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BOJ hikes interest rate higher to 5.50%

The Bank of Jamaica hikes its overnight rate once more by 0.50 percent to 5.50 percent following the latest meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC). The decision the bank stated was “unanimously … [Read More...]

BOJ is wrong as inflation keeps falling

Jamaica’s central bank (BOJ) was granted independence in 2021 but they seem to be making a mess of it. For much of last year they fiddled around telling the country that inflation was well under control … [Read More...]

Strong buying interest for Dolla

Buying interest in Dolla Financial is extremely high and selling low, with 332 million in bids and 6.2 million on offer, just after 9 am on Thursday. Bids are up to $1.72 with minimal offers of 60,000 … [Read More...]

$10 billion chased Dolla IPO

Some $10 billion is said to have chased after the 500 million shares at $1 each, offered in the Initial Public offer in Dolla Financial from approximately 10,000 applications, ICInsider.com has been … [Read More...]

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Improved tourist arrivals boost CPJ earnings

Caribbean Producers transformed itself following the pressures posed by the closure of the hotel sector it primarily serves in 2020 and the relatively prolonged period taken to get back to normal … [Read More...]

Stock split to lift Fosrich to 3rd largest

Fosrich proposed 10 to 1 stock split will lift the issued shares to the third highest in Jamaica with 5 billion shares and make by far the company with the largest number of issued shares on Junior Market … [Read More...]

First quarter profits surge 44%

With just 11 percent of listed companies left to report first quarter earnings, preliminary results show a major surge in profits with an increase of 44 percent over the 2021 first quarter, from a 20 … [Read More...]

8 Junior Market stocks that should split

Stock splits and bonuses are two tools companies have in their tool kit to deliver value to their shareholders if used appropriately. Interestingly while the Scotia Group has used these tools repeatedly … [Read More...]

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More gains for Main Market

Stocks rose on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Main Market on Friday, with the volume of stocks trading declining 64 percent, with 97 percent lower value than on Thursday as rising stocks exceeded those declining, but the market closed with the IC bid-offer Indicator flashing short term negative signals. The All Jamaican Composite Index gained 2,638.98 points to … [Read More...]

Winners & losers split JSE USD market

Trading pulled back on Friday, from Thursday levels with the volume of stocks traded declining 66 percent less and the value 70 percent lower at the close of the Jamaica Stock Exchange US dollar market, resulting in an even number of stocks rising than declining. A total of 10 securities traded, up from six on Thursday with four rising, four declining … [Read More...]

Junior Market falters at July’s open

Trading closed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Junior Market Friday, with the declining stocks being the highlight of the day as the volume of stocks trading fell 50 percent and the value down 52 percent on Thursday 43 securities trading versus 44 on Thursday with just 12 rising, 21 declining and ten closing unchanged. At the close, the Junior Market … [Read More...]

Trading falls sharply for Jamaican stocks

Trading ended mixed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange on Friday, with main market stocks gaining and Junior Market stocks mostly falling as trading levels fell from Thursday’s levels. The market closed with the JSE Combined Index climbing 1,890.52 points to 400,219.74 while the All Jamaican Composite Index added 2,638.98 points to end at 442875.20, the JSE Main … [Read More...]

TTSE stocks open in July with gains

Trading remained elevated on the close of the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange on Friday, with the volume and value of stocks traded declining marginally lower than on Thursday, flowing from 21 securities traded compared to 19 on Thursday, with three rising, eight declining and 10 remaining unchanged, and leading the major indices to rise at the close … [Read More...]

Barita JSE lead trade at month end

Barita Investments was the most prominent trade on Thursday, with 21.49 million shares for 59.1 percent of total volume as trading closed out the half year. The Jamaica Stock Exchange Main Market was constrained within a narrow consolidation range it has been in for several months. The volume of stocks trading on Thursday rose 117 percent with 590 percent … [Read More...]

Fall for JSE USD stocks at the 2022 midpoint

Trading ended with increased activity in the Jamaica Stock Exchange US dollar market, to close out the half year with a rise of 8.2 percent as the volume of stocks traded rose 11 percent with a 14 percent higher value than on Wednesday and increased stocks edging out losing ones. A total of 252,463 shares were traded for US$48,827 against 227,317 units at … [Read More...]

Junior Market up 27% at midyear

The Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange closed trading on Thursday and for the first half of the year, with the market index rising 38.91 points to 4,349.44 and recorded a 26.9 percent gain for the six months and moderately up from the 4,223.33 points close of the first quarter. Trading jumped, with the volume of stocks rising 67 percent and the … [Read More...]

6.4% Q1 growth for Jamaica

The Jamaican economy grew by 6.4 percent during the first quarter of 2022 over the first quarter of 2021 due to growth in both the Services and Goods producer sectors, the Planning Institute of Jamaica reported, which comes against a fall of 6.7 percent in the first quarter of 2021 due to the 9.9 percent fall in service industries.  Services and Goods … [Read More...]

Barita dominates trading to end June

Barita Investments dominated trading on the last day of June on Jamaica Stock Exchange on Thursday, accounting for 21.9 shares valued at $1.9 billion, leading the overall market value to jump sharply to $2.1 billion worth of stocks traded in Main and Junior markets as the volume of stocks trading was just shy doubling Thursday’s trades. The market … [Read More...]

Trading surges sharply on TTSE

Market activity led to a big surge in trading on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange on Thursday, with the volume of stocks traded jumping 653 percent and the value 507 percent more than on Wednesday and resulting in 2,330,498 shares traded for $13,044,397 compared to 309,327 units at $2,147,712 on Wednesday.  A total of 19 securities traded up … [Read More...]

Winning stocks dominated JSE Main Market

Winning stocks had the upper hand in trading on Wednesday, exceeding those declining by a 3 to 2 ratio, as the volume of stocks traded rose 76 percent with a 60 percent greater value than on Tuesday at the close of the Jamaica Stock Exchange Main Market. Trading ended with 54 securities compared to 56 on Tuesday, with 24 rising, 15 declining and 15 ending … [Read More...]