GWest Oversubscribed

GWest complex in Montego Bay,

The Initial Public Offering of 170 million shares by Gwest Corporation is oversubscribed with the offer closed at 4:30 pm on Thursday, December 7, the broker JMMB Securities advised the Jamaica Stock Exchange.
The offer was for 169.7 million shares at $2.50 each. The offer opened on December 7 and was scheduled to close on December 21.
GWest offer included 36,000,000 Shares reserved for the lead broker, JMMB Securities or its clients, 64,000,000 Shares were reserved for Jamaica Money Market Brokers’ Pension and Client Funds Investment Management Unit, 19,400,000 Shares for GWest clients and suppliers and 600,000 Shares for independent directors, the Mentor and employees of the Company and 69.7 million shares for the general public.
Word reaching IC is that the offer for Wisynco Group has so far attracted around $18 billion in subscriptions but the principals want to have the widest distribution of shareholders possible, hence the continuing opening of the issue.
The GWest shares will be listed on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

18.9% of applications for FosRich to public

The general public in the FosRich Company Initial Public Offering shares have been allocated 5,000 with the balance in excess of 5,000 units to be allocated at approximately 12.70 percent or around 19 percent of all the shares they applied for.
According to Stocks and Securities Limited (“SSL”), lead broker to the issue, 1,084 applications with a total value of J$140,103,400 were received from the general public. The issue had just over 10 million shares slated initially for the public. Company Reserved Shares that was initially allocated took up 82 percent of their allotment hence the rest went into the pool for the public.
Overall SSL received a total of 1,165 applications totaling J$324.2 million. The Company’s offered 100,455,111 shares to raise J$200,910,222. SSL and Key Partners received the full allotments. The Company will endeavor to return cheques or make refunds via RTGS to applicants whose applications were not accepted, or whose applications were only accepted in part, within 10 working days of the Closing Date, December 4.
The original allocation of the issue was as follows: The general public just 10,070,111 units, Stocks and Securities, 50 million units and key partners and staff 40,385,000 units.

Over 1,000 applicants push FosRich IPO over

Mark Croskery Managing director of Stocks & Securities brokers fro teh IPO speaking to Cecil Foster, Managing director of FosRich.

Stocks and Securities advised the Jamaica Stock Exchange that the “Invitation for Subscription” in the Initial Public Offering for FosRich Company Limited is “Now Oversubscribed and Closed”. The Offer closed at 9:01 am today after its official opening this morning.
Reports reaching IC is that applications for the issue exceeds 1,000, with more than $350 million accounted for so far, with the full amount still be counted up to late Monday evening.
The company went to market to raise $200 million from sale of just over 100 million shares at $2 each. The general public were allocated just 10,070,111 units, Stocks and Securities, brokers for the IPO was allocated 50 million units and key partners and staff shares has 40,385,000 allocated to them. At this stage it is unknown if any shares from the reserves allocations were not taken up and therefore became available to boost the minuscule amount allocated for the general public. If the general pool is not boosted by much than the general public will end up only a very small sum.
FosRich is one of five IPO issues coming to market in December as VM Investments announced their issue and released the prospectus to sell 300 million shares up to $2.45 each and Elite Diagnostics is expected to issue their prospectus this week, while Wisynco and GWest both officially opens for subscription this week.

300M IPO VM Investments shares next week

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VM Investments Limited, the immediate parent company of VM Wealth Management (VMWM), will offer just over 300 million shares for sale, on Monday December 11 at $2.45 per share, to raise $689 million.
A total of 225,003,750 Ordinary Shares in the Offer are initially reserved for staff and customers of the VMBS Group, discounted at $2.08 to $2.33 each, and 75 million for the general public, at $2.45 each.
The offer which opens on December 11 is scheduled to close on December 18. It is the intention to list the company on the main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, after the issue closes.
The company intents to use the proceeds to build its capital base, to enable it to provide financing solutions and to capitalize on new business opportunities. In this regard the CEO Devon Barrett stated that they intend to allocate $1 billion per year to meet the needs of the small business sector, where data shows that there is an annual demand for $20 billion in financing.
The Directors expect to distribute up to 75 percent of the after-tax earnings as cash dividends, up from 55 percent on average to date.

VM Investments press conference for launch its IPO. from left is Michael McMorris – Chairman of VMBS, Courtney Campbell Group CEO, Devon Barrett CEO of VMIL and Janice McKenley – Group Chief Financial Offer.

