JSE just below resistance at 190,000 points

The main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange surged to a new high at 12.30 pm on Friday with the all Jamaica Composite index jumping 8,505.30 points to a record 289,062.69 while the main market index rose 7,749.29 points to a record 263,368.84.
The Combined Index jumped 7,344.21 points to a record 276,121.30 as market sentiments suggest that the market may be at an early stage of a major bull run. The junior market that slipped 1.95 points at 11am is now up 18.94 to 3,117.84 while the US dollar market index that was unchnaged at 182.58 in the morning session is now up4.60 to 187.18.
Scotia Group is a mjor contributor to the big market gain with the privce jumping to $52 and only 389 units are now offered at $52. Supreme Ventures traded at a new high of $12.90 but sits at $12.50 with half an hour of trading to go.

Huge improvement at Jamaica Producers

Jamaica Producers at $14.50, currently.

Jamaica Producers made huge improvement in its operations, with strong gains in operating profit, helped by consolidation of Kingston Wharves but more importantly major gains from its other core business.
The company reported profit attributable to shareholders of $158 million for the second quarter to June and $251 million for the half year to June, 2017.
The results flowed from revenues of $7.4 billion up from $4.6 billion in 2016 for the half year and $4 billion for the quarter, up from $2.4 billion in 2016. In 2016 the group’s share of Kingston Wharves was treated as an associate as such the revenues for 2016 does not include that for wharf as is the case in 2017.
The results translate to 14 cents per share for the quarter and 22 cents for the half year and should end around 50 cents for the year. With a stock price of $14.50 the market value is a very rich 29 times earnings.

C&W reports profit

Jamaica’s telecom provider, Cable & Wireless, is reporting profit from operation in the June quarter this year, compared to a loss in the same period in 2016.
The company enjoyed an 11 percent rise in revenues helped mainly by a 22 percent increase in mobile revenues to generate $6.8 billion in revenues up from $6 billion in 2016 and profit of $222 million versus a loss of $695 million in the June quarter of 2016. Operating cost fell to $4.24 billion from $4.5 billion in the 2016 quarter to generate profit before finance cost of $1.59 billion. For the six months, revenue of $13.2 billion was generated with a loss of $311 million compared to a profit of $1.1 billion in 2016 from revenues of $11.85 billion.
Subsequent to the quarter the company announced a series of price increases that is set to boost revenues and help the bottom-line. the stock closed on Friday on the Jamaica Stock Exchange at $1.07. The latest information makes this stock one to watch next week.

10 for 1 split for Carreras shares

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Carreras as high as $110 after stock split announcement.

The directors of Carreras advised that they will be recommending a 10 for 1 stock split to members of the Company at its Annual General Meeting scheduled for September 6.
In order to facilitate the proposed subdivision of the existing ordinary shares in the capital of the Company, the maximum number of shares that the Company is authorized to issue is to be increased by a subdivision into 10 ordinary shares for each one that currently exists and thus raising the authorized capital to $4.8544 billion units with effect from the close of business on September 20, 2017. The existing issued shares are to be increased from 485,440,000 units of no par value to 4,854,400,000 ordinary shares of no par value. The ex-stock split date is September 18, 2017.
Carreras stock trades at $110 on the main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

Strong demand for SOS after listing

Stationery & Office Supplies was listed on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange on Thursday. The stock was offered to the public in mid-July at $2 each and was heavily oversubscribed, has bids to buy 98,660 units as high as $3.50 and 19,800 shares at $3.51.
No trade has taken place with 10,346 units being offered at $4.50, 10,000 units at $6 and 34,105 shares at $12 in the morning session.
Currently bids amount to buy more than 3.2 million units down to $2.50 up to $3.51. The stock exchange circuit breaker rule would restrict the maximum price the shares can trade at today at $2.60, and if it does not trade by the close, the maximum it can trade at on Friday would be $2.90. With bids at $3.50 and above currently, then it may not trade on Friday either if investors starts bids above $2.90 on Friday. Unless management intervene as they did for Express Catering it likely to be well into next week before the first trades would start.

Cargo Handlers Q3 report omissions & error

Cargo Handlers reported a fall in profits for the nine months to June this year, but with incorrect number of shares shown as issued and with no segment accounts.
The company last year split each share into 10 units resulting in 374 million units issued, instead of the 37.4 million units, net of treasury shares, shown in the equity statement of the financial statements. Additionally, the company has distinct segments of petroleum haulage, leasing and stevedoring. The financial statements have no information for each segment, as is the requirement of the International Accounting Standards.

Barita in takeover talks

Barita closed at $6.85 on Thursday.

