others to likely split as liquidity continues to dry up are Palace Amusement, Blue Power, Access Financial and NCB Financial Group that now has little selling of its shares with the price over $80 and 33 percent growth in earnings that should push full year earnings to more than $8 per share. Management of the company at a recent press briefing stated that no consideration has been given for this and suggested that the company won’t benefit from it. That in fact is not a correct statement as both the company and shareholders will benefit if it were to take place.

Carreras dividend yield 11.5%

Dividend hiked at Carreras

Carreras has declared an interim dividend of $2.10 per stock unit, payable on June 28, 2017, to stockholders as shown on the Register of Members as at June 9. The stock will commence trading ex-dividend on June 7. The payment will bring the dividends for the last twelve months to $7.50 per share, for a yield of 11.5 percent based on the price of $65.40, at the end of June 2016.
The company paid an interim dividend of $2.20 per stock unit to stockholders on the Register of Members at February 17, this year, an interim dividend of $1.70 per stock to stockholders on record at November 24, 2016 and a dividend of $1.50 per on August 30, 2016.
Carreras traded as high as $84 this year and is trading currently at $77.73 on the Jamaica Stock Exchange and traded at a low of $60 in the last twelve months.
For the December 2016 quarter, Carreras‘ profit after tax rose 24 percent to $1.1 billion, from $889 million and for the nine months, it moved 23 percent, from $2.28 billion to $2.79 billion. IC is forecasting $11.50 earnings per share for the current year that ends in March 2018 as the price of cigarettes was raised this year. The increased earnings would result in an increased dividend payment.

50c dividend for Berger


The board of Berger Paints Jamaica approved a Special Dividend of Twenty Cents and a final of Thirty Cents per ordinary stock unit to be recommended to shareholders at the 2017 annual general meeting.
The payment is expected to be on August 4, to shareholders on the Company’s register at the close of business July 21, 2017. The ex-dividend date is set for July 19.
The proposed payment is exactly in line with IC’s forecast. IC Insider forecasted earnings of $1.30 per share for 2016 and $1.90 for 2018 and suggested that the results equated to dividend of approximately 50 cents per share for 2016 and around 70 cents for 2018.
In 2016, the company made net profit of $122 million compared to $67 million in 2015 and earnings per stock unit 57 cents in 2016 and 31 cents in 2015. A dividend of 20 cents per share amounting to $42.86 million and representing 35 percent of profit for the year ended March 2016 was paid on July 14, 2016 and a dividend of 12 cents per share amounting to $25.7 million or 38.35 percent of 2015 profit was paid in 2015.
The stock traded on the main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange at $16.51.

$1.5B for NCB Group shareholders

NCBFG paying 60C in dividend in May.

NCB Financial Group approved an interim dividend of 60 cents per ordinary stock unit at its board of directors meeting on April 27. The dividend will result in a total payment of $1.48 billion.
The dividend is payable on May 29, 2017 to stockholders on record as at May 12, 2017. In 2016, NCB paid a dividend in December of 90 cents per share, that brought the full year payment to $2.40 for a pay-out of 38 percent of profit. In January this year, a dividend of 60 cent was paid to shareholders. On May 27, last year, an interim dividend of 50 cents per share was paid to the group’s shareholders. This year’s payments come against a 58 percent jump in profit over the prior year to March to $9.5 billion.
In trading on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, the group’s stock traded at $63.75 and at TT$3.99 on the Trinidad Stock Market.