6M Berger shares taken up?

Trading in Berger Paints shares are now trading after trading was suspended two Thursdays ago.

Trading has resumed in Berger Paints after it was suspended ahead of the closing date for the offer by Ansa Coatings to acquire the minority shares at $10.88.
Trading took place between $11 and $11.50 with 213,774 units changing hands. So far the company has not released information on the number of shares that were offered as a result of the offer. IC Insider.com gathers that the take up is around 6 million units, if so it would represent around 3 percent of the issued capital of the company.
this would be in keeping with some of the to minority shareholders coming out publicly against the offer price and with more than 31 percent of the holdings held by entities that were not in support of the offer.

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