Over the last five years, the revenue stream has evolved from predominantly, fixed income and securities trading, with approximately 70 percent of its total revenues coming from net interest income. Since 2011, VM Wealth has diversified its revenue streams, becoming active in the asset management and capital market space, with a comprehensive range of products and services. This has resulted in VM Wealth earning approximately 70 percent of its revenue from non-interest income sources.
The company reported after taxes profit of $326 million, surpassing $310 million in 2015. Up to September this year, profit of $273 million was achieved, putting in on track for $360 for the year or 30 cents per share. VMWM’s total operating revenue for 2016 was $1.28 billion, down from $1.37 billion in 2015. To September this year, $1.1 billion in revenue was generated. Revenues in 2016, comprised mainly of Net Interest Income of $251 million, gain from investment activities of $279 million and net fees and commissions of $280 million. Up to September, Net Interest Income came in at $191 million, gain from investment activities of $171 million and net fees and commissions of $370 million.

Devon Barrett CEO of VMIL addressing invitees at the formal announcement of the IPO, Beside him is Janice McKenley.

Shareholders’ equity stands at $2.12 billion as of September this year, with 1.2 billion shares issued and assets that include mostly investment securities. Third party assets under management increased by $4.4 billion or 55 percent, from $8 billion in 2015 to $15 billion in 2016 and assets under custodian arrangements amounts to $23 billion up from $20 billion in 2015. This was due mainly to increased promotion and the introduction of new unit trust product with 6 new portfolios – three US$ bond portfolios, one J$ bond portfolio, one local equities portfolio and a real estate portfolio.
The strong growth in net fees and commissions is very appealing as it will provide the base for good consistent growth in revenues and profits going forward.
DEVON BARRETT, MBA, is the Group Chief Investment Officer & Chief Executive Officer, Victoria Mutual Wealth Management.
With the 1.2 billion shares now in issue earnings per share is 30 cents for 2017 giving it a PE of 8. At a price of $2.45 and a PE of just 8 times 2017 earnings, the stock is price to enjoy a decent bounce ahead of 2018 earnings that should be higher than that of the current year’s, making it even more attractive.
The nature of the earnings can result in higher or lower profit from year to year but the longer term trend ought to be up, all things being equal especially as the more predictable fee income is growing at a faster pace that the others.

VM Investments IPO December 11

VM Investment parent of VM Wealth Management planning to list.

The Initial Public Offer of shares in VM Investments Limited the immediate parent company of VM Wealth Management (VMWM) will open on Monday December 11 and is priced at $2.45 per share.
The annual report of Victoria Building Society stated that 2016 turned out to be another record breaking year for VM Wealth Management, as net profits after taxes of $326 million surpassed the previous record of $310 million in 2015. VMWM’s total operating revenue was $808 million, virtually the same as in the previous year. Revenues comprised mainly of Net Interest Income of $248 million, gain from investment activities of $279 million and net fees and commissions of $280 million. Third party assets under management increased by $4.4 billion or 55 percent, from $8 billion in 2015 to $12.4 billion in 2016. This was due mainly to increased promotion and the introduction of our new unit trust product with 6 new portfolios – three US$ bond portfolios, one J$ bond portfolio, one local equities portfolio and a real estate portfolio.
DEVON BARRETT, MBA, is the Group Chief Investment Officer & Chief Executive Officer, Victoria Mutual Wealth Management.
The VM Investments issue is adding to a very busy December, for IPOs and this is likely to be followed January with another busy slate of Initial Public Offerings. Planned issues by Mayberry Investments that were expected in December, may be put off until January, IC has been informed. Sygnus Capital Investments is the other that could be listed in January.

GWest IPO is here

The initial Public Offer (IPO) of shares in the Montego Bay based GWest Corporation is now out with 169.7 million shares offered for sale at $2.50 each. The offer opens on December 7 and is scheduled to close on December 21.
With FosRich and Wisynco opening next week as well it could result in record of 4 IPOs being opened within the same week on the Jamaica Stock Exchange. During July, Express Catering opening on July 12, Stationery and Office Supplies that opened on July 19, Proven Investments with a rights issue opened on July 3, Productivity Business Solutions with an ordinary share issue and a preference share issue that opened on July 5.
GWest offer includes 36,000,000 Shares reserved for the lead broker, JMMB Securities or its clients, 64,000,000 Shares reserved for Jamaica Money Market Brokers’ Pension and Client Funds Investment Management Unit. 19,400,000 Shares are for GWest clients and suppliers and 600,000 Shares for independent directors, the Mentor and employees of the Company. This leaves 69.7 million shares for applications by the general public. If any of the Reserved Shares in any category are not subscribed by the persons entitled to them, they will be made available for subscription by the general public.

