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Jamaica tourists’ arrivals 17% upon 2019

Tourist arrivals to Jamaica likely jumped 17 percent in September 2022 over 2019, the best September on record, data out of Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay indicate. According to a … [Read More...]

BOJ hikes interest rate higher to 5.50%

The Bank of Jamaica hikes its overnight rate once more by 0.50 percent to 5.50 percent following the latest meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC). The decision the bank stated was “unanimously … [Read More...]

BOJ is wrong as inflation keeps falling

Jamaica’s central bank (BOJ) was granted independence in 2021 but they seem to be making a mess of it. For much of last year they fiddled around telling the country that inflation was well under control … [Read More...]

Strong buying interest for Dolla

Buying interest in Dolla Financial is extremely high and selling low, with 332 million in bids and 6.2 million on offer, just after 9 am on Thursday. Bids are up to $1.72 with minimal offers of 60,000 … [Read More...]

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PanJam and Jamaica Producers merger

Jamaica Producers and PanJam Investment announced an agreement to amalgamate their businesses to create a new group of companies, with the transaction expected to be completed within the first quarter of … [Read More...]

Guardian finishing strongly in 2022

Guardian Holdings generated a 131 percent surge in profit attributable to shareholders of $1.06 billion for the nine months to September 2022, up from $457 million in the 2021 period, profit jumped 210 … [Read More...]

Surge in profit at Wisynco

The Jamaica stock exchange listed drinks company Wisynco chalked up record revenues for the September quarter, with a solid increase of 29.8 percent to $11.9 billion above the $9.2 billion reported in … [Read More...]

Profit climbs at Lasco Manufacturing

Profit rose 23 percent at Lasco Manufacturing for the three months to September to $469 million from $380 million in 2021 and 13 percent from $782 million in the six months to September 2021 to $883 … [Read More...]

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Weekend gain for Main Market

Investors ended trading on Friday with an exchange of 66 percent less volume of stocks on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Main Market, even as the value traded jumped 260 percent over Thursday, after trading took place in 52 securities against 51 on Thursday, leading to 19 rising, 24 declining and nine ending unchanged. The market closed with an exchange of … [Read More...]

Modest fall for Junior Market

The volume of stocks trading on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange Friday dropped 45 percent with a 48 percent lower value than on Thursday, with 41 securities trading versus 40 on Thursday, with 16 rising, 14 declining and 11 closed unchanged. Only 2,791,802 shares were traded for $8,477,949 versus 5,141,385 units at $17,482.988 on … [Read More...]

Losses galore no gains for JSE USD Market

Trading on the Jamaica Stock Exchange US dollar market ended with the volume of stocks exchanged jumping 604 percent but with a 66 percent lower value than on Thursday, resulting in the trading of seven securities, compared to five on Thursday with no rising, six declining and one unchanged. A total of 117,838 shares were traded for US$6,943 compared with … [Read More...]

Trading value triples on JSE on Friday

The volume of stocks trading on Friday declined sharply from that on Thursday, with the value almost tripling as the Jamaica Stock Exchange ended trading for the week with the Main Market rising and closing higher than for the previous week, while the Junior and JSE US dollar market declined to close the week, with the Junior Market ended at the same level … [Read More...]

Volume plunged on TTSE Friday

The Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange closed on Friday with a 96 percent plunge in the volume of stocks traded from Thursday's level as the value dropped 95 percent, resulting in 16 securities trading compared with 20 on Thursday, with prices of four rising, five declining and seven remaining unchanged. Investors traded just 59,653 shares for a mere … [Read More...]

Volumes plunged on the JSE USD market

The trading volume of stocks plunged 61 percent, with a 13 percent lower value than Wednesday on the Jamaica Stock Exchange US dollar market on Thursday, resulting in five securities changing hands, compared to seven on Wednesday with two rising, two declining and one ending unchanged. A total of 16,740 shares were traded for US$20,385 compared to … [Read More...]

Big recovery for Junior Market

The Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange clawed back a fair bit of the losses incurred since last week following the announcement of Regency Petroleum IPO, with the Index rallying 82.24 points to settle at 3,880.06 on Thursday, following a 64 percent fall in the volume of stocks traded, after a 29 percent decline in the value compared to Wednesday … [Read More...]

Rising stocks clobber those falling

Investors traded 51 securities compared to 53 on Wednesday, with rising stocks overwhelming those declining after prices of 30 rose, with nine declining and 12 ending unchanged as three times the volume of stocks were exchanged on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Main Market on Thursday after the volume traded climbed 227 percent over Wednesday, with values … [Read More...]

Mixed trading for Jamaican stocks

The Jamaica Stock Exchange ended trading on Thursday with mixed results after the Junior Market Index surged 82.24 points to close at 3,880.06, with pressure from liquidation of stocks to fund the regency IPO abated after the market pushed well below the 4,000 mark. The JSE US dollar market ended positively while the Main market rose but Jamaican stocks … [Read More...]

Trading jumps on the Trinidad Exchange

Market activity climbed Thursday, with increased volume and value of stocks passing over the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange, with 120 percent rise in the volume of stocks traded as the value rose twice that on Wednesday, resulting in 20 securities trading the same as Wednesday, with prices of three rising, six declining and 11 remaining … [Read More...]

More money spent on JSE USD stocks

Money entering the Jamaica Stock Exchange US dollar market jumped 221 percent on Wednesday over Tuesday, with the volume of stocks traded dropping 12 percent, resulting from an exchange of seven securities, similar to Tuesday and ended with two rising, one declining and four ending unchanged. Overall, 43,378 shares were traded for US$18,048 compared with … [Read More...]

A day of decline for the JSE Main Market

For a second consecutive day, the volume of stocks traded on the Main Market on Wednesday declined, with a fall of12 percent as the value dropped 23 percent lower than on Tuesday, after the trading of 53 securities similar to Tuesday, with 19 rising, 24 declining and ten ending unchanged. JMMB Group traded at a 52 weeks’ intraday low of $32 and QWI … [Read More...]