MailPac set to jump

MailPac shares were listed on Wednesday and closed at $1.32 for a rise of 32 percent, with less than 49,373 units traded.
The most recent information has the highest buying price at $1.72 for 305,000 shares, followed by 73,247 shares at $1.70 a lot of 26,388 units at $1.51 and 300,001 units at $1.50. At $1.49, there is buying for 60,357 units and at $140 to buy 4.37 million.
Selling starts at $1.35 with 24,092 shares, followed by 21,227 units at $1.44 and 21,227 at $1.45, with a total of 82 offers posted so far.
Trading in the early trading session on Thursday resulted in just 56,620 units changing hands at $2.10 at a PE ratio of 15. The maximum price that it can trade at for the day is $2.18. With the price movement to date, the stock has moved out of the IC TOP 10 list.

5% of Proven shares traded

An investor picked up 31,265,399 proven shares in trading on the US market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange today, representing 5 percent of the total issued share capital of the company of 625,307,963 units.
The trades were executed at 31.55 US cents per share and cost US$9,864,233. The trades comprise a block of 21,374,171 shares with amounts in smaller denominations. Proven Investments’ record show Nekia Limited as the owners of the 21.37 million block and the second-largest shareholder.
The purchaser is unknown at the time of going to press, but Barita Investments subsequently announced that they acquired the block of shares that put them as the lead shareholder in the company. The move is consistent with realignments taking place within the dynamic Jamaican financial market.

BOJ sells US$40m into forex market

Bank of Jamaica sold US$40 million via B-FXITT to authorized dealers and Cambios to augment supply in the market on Tuesday.
“The factors behind the recent depreciation in the exchange rate are well known and Bank of Jamaica expects that these impulses will subside and that normalcy will return to the market. There has been an increase in demand for foreign currency due to the regular re-stocking by retailers for the Christmas season. Further, there has been extraordinary demand relating to portfolio transactions,” the central bank stated in a release today.
“Notwithstanding the recent depreciation, inflows into the foreign exchange market remained healthy. For October 2019, average daily inflow from earners was approximately US$31 million, in line with October 2018. However, driven by the factors noted above, demand has outstripped this supply,” the release went on to say.
The local currency moved in recent weeks and traded at $141.96 to one US dollar on average on Monday as dealers bought US$30.7 million at an average rate of $138.89 and sold $31.5 million at J$141.96 each. On Friday, dealers bought US$33 million at an average price of J$139.49 and bought US$30.2 million at J$141.89.

$45 for Barita Investments rights

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Barita Investments headquarters

Barita Investments will offer 116,845,955 ordinary shares to its ordinary stockholders by way of a renounceable rights issue of 11 shares for each 100 own as of August 20.
The exercise price will be $45 per share with the last date for renunciation will be September 10. Shareholders will have up to September 15, to accept the amount of their offer but can apply for additional shares from amounts not taken up by allottees, up to September 20.
The current offer is the second rights issue to purchase additional shares in the company, in less than a year. The stock traded on the Jamaica Stock Exchange on Friday to close at $91.50, for a rise of 72 percent for the year to date. but it has gained 862 percent in the last twelve months, not including gains from the issue of rights in March.

August off with record breaking run for JSE

The Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange is up 52.35 points to cross over the 3,500 points level for the first time in the market’s history.
The move after an hour trading on Friday pushed the Junior Market Index to a record high of 3,514.89 points.  The JSE Main Index rose 5,119.76 points to a record of 528,859.86 and the All Jamaican Composite Index added 5,633.92 points to trade at 580,884.11.
The Limners and Bards the (Lab) traded at $3.65 to record a 265 percent gain since the IPO and the listing a week ago. Pulse Investments traded at $3.90 up from $3 at the close on Wednesday. General Accident trades at $4.90, Jamaican Teas rose to a record high of $7 from $5.65 on Wednesday and Caribbean Cream fell to $4.40 on limited volume.

Record high for junior Market

The Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange has gained 58 points to reach a record high of 3,442.41, after just over two hours of trading and is now above the record closing high reached on September 20, 2018, of 3,436.31.
The Lab traded at $3 to record a 200 percent gain since the IPO and the listing on Friday. There are currently 2.6 million units on the bid at $3 as investors bought 2.4 million so far.
Main Market stocks are also up, with the two main indices of the main market posting strong gains. The JSE Main Index rose 4,010.36 to 515,449.60 and the All Jamaican Composite Index added 4,413.11 points to trade at 566,127.10.

