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Airbnb more than doubles IPO price

The very popular Airbnb listing that follows its recent IPO hit the market today and only recently started trading with nearly 30 million shares exchanged up to 2 pm, with the price more than … [Read More...]

Bulls pushing JSE stocks higher

The bulls continue to prowl Wednesday on the Jamaica Stock Exchange with the All Jamaican Composite Index up to trade at 435,382.80, up 6,446.29 points after an hour of trading and is back the April 15 … [Read More...]

More gains for Jamaican Dollar

The Jamaican dollar closed trading on Thursday at $144.48, an improvement over Wednesday’s closing selling rate of $145.30 to one US dollar. Since August when the rate hit a low of $151.27 against the US … [Read More...]

BOJ resets FX market

Massive speculation in the US dollar in Jamaica since March this year, maybe ending with the latest move by Bank of Jamaica exposing the extent of the market’s acceptance of rates above J$150 to one US … [Read More...]

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Q3 profit rose 18% pretax for the Lab

Profit jumped 43 percent before tax at Limners and Bard, with revenues surging 41 percent for the third quarter to July this year. The robust third quarter profit did not hold for the final quarter despite … [Read More...]

RJR Group chops staff

“Companies in the RJRGLEANER Communications Group on Friday, December 11, completed a reorganisation exercise primarily driven by the negative impact of the Coronavirus 2019 Disease (COVID-19) and the need … [Read More...]

Indies Q4 profit jumps sharply

Net profit increased 46 percent to $199 million at Indies Pharma, for the year to October, over the 2019 period and jumped 78.5 percent for the October quarter to $40 million. Revenues increased 5 percent … [Read More...]

Wisynco remains a buy

Wisynco Group was on a roll, with revenues up 27.5 percent in the nine months to March this year and 24 percent in the March quarter. Gross profit margin slipped in the March quarter while rising … [Read More...]

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Junior Market inches higher on Wednesday

Stocks mostly rose after a trading 63 percent fewer shares on Wednesday than Tuesday at the close of the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, with the market index inching a few points higher. Trading ended with 28 securities changing hands, down from 35 on Tuesday and concluded with the prices of 18 stocks rising, four declining and six remaining … [Read More...]

More slippage for JSE Main Market

Trading ended with an 85 percent increase in the number of shares changing hands at 3 times the values than on Tuesday at the close of Jamaica Stock Exchange Main Market with the market indices declining for a second consecutive day even as more stocks rose than declined. The All Jamaican Composite Index fell by 1,177.07 points to 423,586.24, the Main … [Read More...]

Slippage for T&TSE Wednesday

Trading on Wednesday, with 43 percent fewer shares changing hands than on Tuesday, resulting in more stocks falling than rising as the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange Indices slipping to end the day. Trading ended with 18 securities changing hands compared to 15 on Tuesday, with the prices of one stock rising, four declining and 13 remaining … [Read More...]

Heavy trading in Junior Market stocks

Trading was heavier than normal on Tuesday on the  Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange with five securities trading over one million shares each as the market broke its three-day unbroken run, with the index slipping 11.10 points to close at 2,714.38. Trading ended with 35 securities changing hands compared to 37 on Monday and concluded with the … [Read More...]

Declining JSE Main Market

Tuesday's market activity drove more stocks down than up at the close of the Jamaica Stock Exchange Main Market resulting in the main market indices declining after trading volume slipped modestly but with 39 percent higher value than on Monday. At the close, the All Jamaican Composite Index dropped 3,548.17 points to 424,763.31, the JSE Main Index carved … [Read More...]

Trading levels back to recent norm

Market activity dropped on Tuesday to more sedate trading levels in recent weeks, with 89.8 percent fewer shares changing hands after surging on Monday and ended with the US dollar market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange closing higher, with declining stocks edging out those rising. Trading ended with four securities changing hands, compared to eight … [Read More...]

Slippage in TTSE indices

Trading activity on Tuesday resulted in a modest increase in the volume of stocks changing hands with a higher value than on Monday, at the close of the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange and ended, with the market declining after more stocks declined than gained. Trading on the Trinidad and Tobago ended with 15 securities changing hands compared to 16 on … [Read More...]

Trading surges on JSE USD market

Trading surged sharply Monday as 4,260,743 shares traded for US$984,122 up from 105,505 units at US$1,376, from eight securities versus five on Friday and ended with two stocks rising, three declining and three remaining unchanged. JSE USD Equity Index fell 4.62 points to 189.15. The average PE Ratio ends at 13.4 based on ICInsider.com's forecast of 2020-21 … [Read More...]

More gains for Junior stocks

Stocks pushed higher in trading on Monday to post year to date gains of just over three percent, with the Market Index increasing 22.89 points to 2,725.48 as the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange closed after rising stocks exceeded declining ones. Trading ended with 37 securities changing hands compared to 35 on Friday, with prices of 14 stocks … [Read More...]

All round gains for JSE Main market

The major market indices rose in trading on Monday after investors expended 32 percent fewer funds in trading 11 percent less volume than on Friday at the close of the Jamaica Stock Exchange Main Market after slightly more shares fell than gained. At the close, the All Jamaican Composite Index advanced 1,389.55 points to 428,311.48, the Main Index rose … [Read More...]

Rising TTSE stocks hold upper hand

Rising stocks outnumbered those falling by a seven to one margin at the close of trading on Monday, on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange after investors traded slightly more shares than on Friday. Trading ended with 16 securities changing hands, down from 20 on Friday with seven rising, one declining and eight remaining unchanged. The Composite … [Read More...]

Derrimon expands with APO funds

Derrimon Trading is spreading its wings, to New York, with the recently announced agreement to acquire control of the Brooklyn-based operations of FoodSaver New York, Inc. a wholesale food distributor and Good Food For Less, LLC, a speciality supermarket. The acquisition will be done through a New York based, Derrimon subsidiary, Marnock LLC, which will … [Read More...]