Dr. Konrad Kirlew, chairman of GWest.

If the Invitation is successful in raising at least J$250,000,000 and the Shares will be admitted to trade on the Junior Market of the JSE.
The primary purpose of the Company is to provide integrated medical health care services and facilities. The Company established 5 medical businesses under the common “GWest Medical” brand. GWest Corporation owns the GWest Centre, a 4-storey multipurpose commercial complex catering primarily to medical professionals and medical services and in which its owned services will be located. The GWest concept is to provide a wide range of complementary international quality best practice medical services in one location,
The Company will be providing the following medical services to complement those offered by owners and lessees in the GWest Centre:
1. General Practitioner and Specialist Suite (operational since June 2017)
2. A 2,200 square feet Urgent Care Centre (operational since November 2017)
3. Medical Laboratory (to be opened by January 2018)
4. A 5,000 square feet 8-Bed Inpatient Unit (to be opened by September 2018)
5. In addition, its 100% subsidiary company GWest Surgery Centre Limited will own and operate an 8,500 square feet Outpatient Surgery Centre (to be opened September 2018), including two modern operating theatres and two procedure rooms.
The Company has approximately 18,111 square feet of space leased to tenants for periods of 3 to 10 years with lease rates denominated in United States currency, ranging from US$20 to US$22 per square feet. The lease payments are subject to annual increases at a rate of up to 0.5% per annum.

GWest complex in Montego Bay,

Directors include Dr. Konrad Kirlew, chairman, Dr. Leyford Doonquah, Dennis Samuels businessman Denise Crichton-Samuels managing director of Cornwall Medical and Dental Supplies, Peter Pearson, former partner PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Elva Williams-Richard, Chartered Accountant, Wayne Gentles, Accountant, and Mark Hart Businessman and Wayne Wray who is the mentor and director.
The shares are really based of forecast which are vastly different than the historical results. For the year to March 2017 profit reported was $181 million but it includes a large gain on revaluation of the unsold property, amounting to $205 million. The profit was mainly based on income of sale of property. A loss of $29 million was made in the six months to September and for the full year to March 2018 a loss of $111 million is projected, swinging sharply to a profit of $166 million in 2019 and $388 million in 2020 as revenues rise from an estimated $158 million in 2018 to $803 million in 2019 to $1.2 billion in 2020.
Net book value is just $287 million, representing 324,848,485 shares, with net book value of just 88 cents per share, the stock is priced at 3 times book value which can be considered high for a company yet to start showing profit from ongoing operations. The stock is also priced at a high PE of nearly 7.5 times projected 2019 earnings which is way above most other stocks in the market, with a renowned operating track record.

FosRich could surprise

FosRich initial public offer of shares opens next week Monday but is getting mixed views in the financial market, partly with similar type reception Access Financial got when it went public in 2010. Access confounded the skeptics and went on to be one of the best performers on the market.
While one does not expect FosRich to perform close to what Access did overtime, it could nevertheless surprise many on the upside in 2018, with not many shares being sold to the general public.
Some seasoned investors are letting this one pass them by. Questions are being asked about an array of issues reflected in the financials.
Why are inventories so high? growth in revenues is inconsistent with a drop in sales on the cards for 2017 and questions about the true quality of receivables. The company made a $20 million provision for doubtful receivables in 2014 of which $10 million was recovered in 2015. For some, the inventories of $580 million at September is the most concerning, with the view that there could be another big a write off as occurred in 2014 when provision was made for $109 million. There is a question as to the rationale for three outlets outside Kingston with two in Montego Bay.
Management seems fully conversant with the issues that need addressing and from all indications are at work to deal with them.
Apart from the raising of long term equity capital by way of the public share issue, that will provide badly needed working capital management is to roll out of the industrial products line later in 2017 and the directors anticipate a profitable end to the fiscal year, unlike the loss in the final quarter of 2016.
FosRich increased gross profit margin for the year to date to 45.2% from 42% in 2016, the Directors are hopeful of maintaining or increasing that level towards the end of the current year, 2017. According to Cecil Foster, Managing director, they are aiming for 50 percent with a focus on the 150 fastest moving items. Their partnership with Phillips, Siemens for electrical equipment and parts and Nexans Brasil for distribution of cables will allow them to source products directly from factories rather than through middlemen.
Addressing the issue of excess inventories, Foster stated that they are aware of the issue but admitted that software issues resulted in an increase beyond the norm. Cash flow issues has forced management to take step to reduce the amounts tied up in stock. At September this year the amount in inventories of $580 million is down from $625 million in 2016. According to Foster within 8-9 months it should be in the rage of 6 months of cost of sales, if achieved it would release more than $200 million in cash. Different strategies are being employed to push sales of the slower moving items and include special deals at reduced prices, targeting large projects and possibly longer credit terms. According to Foster, this area is one for attention a regular at their monthly board meeting.
Debt financing has been high with Interest cost at $47 million in 2016 on loans of $335 million. Rates on leases were at 13.5-15 percent. After the issue closes Stocks and Securities will be going to market to raise $200-300 million in bonds to retire the bank debt and fund expansion.
Foster confirms Mathew Williams of SSL comments “that the target is to double sales within two years” and indicated that the target for 2018 is 30 percent. Cost should be under control in 2018 as the company focuses on this area as well.
There are some observations that investors ought to note. A number of companies enjoyed big sales bounced shortly after listing as name and product recognition increases. Example of these are Jetcon Corporation, Stationery and Office Supplies, the rigor that monthly board meetings will provide additional governance rigor to get more out of the existing operation. Peter Knibbs the director of Finance formerly of the Pan Jam Investment group, with years of financial experience has been playing a major role in getting the company to focus on some critical areas in order to right a drifting ship.