FX losses cut Wigton 2019 profit

Wigton shares are still the most heavily traded on the JSE.

Profit before tax at Wigton Windfarms fell from $768 million in 2018 to $727 million in 2019 from sales revenue of $2.44 billion for 2019 compared to $2.36 in 2018.
The 2019 results include a net loss of foreign exchange of $177 million. The company retired loans that were denominated in US dollars and swapped them for loans in local currency at interest rates that were higher than the prior loans but removing the risk of exchange rate adjustments.
Costs are relatively stable as well as income. Depreciation accounts for $665 million of the total administrative and operating cost of $1.17 billion. The audited financial statement had finance expenses of $1.05 billion but that figure includes foreign exchange losses of $663 million, partially offset by foreign exchange gains of $486 million.
Taxation charge for the year came out at $173 million. It will be difficult for the company to earn much more for the current fiscal year to March 2019, than the 5 cents per share recorded in 2019.
Wigton ended the year with shareholders’ equity of $2.9 billion, borrowings of $6.3 billion and cash and equivalent of $1.38 billion. Current liabilities were relatively insignificant.
The stock has been trading around 90 cents on the main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange with a PE ratio of 17 times earnings.

Pretax profit up 18% at the Lab

Limners and Bards (the Lab) reports pretax profit of $72 million half year to April, up 18 percent versus $61 million last year on revenues of $334.5 million compared to $261 million in 2018.
After-tax profit for the six months ends at $57 million, up 9 percent against $53 million in 2018. For the quarter to April revenues brought in $145 million and delivered pretax profit of $30 million against revenues of $136 million and pretax profit of $24.5 million.
The data suggest seasonality in earnings with full-year’s income of $483 million for the year to October last year and profit before tax of $76.5 million. The 2018 half year’s revenues amounted to 54 percent of income. Of significance is a sharp fall in operating expenses from $100 million in the second quarter of 2018 to $88 million in the 2019 period even as revenues rose resulting in gross profit rising from $36 million to $57 million. For the six-month period, gross profit moved from $100 million to $125 million. Partially offsetting the gross profit improvement is a $15 million in the second quarter is a rise in administrative expenses to $26 million in the quarter but was only up by $11 million for the half-year to $51 million.
The stock was listed on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange today at traded a small amount at $1.30 but closed with bids to buy at $1.65.

AJ Index up over 14,000 points

New record high for the JSE main market.

The JSE All Jamaican Composite Index gained 14,248.21 points to a record of 576,003.55, the JSE Index advanced 12,947.88 points to a record high of 524,424.70 and the JSE Financial Index rose 3.79 points a record of 141.10.
Bulls pushed the Junior Market index up 33.05 points at 10:15 am to reach 3,351.14 points after it went as high as 3,361.08 points after 30 minutes of trading. The index just 86 points adrift from the all-time high of 3,436 points on September 20, last year.
NCB Financial in early market activity traded at $249 but now trades at $225 while the Jamaica Stock Exchange is down to $32.
Shares of Limners and Bards, trading as the Lab, were listed on the Junior market today and has so far traded just 100 shares at $1.30, the maximum it can trade at for the day. The highest bid is now at $2 to buy 49,808 shares and offers are at $3. Investors attempted to trade the Lab at $2, resulting in suspension in trading until just after 12 noon.

Bulls push Junior Market over 3,300

Bulls let out their fury on bears in the Junior Market pushing the market index up 87.62 points at 10:15 am to reach 3,320.05, the highest level since October last year.
Amongst the stocks contributing to the big surge were Blue Power that rose to $11.95, Cargo Handlers $10.95, Elite Diagnostic at a record high of $5.99, Fontana traded as high as $8.99, Jamaican Teas $4.56, with third quarter results, more than tripling that of 2018 to $118 million versus $44 million and General Accident  at $4.50.
The JSE All Jamaican Composite Index gained 10.675.81 points to a record of 565,028.91, the JSE Index advanced 9,701.20 points to a record high of 514,451.64 and the JSE Financial Index rose 2.53 points a record of 137.90. Wisynco traded at a new record high of $28, subsequently NCB Financial traded at an all-time high of $229.99.