Profit gains 12% at Medical Disposables

MEDProfit after tax for the six months of the financial year to September for Medical Disposables of $42.7 million rose 11.5 percent over the similar period last year. For the September quarter, profit after tax came in at $23.4 million, an increase of only $1.9 million or 9.2 percent.
“The increase in profit was as a direct result of the improved performance in sales revenue for the period ended September, 2015”, Kurt Boothe, General Manager stated in the report to shareholders accompanying the interim financials.
Operating profit rose more impressively than net profit, with a rise to $30 million from $22.5 million, an increase of 33.6 percent and for the half year, 29.6 percent to $53.8 million from $41.5 million in 2014. Increases in finance cost, foreign exchange loss and provision for taxation helped to reduce the final numbers to a moderate increase. Cash flows for the six months before interest cost rose to $57 million from $45 million in 2014.
Earnings per share rose to 9 cents per share in the quarter and 16 cents for the six months and should end around 35 cents for the year ending March 2015.
Sales revenue rose to $599 million, increasing by $59 million or 10.9 percent for the six months to September compared to the same period last year. Revenue for the six months rose 8.9 percent to $308 million from $283 million.
Gross profit for the six months ended at $166.7 million and increased by $30.6 million or 22.5 percent compared to last 2015. “This improvement was due to increased sales in all product categories, changes in the product mix and maintaining gross margin efficiency the company said,” Boothe stated. For the quarter gross profit rose 17 percent to $82.6 million from $70.46. Gross profit margin increased to 26.8 percent in the September quarter from 24.9 percent last year for the similar quarter and for the six months period 27.8 percent versus 25.2 percent.
“Total operating expenses of $113 million reflected an increase of $18.4 million or 19.4 percent over the same period last year. The increase in expenses was driven mainly by staff related costs, insurance, utilities, professional fees, information technology services and expenses related to the new property purchased earlier in the year. Staff related expenses, in particular, increased because of the strategic decision to realign the staff complement and compensation to sustain the current growth, development and expansion of the business,” Boothe further stated in his report.
Current assets amounts $587 million inclusive cash funds of $77 million and current liabilities of $253 million, including short term borrowings of $74 million. Shareholders’ equity increased to $435 million with total borrowings of $324 million.
The main activity of the company is the sale of medical disposables and supplies. The company’s shares are listed on the junior market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange since December 2013. The stock last traded at $3.50 and is up 43 percent for the year to date. it is now priced at a PE of 10, based on IC Insider full year estimated earnings.

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