Jamaica Broilers’ profit jumps 28%

Jamaica Broilers

The financial year to April 2017 was a good one for Jamaica Broilers Group, with attractive revenue and profit growth. For the full year, profit after tax attributed to the company’s shareholders rose 28 percent to $2.23 billion from $1.74 billion in 2016.
Sales revenues grew 15.3 percent to $44.44 billion for the year from $38.52 billion in 2016. The group enjoyed a 17% increase in revenues in the fourth quarter to $12.32 billion up from $10.52 in 2016 but profit but rose from $900 million to $1 billion at a slower pace than the growth in revenue.
A fall in the pace of growth in gross profit was a major factor in the slower growth in the last quarter as direct cost rose limiting gross profit to a rise of 13 percent to $3.57 billion in the quarter from $3.16 billion in 2016.
Segment results showed the Jamaican segment generating revenues of $31.96 billion up from $28.4 billion but segment results fell from $3.6 billion to $2.87 billion. Revenues for the US based operations grew to $10.86 billion from 8.8 billion and generated segment profit of $1.3 billion compared to $1 billion in 2016. Other Caribbean Countries generated revenues from third parties of $1.6 billion up from $1.3 billion in 2016 and contributed $944 million to profit up from $254 million in 2016.
While some Jamaican companies are by passing cheap borrowed funds for expansion purposes, Jamaica Broilers with equity capital of $14.4 billion has $7.7 billion in debt. The group holds $2.76 billion in cash with loan receivable of $2.55 billion of which $500 million is due within 12 months. Cash flow from operations is attractive at approximately $3 billion for 2017. During the past year $749 million was expended on the acquisition of fixed assets compared to $800 million in 2016 and the group paid dividends of $420 million for the 2017 fiscal year, up from $311 million in the prior period.
Forecast for 2018 is for EPS of $2.60, up from $1.85 for 2017. The stock closed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange on Friday at $18 at 10 times 2017 earnings but 7 times 2018 earnings compared to an average of the main market of 13.7. IC Insider.com rates the stock a buy for growth and income.

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