Elite Diagnostics IPO Decemder 7

Information reaching IC, is that the initial public offer for ELITE DIAGNOSTICS could come to market on 7th December 2017.
The 5 year old company provides imaging and Diagnostic Medical Facility offers services such as MRI, CT Scan, X-Ray, Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy. The Issue is expected to raise $160 million at approximately $2 per share with the shares to be listed on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange.
The proceeds from the offer will be used for expansion of the business. The company operates from Holburn Road in Kingston and now has a new office on Hope Road.
If the issue comes in as stipulated, it will make for 5 new issues officially on the market at the same time. If the issue is successful, it would raise the listings on the Junior Market to 38 assuming the FosRich offer is successful, with 34 of them being ordinary shares.
Other issues expected are, Wisynco and VM Investments that are heading to the main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange and GWest for the Junior Market.

Big Wisynco payday down the road

Wata produced by Wisynco

Wisynco Group‘s primary activities are bottling and distribution of purified water and beverages and the manufacturing of a range of plastic and foam packing and disposable products mainly used in the retail, food service and tourism industry. At present the Company distributes 110 brands with over 4,000 different products.
The Company is offering 149,414,576 shares to raise approximately $1 billion to use in its operations but existing shareholders are offering 635,085,424 shares for sale at the same time as a part of the overall offering. Up to 314,700,000 Shares in the Invitation are initially reserved for priority application from, and subscription and/or purchase by the following persons: a) up to 150,000,000 Shares are initially available for subscription by the Strategic Investors and up to 52,200,000 Shares are reserved for the Broker at the Subscription Price of J$7.87 per Share and up to 112,500,000 Shares are initially available for subscription for all of the employees of the Company including executives, senior managers and directors at a price of J$7.08 per Share. Reserved Shares in any category not fully subscribed by the persons entitled to them, will be made available for subscription by the Strategic Investors Applicants at the Subscription Price and thereafter, will become available for purchase by the general public.

Wisynco operates at two main locations situated in St. Catherine. Manufacturing takes place at White Marl, while Lakes Pen carries out distribution activities. Total square footage with factory, storage & offices between the two locations is approximately 530,000 square feet.

The Invitation will open at 9 am. on Wednesday, 6th December and is scheduled to close at 4 pm on Friday, 15 December, subject to the right to close the Invitation at any time after it opens once Applications for all of the Shares in the Invitation are taken up.
It is the intention of the Company to apply to the JSE to list the Shares on the Main Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange. The Company offers no guarantee that any of the Shares will be admitted to listing. As per Rule 402 of the JSE Main Market Rules, if the Invitation does not raise 20% of the Issued Share Capital of the Company, by the Closing Date, all monies received will be refunded.
The Directors intend to apply the net Initial Public Offering from the subscription of new Shares in the Company for: • Expansion of its manufacturing capacity to facilitate growth in all current markets for existing and future products; • Investment in more efficient modern internal power generation and utilization • Potential strategic acquisitions – locally, regionally and internationally • New distribution partnerships • Expansion of the Company’s distribution fleet and infrastructure to support the build out of its ‘Route to Market’ system • The establishment of the a western distribution centre and • Increase working capital to expand distribution arrangements through additional or new third-party brands in key categories not currently served by the Company.

