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Inflation rate drops in May

Inflation in Jamaica after rising 0.4 percent in January and March and 0.3 percent in April has now fallen to just 0.1 percent for May this year, half of the 0.2 percent rise in February. The increase … [Read More...]

Main Event flat profit before tax

Main Event Entertainment that went public with an IPO in January this year is reporting flat profit before tax and slightly lower net profit after tax of $3.3 million. Profit before tax for the year to … [Read More...]

Juniors up 44 points to record close

The Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange ended trading at yet another record closing high with a big gain of 43.64 points, with an increase of 1.36 percent to 3,247.20 points on Wednesday. The … [Read More...]

Junior Market jumps sharply to new record

The Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange traded up more than 129 points after midday on Tuesday. The market index hit a new intraday record high of 3,261.11 points with Lasco Manufacturing trading … [Read More...]

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JSE Q2 profit jumps 41% one to watch

A sharp fall of exchange operations revenues of $92 million for the half year to June saw results for the segment falling $110 million to $41 million but a 41 percent rise in Depository services revenues … [Read More...]

Lasco Financial setting for profit explosion

Revenues at Lasco Financial Services jumped 22.4 percent for first quarter over the similar 2016 period to reach $319 million for an increase of $58.5 million, but importantly trading income climbed 31 … [Read More...]

Is Broilers’ inside trade a buy signal?

Insider trading in the stock of the company they are connected to can be a big indicators of future prospects, but it is not always the case. In the past big purchasing of Jamaica Broilers Group shares by … [Read More...]

Prestige profit fall blamed on T&T economy

For the first half 2017 Prestige Holdings revenue increased 6 percent to TT$505 million but profit before tax decreased by 24 percent to $24.6 million, from $32.2 million in the previous year. Profit … [Read More...]

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20 South signals new real estate trend

Hailed as “modern” and “environmentally-friendly”, the new high-rise development at 20 South Avenue is seen as a necessary addition to the Kingston and Saint Andrew landscape, home to 25 percent of Jamaica’s population. The area is also home to the country’s capital city, housing the seat of power for the political and corporate world. As the economy and … [Read More...]

Massive demand for Express Catering

Trading on the Junior Market picked up sharply on Friday as the newly listed Express Catering started trading but hardly contributed to the level of trading with supply being low and demand overwhelming, that would have resulted in the price reaching $3, if the circuit breaker did not prevent it. By the close there were more than 7.64 million units on the … [Read More...]

JSE main indices jump sharply – Friday

Price movements of Jamaica Stock Exchange main market stocks drove the indices up sharply at the close on Friday, with a slightly negative advance decline ratio. While declining stocks  were greater than advancing ones, big gains of $2.99 in the price of NCB Financial, 4 cents in Cable & Wireless, 50 cents in Jamaica Producers and $2.05 for Pan Jam … [Read More...]

FX Inflows fall in past week

Inflows into the Jamaican foreign exchange market at US$47.4 million on Friday was the highest for the week and so were outflows of $43.2 million but they helped in bringing the month’s surplus of all currencies traded to US$120 million, so far. For the week to Friday, trading levels were almost the same as for the first week in July but quite different … [Read More...]

Express Catering trading fiasco

The Jamaica Stock Exchange indicated that the maximum price Express Catering could trade at on Friday was $1.86 which came about from a 15 percent average, of the price that triggered the circuit breaker which is $1.75 and the IPO price of $1.50. Had the first trade, taken place at $1.95 it would have shut down trading in the stock for an hour, but that … [Read More...]

12 JSE stocks rise 11 fall on Thursday

Trading resulted in 26 securities changing hands in the main market and 1 trading in the US dollar market, leading to 12 stocks advancing and 11 declining in both markets, as some amount of negative sentiment still hangs over the market. The All Jamaica Composite Index declined 75.90 points to close at 254,150.95, the JSE Market Index declined 69.15 … [Read More...]

Junior Market falls again on Thursday

The Junior Market closed lower on Thursday with the market index slipping 19.82 points to 2,941.23 as 565,346 shares valued at $3,255,463 traded, versus a mere 192,720 units traded valued at $1,219,105 on Wednesday. At the close 21 securities traded, down from 14 on Wednesday with 4 stocks gaining and 7 declining. Trading closed with 3 stocks having a … [Read More...]

Limits on FX holdings for Jamaican banks

Jamaica’s foreign exchange market functions for years since the early 1990s, with individuals dealers setting rates they buy and sell foreign exchange for, with limited controls set by the central bank. While the market allocated resources fairly well, it has never been the most perfect system. Most earners of foreign currencies could for a years, hold … [Read More...]

Junior Market trading nosedives – Wednesday

Trading continued on a down ward path each day of the week and hit rock bottom on Wednesday as a mere 192,720 units traded on the Junior Market on Tuesday down from 401,316 units on Tuesday. Traded value declined to $1,219,105 from $2,286,974. At the close 14 securities traded, down from 16 on Tuesday with the market index posting a loss of 9.36 points to … [Read More...]

Jamaican$ heading to $127 band

The value of the Jamaican dollar continues to climb against the US dollar as it heads towards the JS$127 band, with the selling rate for the US dollar falling to J$128.16 from J$128.22 previously. Dealers bought the US currency at an average of J$127.48, up from JS$127.28 on Monday. Inflows into the Jamaican foreign exchange market declined on Tuesday … [Read More...]

JSE majors slip on Monday

Market activity on the Jamaica Stock Exchange dived on Monday with the main market ended with 994,217 units valued at $13,640,909 changing hands compared to 4,292,363 units valued at $81,728,669 at the close on Friday. Trading in the US dollar market accounted for 125,186 units valued at US$29,442, bringing the total of all trades to just J$17,409,489. At … [Read More...]

More gains for Jamaican$ – Monday

The value of the Jamaican dollar climbed against the US dollar at the start of the week, versus the close on Friday, with the selling rate for the US dollar falling to J$128.22 from J$128.39 previously. Dealers bought the US currency at an average of J$127.28, up from JS$127.27 on Friday. Inflows into the Jamaican foreign exchange market declined on … [Read More...]