Access Financial defying IPO critics

Access Financial Services, after reporting a successful 2012 when it clocked up earnings of $238 million from revenues of $661 million, reported a 47 percent increase in earnings for the first quarter of this year, which took it to $61.5 million from revenues of $173 million, up $19 million over 2012 first quarter.

The company’s growth is emanating from very strong growth in loans which increased from $643 Million in March 2012 to $758 million at the end of March this year. The company also reports maintaining costs at a low increment, which was another factor in the increase in earnings. Access is primarily involved in payroll lending at high interest rates amounting to about 60 percent per annum. Investor’s Choice projects $1.37 per share earnings for 2013 and recommends the stock as a good BUY.

Access, the first junior market company to hit the Jamaica Stock exchange in 2010, was slapped by the most scathing criticisms of any public issue to come to the market. There were few persons who publicly recommended the offer. So scathing were some of the critics that a number of institutional investors who were committed to buying in the issue opted out.

Three years after the issue, what is the outcome? The company has increased profits in each year and the stock has grown from $18.30 to the equivalent of $70 each (the stock was split into 10 units for each 1 owned and now trades at $7 each). Investors would have received a dividend in each year since listing, amounting to 65 cents based on last year’s earnings, 45 cents for 2011 earnings and 31 cents per share based on 2010 earnings. Not bad for those investors who backed the issue.

20/20 Hindsight: Click here to read my BUY recommendation of the Access Financial Services IPO published in the Jamaica Observer in October, 2009 and reader responses finding fault with my stock analysis.

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