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Increased FX cost for Jamaican banks

Bank of Jamaica announced changes to the cash reserves and liquid assets that deposit-taking institutions are required to hold against foreign currency liabilities effective March 1. According to the … [Read More...]

Huge gains for Jamaican stocks

The Jamaica stock market, recorded the highest points gain in trading on Friday, with some big moves in the prices of National Commercial Bank, Scotia Group, Kingston Wharves and Jamaica Producers Group as … [Read More...]

All Jamaica breaks 210,000

The Jamaica all Jamaica composite index breaks the 210,000 mark during the morning session of trading on the final trading day of 2016. The all important index that measures the movement of all Jamaican … [Read More...]

Juniors break 2,600 & majors 209,000 – Friday

The Jamaica Stock Exchange all Jamaica Composite Index jumped more than 2,800 points in early trading on Friday to sit less than 800 points from the 210,000 points level while the junior market rose above … [Read More...]

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Barita Q1 profit hit by one off items

Barita Investments closed their 2016 fiscal year to September with profits of $207 million after taxation down from $242 million in 2015 form increased revenues of $1.9 billion up from $1.5 billion in … [Read More...]

1 stock falls in a day for gains

At the close of trading on the Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange all three indices recorded modest gains as 5 stocks advanced, 1 declined and 12 were unchanged. Market activity resulted in 18 securities … [Read More...]

Cement developments

There is some amount of excitement in the air, regarding developments in the Jamaican economy. Many investors are interpreting see the change signaling meaningful growth that will lead to increased demand … [Read More...]

Jamaica Broiler’s profit rises strongly

Jamaica Broiler’s profit from continuing operation climbed 25 percent to $721 million up from $579 million for the January quarter and rose just 4 percent to $1.55 billion compared to $1.49 billion for the … [Read More...]

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Junior market index chopped – Monday

Volumes on the junior market nearly doubled that of Friday's, but the market index dropped sharply by 65.43 points to fall below the 3,000 points mark to end at 2,996.11 points. The Jamaica Stock Exchange corrected the report for Friday that originally showed gains of just 7.21 points, to reflect the correct change of 29.39 points, after this publication … [Read More...]

$m in dormant accounts for Government

Government of Jamaica could end up getting several million dollars that currently sits in dormant accounts in the country’s banks without any transactions since 2001. The amounts go from a high of $7 million for a resident of Christiana in Manchester to a low of a few dollars and is followed by an account with $3.26 million, for a resident of Clarendon, … [Read More...]

Big Berger gain lets in Scotia

A big 36 percent jump in the price of Berger Paints kicked it out of the main market TOP listing, allowing Scotia Group into the top list for the very first time. Berger returned to its 52 weeks high of $15 at the end of the week but had 103,511 units on offer at $15 with buying of 1,735 units at $13.01. The top main market stocks now sell at a 50 percent … [Read More...]

Stocks mostly rise in moderate trading

Trading in the main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange closed Thursday with 23 securities changing hands and 1 trading in the US dollar market. In the main market, 12 stocks advanced and 7 declined in the main market. Trading levels in main market ended at 5,370,742 units valued at $94,687,874 compared to 4,735,330 units valued at $232,334,549 at the … [Read More...]

Moderate inflation for Jamaica

Price increases in Jamaica for February this year was moderately up resulting in inflation over the past year to less than 4 percent. The Consumer Price Index for the month of February 2017 increased by 0.2 percent, following an upward movement of 0.4 percent in the previous month. Price increases from a year ago is up 3.6 percent and for the fiscal … [Read More...]

3 all-time highs for IC TOP 10 stocks

The prices of several stocks listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange underwent some sharp adjustments in the past week, and especially so on Friday, the day after government disclosed revenues measures for the 2018 fiscal year. Nothing was disclosed to send negative signals to investors, apart from some slight increase in inflation to be caused by increased … [Read More...]

Blue chip stocks pull market down Friday

The main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange closed sharply lower on Friday, the day after the government presented details of the 2017/18 budget. Big decline in the average prices of Scotia Investments, National Commercial Bank, Sagicor Group and Scotia Group inflicted much damage to close out a week of see saw movement for the market. The All Jamaica … [Read More...]

Big day for Jamaica Stock Exchange Thursday

Heavy volume of 70 million units of Sagicor Real Estate Fund and 16 million units of National Commercial Bank pushed trading on the main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange to more than 90 million units valued more than $1.8 billion at the close on Thursday. In the main market, 25 securities changed hands and 3 in the US dollar market as 8 stocks … [Read More...]

Juniors fall on Thursday

Juniors market stocks mostly retreated in trading on Thursday as 20 securities changed hands leading to 8 advancing and 9 declining, leading the market index down 23.20 points, to close at 3,086.17. Trading ended with 1,482,096 units valued at over $12,049,960 passing through the market, compared to 1,492,475 units valued at over $9,844,241 on Thursday. At … [Read More...]

GOJ Treasury bill heading to 4%

Government of Jamaica Treasury bill rates seems headed to 4 percent by early 2018 if current trends on inflation, exchange rate stability and world oil prices hold. Treasuries hit just over nine percent for the 182 days instrument in 2014. The rates declined thereafter, falling to a low just below six percent in late 2015 and moved sideways to October last … [Read More...]

The TOP 10 no brainer investing

Investing in the TOP 10 junior or main market stocks is a no brainer. These stocks are valued well below the average of the market PE ratio and at an even larger discount to the valuation based on 2016 earnings, around 20 times. Investors would be well advised to leave emotions out of investment decision making and get and stick to facts. Investors who … [Read More...]

Juniors fall as 11 stocks decline – Friday

Some big price changes and above average trade in 6.8 million units of Eppley preference share characterised Friday’s trading on the junior market. At the close declining stocks outnumbered advancing ones, leading the market index down 15.63 points, to close at 3,083.40. At the close, 23 securities changed hands, 8 advanced and 11 declined. Trading … [Read More...]