Well known brokerage house, Barita Investments is currently in discussion for the sale of majority shareholdings in the Company.
A release from the company to the Jamaica Stock Exchange on Thursday advised that the Company has received an offer to acquire the majority shares and that the offer is under consideration by the Company’s Board of Directors and that discussions continue, pending the preparation and conclusion of definitive agreements.
The 76 percent majority shareholder with 339,975,664 shares and chairman, Rita Humphries-Lewin who started the company from the 1970s, is currently in her 80’s and close to retirement, making the offer opportune for her.
The offer comes at an interesting time just after Proven Investments closed their rights issue that raised US$16,547,873 (J$2.1 billion) resulting from the sale of an additional 68,949,472 ordinary shares. Barita could be a good fit for them as well as others within the sector, especially with an established Unit Trust portfolio. In the past investors were of the view that Barita could make a good fit for Mayberry Investments. Information glean suggest that they are not one of the arties showing an interest just now. Victoria Mutual Group has just started a Unit Trust schemes but the cost of a start up is high until it gets to a critical mass, Jamaica National has no unit trust portfolio and just started in the stockbrokerage business. Barita would make a great fit for them but it is unsure that their Chairman, Oliver Clarke would want to sanction that move at this time.

VMBS seems to be an interested party.

Barita has 445.877 million shares issued with a market capitalization of just over $3 billion, a simple majority holding would cost just over $1.5 billion at current price, assuming a price higher than the current one would result in a higher sum. The amount of capital raised by Proven would translate to $10 per share for a simple majority in Barita. IC Insider.com projects earnings for the current year at 90 cents. With the listed investments banks trading at PEs around 11 times, 2017 earnings, a reasonable value of $10 per share seems probable. With the company having unrealized gains not showing in the normal profit, a price around $10 should be attractive to both buyers and sellers at this time. An investor with cash would want to get as much of the shares of the majority owner, but with a mandatory offer having to be made to minority shareholders, they may want to go for a smaller amount initially with 65 to 70 percent looking viable. NCB Group have been on expansion run as well and the combination of NCB Capital Markets and Barita could create synergies. NCB group owns all of the investment arm making a merger with Barita down the road very viable.
Barita is primarily involved in stockbroking, Unit Trust management and repo business. The Unit Trust business that is poised to grow rapidly in a low interest rate environment, would be a big attraction for Proven who currently have no such business within their portfolio.

Bonus on cards for Carreras

Carreras as high as $108 after stock split announcement.

Shareholders in cigarette marketers, Carreras could be enjoying the benefits that could flow from a stock split.
The company today advised that the Board of Directors will meet on August 8, to consider whether to recommend to the Company’s stockholders for consideration at the upcoming General Meeting scheduled for September 6, a split of the Company’s issued shares.
In Wednesday’s trading investors pushed the price to $108 in early trading. In recent weeks the stock has become very scares with low interest rates in the system and high dividend paid by the company.
Others to likely split as liquidity continues to dry up are Palace Amusement, Blue Power, Access Financial and NCB Financial Group that now has little selling of its shares with the price over $80 and 33 percent growth in earnings that should push full year earnings to more than $8 per share. Management of the company at a recent press briefing stated that no consideration has been given for this and suggested that the company won’t benefit from it. That in fact is not a correct statement as both the company and shareholders will benefit if it were to take place.

Express Catering may have topped out

The bids and offers for recently listed Express Catering may have topped out, based on the quotes this morning.
In early trading on Wednesday, bids amounted to over 1.53 million units up to $4.71 with offers of 1.285 million from $7 down to $4.98. Bids above $4.50 amounts to less than 40,000 units, suggesting that strong buying may have waned. It is early in the day and the feeling out process could be on to entice sellers to drop their offers and vice versa.
A total of 50,668 units traded so far down to $4.71, with a high of $4.98 for the day. Since the stock listed on the Exchange late in July, the price shot up sharply from the initial public price of $1.50 and induced more than 54 percent of the IPO issue to trade.

Berger #2 top main market stock for 2017

Berger is up 235% to date for 2017.

The share price of Pulse Investments recorded the most gains for the year to date in the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) main market 

The JSE is reporting that the share price declined since the start of 2017 by 31.18  percent, from $3.56 to $2.45 and for July an incredible 86 percent from $17.40 to $2.45.
The data is contained in their monthly statistical report that is posted on the exchange’s website.
The exchange has failed to recognize the 6 for one stock split that would mean that the stock is up 312 percent for the year so far, and is one of 5 stocks on the main market to record more than 100 percent gain for the year to date and one of three in excess of 180 percent. Berger Paints with gains of 235 percent is the second leading main market stock. The stock last traded at $18.70 on Monday.