True Juice orange juice bottled by Wisynco

Loans from banks increased by 92.5% during 2017, moving from J$1.05 billion at the end of June 2016 to J$2.02 billion at the end of June 2017 and mature between 2018 and 2023 and were obtained for the purpose of funding the expansion of the warehouse and the purchase of machinery and equipment.
Financially, the company is strong, with shareholders’ equity of $7.6 billion and cash of $4.75 billion as of September. Profits for the 3 months to September came out at $656 million versus $591 in 2016 and for the June 2017 fiscal year, $2.24 billion versus $2.3 billion in 2016, from revenues of $19.4 billion while in 2017 revenues were $21.25 billion. For the current fiscal year to June 2018, IC is forecasting profit of $2.6 billion, around 70 cents per share, from revenues of $24.8 billion and $3.9 billion or $1.05 per share in 2019, from sales of $29 billion.
Based on the forecasted earnings, the stock is priced at 11 times earnings and should double towards the end of 2018 based on the projected 2019 earnings. The stock is now sixth on IC TOP 10.

VMBS Wealth heading to market

VM Wealth planning to list soon..

There was a time when there was a drought of listings on the Jamaica Stock Exchange with the advent of the Junior Market and its success there seem to be information on coming listings cropping up regularly.
Word reaching IC is the VMBS Wealth Management will head to market in early 2018 to be listed on the exchange. Contacts make by this publication was wet with the response that they could not respond on such matters at this time.
For 2017 the stock exchange had confirmed about 16 potential listings for the year, inclusive of preference shares. The year will definitely close short of the target, but between December and the end of 2018 is setting up to be a bumper period that increase the listings to more than 100 for the very first time.
FosRich offer will open officially on December 4 to raise just over $200 million and is brokered by Stocks and Securities who confirmed that they are working on another listing but could not release the name of the company.
With Elite Diagnostics reconfirming their intention to go to market soon, the number of potential listings are climbing. Wisynco Group is expected to release its prospectus shortly with whispers suggesting by this week end.
More trading activity is expected in the future as a results of new listing and the impact of the fall in interest rates will have on trading activities. The exchange now has 92 listings with a few duplicated ones in the main market and US dollar market will see and there could be four on the exchange suggest before the year ends with three of them regarded as definite. Brokers say they are working on 8 new ones for 2018 currently, Marlene Street Forrest, Managing Director of the Jamaica Stock Exchange advised IC
The three are expected to be GWest, a medical complex out of Montego Bay, is expected to raise over $400 million, the company income will come from a combination of rent from the major part of the complex and fees from operating small short term medical facility. The complex currently has a number of blue chip clients as tenants.

NCB Capital Markets Manager, Origination and Structuring Stanley Thompson (left) exchanges laughs with Wisynco Group Limited Chairman William Mahfood also sharing are Wisynco Chief Executive Officer Andrew Mahfood and PriceWaterhouseCoopers Director Fiona Hyman

Wisynco Group is looking to raise for itself $1 billion but some of its current shareholders wanting to cash out. Information suggests that shares are to be offered to a wide array of persons including the 700 staff members as well as a large number of customers hence the shares from the IPO could be pretty scarce. Caribbean Insurance Brokers being handled by Mayberry Investments is the fourth possible 2017 listings. Mayberry is also working with Neveast Supplies but this seems to be a 2018 listing.
Others that should see their ordinary shares listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, include Jamaica Plumbing and Supplies, the government’s owned Wighton Wind Farms, Jamaica Public Service Company, with the government wanting to dispose of its shares in the power company, KIW International that has taken the decision to have the company relisted. UCC Online, a segment of University of the Caribbean was expected to have gone to the market this year but have been ironing out issues to facilitate the initial public offering, they could be ready in 2018 and Sygnus Capital Investments should list in the first quarter of 2018 on the main market of the exchange. Sygnus is relatively new company established to undertake loans or make medium term investments in medium size businesses. The company which is registered in St Lucia is managed by Sygnus Capital Management a Cayman Island based corporation. The company raised US$15 million in capital and is aiming for another $5 million when they come to market, which could be as early as January next year. According to our source they have so far lent out US$11 million and generated a higher rate of return that originally expected. The company has a good stream of potential users of its funds.