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More gains for Jamaican Dollar

The Jamaican dollar closed trading on Thursday at $144.48, an improvement over Wednesday’s closing selling rate of $145.30 to one US dollar. Since August when the rate hit a low of $151.27 against the US … [Read More...]

BOJ resets FX market

Massive speculation in the US dollar in Jamaica since March this year, maybe ending with the latest move by Bank of Jamaica exposing the extent of the market’s acceptance of rates above J$150 to one US … [Read More...]

10 to 1 stock split for Caribbean Flavours

Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances (CFF) is set to split their stock, subject to the approval of shareholders at a meeting to be held to consider the matter. The company will hold a special board meeting … [Read More...]

NCB releases Q3 results next week

NCB Financial Group advises that its board meeting to consider and approve the release of the nine-month unaudited financial statements at a board meeting scheduled for August 4, 2020. The company … [Read More...]

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Profit more than doubles at Kremi

Profit after taxation at the IC Insider.com BUY RATED Caribbean Cream more than doubled, with a jump of 110 percent for the six months to August and 220 percent in the August quarter, to $74 million from … [Read More...]

Tropical Battery IPO oversubscribed

oThe Tropical Battery issue of 325 million ordinary shares at $1 each opened on Tuesday, September 22, was oversubscribed. The company exercised the option to close the offer early at the end of the … [Read More...]

More US$ for NCB Financial Group

NCB Financial Group went to the international market to raise US$175 million in funds from the issuance of diversified payment rights for payments due from correspondent banks, up the amount taken to … [Read More...]

Scotia Q3 profit sinks 63%

Scotia Group, with its commercial banking, investments and insurance operations showed the negative impact of the COVID 19 virus from the April quarter with flat revenues and lower profit in the at period … [Read More...]

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Junior Market slips on Tuesday

The Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange closed on Tuesday, with the market declining moderately after the prices of more stocks fell than those rising after 173 percent more shares traded than on Friday. Trading ended with 36 securities changing hands compared to 30 on Friday and closed with the prices of 10 stocks rising, 16 declining and 10 … [Read More...]

JSE majors rise on diminished volume

Trading volume slumped sharply on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Main Market on Tuesday with an exchange of 87 percent fewer shares than on Friday, after the value declined by 74 percent. At the close, the All Jamaican Composite Index advanced by 600.10 points to 414,851.29, the Main Index rose 487 points to 378,285.93 and the JSE Financial Index gained 0.02 … [Read More...]

Prices up index dips on JSE USD market

The US dollar market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange closed trading on Tuesday with very low volume after 98 percent fewer shares changed hands compared to Friday at 35 percent less value. At the close of the market, trading ended with six securities changing hands compared to four on Friday and closed with the prices of three stocks rising, one declining … [Read More...]

TTSE pulls back on Tuesday

Trading on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange ended on Tuesday with the market indices declining slightly after an exchange of 40 percent fewer shares than on Monday and values falling 58 percent. The market closed with 13 securities trading, up from twelve on Monday and closed with one stock advancing, three declining and nine remaining unchanged. … [Read More...]

Over 25 years of useless circuit breaker

Frequent interruption to trading stocks on the Jamaica Stock Exchange caused by the Circuit Breaker rule that shuts down activity in a company's stock for an hour is frustrating for investors once the price moves by 15 percent or more from the closing price of the previous trading session. Introduced by the JSE in the 1990s based on some investors' … [Read More...]

Witco bounces back on TTSE Monday

West Indian Tobacco price rose 11 percent on Monday in recovering the loss suffered on Friday on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange and helped in moving the market higher after more stocks rose than declined. Trading closed with an exchange of 16 percent fewer shares, with the value of stocks changing hands dropping 37 percent compared to Friday. The … [Read More...]

Caribbean Cream exits IC TOP 10

Investors responded strongly to Caribbean Cream more than doubling profit in the half year to August and a tripling of second quarter profit by pushing the stock up 9 percent on Friday, accounting for the second highest volume for the day. The rise in the stock price resulted in it moving out of IC TOP 10 Junior Market listing and replaced by Lumber … [Read More...]

Junior Market rises on Friday

Caribbean Cream, fresh from reporting a more than doubling of earnings for the half-year, gave the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange some lift on Friday, with the stocks rising nine percent to help lift the >market Index by 19.79 points to settle at 2,511.50. Similar to Thursday, trading ended with 30 securities changing hands and concluded … [Read More...]

Gains for JSE USD Market

More gains for the US dollar market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange at the close on Friday with 36 percent more shares trading than on Thursday and resulting in the market index 192.72 after rising 1.65 points. At the close of the market, trading ended with four securities changing hands compared to two on Thursday and ended with the prices of two stocks … [Read More...]

JSE Main market in sharp jumps

Rising Main Market stocks were near twice the number of declining ones when the Jamaica Stock Exchange ended trading on Friday, with the market rising with an exchange of 170 percent more shares than on Thursday. The All Jamaican Composite Index jumped 5,779.51 points to 414,251.19 and the Main Index climbed 5,231.07 points to 377,798.93, while the JSE … [Read More...]

Witco sinks TTSE on Friday

West Indian Tobacco price lost 10 percent on Friday in trading on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange and was the main stock that led to a sharp fall in the market index but three others add to the pain the market is suffering from for October.   The market has lost nearly 10 percent in value for October to date, with daily declines except for miniscule … [Read More...]

Profit more than doubles at Kremi

Profit after taxation at the IC Insider.com BUY RATED Caribbean Cream more than doubled, with a jump of 110 percent for the six months to August and 220 percent in the August quarter, to $74 million from $35 million in 2019 for the half-year and a rise from $14.7 million for the 2019 quarter to $47 million. Operating revenues rose nine percent for the … [Read More...]