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Remittances slip in August

Remittance inflows into Jamaica slipped by 2.4 per cent or US$7 million to US$273 million from US$280 in August last year that benefited from a robust increase in 2020 and brings the year to date to US$2.3 … [Read More...]

Carib Cement at $147

Jamaica’s sole cement producer Caribbean Cement hit a record high of $147.12 in today’s early trading and was suspended after the JSE circuit breaker was triggered. The stock, which closed on Thursday at … [Read More...]

Bank of Jamaica hikes ON rate to1.5%

Bank of Jamaica, the central Bank of Jamaica day raise their Over Night interbank rate by one percentage to 1.5 percent. The rise follows the Bank’s announcement at the end of August that the announced the … [Read More...]

Lumber out AMG now in ICTOP10

The Jamaican stock markets continued to bounce around in the past week, with both markets closing lower than the previous week, with Barita Investments APO draining funds and attention from secondary … [Read More...]

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Revenues at The Lab to hit the billion mark

Revenues at Limners and Bards are set to hit the billion mark this year, with the nine months to July hitting $942 million, up 37 percent from $686 million in 2020 and the full year to October 2020 coming … [Read More...]

86% surge in Scotia Group Q3 profit

An 86 percent surge in profit after taxation at Scotia Group pushed the July 2021 quarter profit to $2.8 billion over $1.55 billion reported in 2020, a period heavily impacted by a massive provision for … [Read More...]

Shocking 4 years of Cargo Handlers errors

The number of shares issued by publicly listed companies is very important information for investors to know, but investors would not think so when examining interim financial statements in Jamaica and … [Read More...]

Bright profit spots but cloudy elsewhere

A number of listed companies recently posted results for the second quarter of 2021, with some recording a strong rise in revenues and outstanding profits or lower losses than in 2020 and a few with lower … [Read More...]

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Junior Market consolidating ahead of results

Trading pulled back on Thursday, with the volume of stocks traded falling 49 percent, with the value slipping 46 percent below Wednesday’s market activity on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, but the market index rallied 6.60 points to 3,285.94. Market activity led to 35 securities trading compared to 38 on Wednesday and ended … [Read More...]

Trading drops prices rise on TTSE

Market activity dived Thursday after 84 percent fewer shares traded with an 81 percent fall in the value compared to Wednesday and resulted in more stocks rising than falling at the close of the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange. Fourteen securities traded down from 22 on Wednesday, with five rising, three declining and six remaining … [Read More...]

Moderate slippage for JSE Main Market

Market activity ended on Wednesday with the volume of shares trading surging 122 percent higher than on Tuesday with a moderate increase in value at the close of the Jamaica Stock Exchange Main Market as rising stocks equalled those declining. The All Jamaican Composite Index slipped 128.09 points to443,762.67, the JSE Main Index fell 269.20 points to … [Read More...]

Slower JSE USD Market trading – Wednesday

On Wednesday, trading slowed sharply on the JSE US dollar market with the volume and value of shares exchanged declined by 88 percent and 58 percent, respectively, from Tuesday’s trading levels and ended stocks falling stocks just edging out those rising. Five securities changed hands comedown from nine on Tuesday with prices of two stocks rising and … [Read More...]

Fractional pull back for Juniors

On Wednesday, trading volume and value differed moderately from Tuesday, leading the Jamaica Stock Exchange Junior Market into a mild fall after 38 securities changed hands compared to 37 on Tuesday and ending with 13 rising, 18 declining and seven, closing unchanged. At the close, the Junior Market Index slipped 10.08 points to settle at 3,279.34, after … [Read More...]

Trading jumps sharply on TTSE

Trading jumped sharply on Wednesday, helped by a rise in the number of securities changing hands and a 621 percent surge in the number of shares traded, with the value jumping 144 percent over Tuesday, at the close of Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange.  At the close, 22 securities traded compared to 20 on Tuesday, with six rising, seven declining and … [Read More...]

BOJ now paying over 4% on CDs

Interest rates rose to 4.17 percent in the latest Bank of Jamaica 30 day CD offering of 12 billion on Wednesday last week, up from 3.28 percent on Wednesday, October 6 and well over the new overnight rate of 1.5 percent. Having settled at a low of just over 0.5 percent for the past two years, the latest rate marks a significant shift in a very short time … [Read More...]

JSE US$ market loses ground on Tuesday

Trading picked up on the JSE US Dollar market on Tuesday as the volume of shares traded rose by 35 percent from Friday after a sharp rise in monies passing through the market, as investors exchanged 94 percent more funds than Friday, but the market activity resulted in declining stocks just outnumbering rising ones. Nine securities traded, compared to seven … [Read More...]

Pull back in JSE Main Market

After closing on Monday for the public holiday, market activity resumed on Tuesday and ended with a sharp fall in the volume and value of shares trading as 76 percent fewer shares changed hands valued 65 percent less than on Friday, on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Main Market and leading to rising stocks exceeded those declining but with the market indices … [Read More...]

Trading drops on junior Market

The number of securities trading rose sharply on Tuesday, but the volume of stocks traded declined 18 percent and the value fell 19 percent below Friday levels on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Junior Market and resulting in a fall in the market index. Market activity led to 37 securities trading compared to 31 on Friday and ended with ten rising, 16 declining … [Read More...]

fewer stocks more dollars for TTSE

Trading ended Tuesday, with 17 percent fewer shares, but with 78 percent more value than on Monday, and resulted in more stocks falling than rising at the close of the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange Market. Some 20 securities traded up from 12 on Monday, with six rising, ten falling and four left unchanged. The Composite Index rose 1.31 points to … [Read More...]

Jamaica’s vaccination rate doubles in October

The vaccination rate is highest since the coronavirus vaccination program started earlier this year. In Jamaica, data from the country's Ministry of Health show, counter to the popular view that the program is slowing. In July, approximately 50,000 Jamaicans or an average of 1,700 per day, got some level of vaccination during the month, which more … [Read More...]