Up to $50m loan to buy Wigton shares

NCB Capital Markets will be providing investors up $50m in margin funding to assit with buying of Wigton’s shares in the IPO.

Investors in Wigton Windfarm initial public offer of shares will be able to access up $50 million in loan financing from NCB Capital Markets (NCBCM) to fund up to 50 percent of the purchase, NCBCM’s CEO Steven Gooden informed IC Insider.com.
The Wigton IPO, is generating lots of interest, amongst Jamaicans, residing locally and overseas and should pull in around $6 billion before expenses for the sellers, PetroJam. It will be one of the larger issues, to hit the Jamaican capital market.
In addition to providing margin funding to assist in purchasing the new IPO issue, NCBCM online portal, dubbed ‘GoIPO’ and created in conjunction with the Jamaica Central Securities Depository , will be available for their investors to use in making application for the shares. The application will allow investors with accounts at NCBCM, to easily fill out application forms as the system will automatically populate the form with the other information for persons with login access codes.
The GoIPO was born out of the major challenges that NCB encountered when they brokered the Wisynco IPO.
Investors with login codes can use them to access NCB system and access accounts that will fund the application. The system will be show the Wigton IPO application from which the appropriate application form is to be fill out. The required information will be the sum being invested. The system will compute the number of shares being applied for and the applicant will identify the account that the funds will come from.

Wigton IPO with propectus expected in a day or two.

Persons having no login code will have go online and fill in name, JSCD account number and TRN and enter the sum they are investing and method of payment as well as upload a photo ID to go with the application.
The new system will eliminate the need to visit a locations to deliver applications and significantly reduce errors associated with manual processing.
Of the GoIPO solution, platform is encrypted, providing security and confidentiality to users, who can access the digital portal once they have a JCSD number. Gooden said, too, that as selling agents of the IPO, NCBCM possesses the largest distribution channel within the broker space and clients who do not wish to apply digitally are encouraged to complete and return their forms to NCBCM locations islandwide.
NCBCM say that investors can apply through the NCB system to apply for shares to go into other brokerage accounts.

Wigton Windfarm IPO out very soon

Report reaching IC Insider.com is that the long awaited prospectus for Wigton Windfarm is due this week. The stock is set to come to the market at 50 cents each.
According to the government’s public bodies accounting records, “the divestment will be by way of listing PCJ’s 100 percent shareholding in WWFL on the Jamaica Stock Exchange.” The company is expected to report profit of $587 million to the end of March this year, down from $826 million earned in 2018. The 2018 earnings were helped by other income of $637 million versus just $52 million in 2018.
The company generated sales revenue of $2.5 billion in 2019 and $2.36 billion in 2018. Depreciation charge is high at nearly $700 million, this will result in a healthy cash flow per annum, allowing to either pay down debt or fund expansion from internally generated resourses and provide a basis of growing profits going forward.
The annual growth in profit before finance cost is minimal, growing just over 11 percent in 2015 and 2016 and a much slower 7 percent in 2017 and 2018, with a 6 percent decline in 2019.
The company is heavily indebted with $7 billion of borrowed funds, $1.4 billion in cash funds on hand and equity of $2.4 billion. Current assets exclusive of cash and payables are minimal. Borrowed funds were mostly in US dollars and resulted in annual swings in net profit, as the exchange rate of the Jamaican dollar moved up and down against the United States dollar. Loans that were previously denominated in US dollars, were swapped for Jamaican dollar funds, in preparation for the initial public offer.
The company’s generating capacity is 63 mega-watts with the output contracted to Jamiaca Public Seervice Company. Assuming a PE ratio of 10, the company would be valued at just under $6 billion.

Watch Junior Market for break higher

Junior Market poised to breakout.

Jamaican stocks are in for an interesting period with Junior Market stocks down nearly 5 percent for the year to date, lagging their main market stocks counterparts that are up 2.2 percent for 2019, but technical indicators now point to a big rally for the Junior Market.
The Junior Market is currently, supported by two major technical indicators, indicating a rising market ahead. One is a triple bottom that it is bouncing off and the other a wedge formation, both indicate a big breakout. The last time the market had a triple bottom was between March and July last year and the market gained more than 500 points.
The Jamaica Stock Exchange main market may be consolidating, but it seems to be making another effort to challenge the record high of 433,307.22 reached by the All Jamaica Composite Index in November last year. With the market closing on Friday at 426,180.60 points, it will require some meaningful price gains to close the more than 7,000 points gap.

Carib Cement traded at $58 on Friday.

For the current week, which stock could contribute to closing of the gap? Buying interest remains good for Carib Cement that moved up by $2 by the close of the week to $58. There is some selling at the last traded price but demand should take this out soon. Radio Jamaica is in demand again with a big increase in the December quarter’s profit that spell positives for the 2020 fiscal year’s results.
Wisynco came in for some selling pressure last week by the close on Friday, the stock ended at $11.95. Going forward the stock is a strong buy with increasing business and improving efficiency in operations and with credible reports that they are in talks with other local producers to distribute some popular local brands. Supreme Ventures continues to make new highs and is worth watching. The price is high more up even higher during the week but supply seems inadequate to meet demand, but an investment in the stock now may only warrant those looking for long-term returns.

NCB Financial traded at $145.05 on the JSE on Friday.

More buying came in for NCB Financial with it closing the week marginally higher at $145.05. The stock may still take some time to break higher but with second quarter results due by end of April increase demand could well develop ahead of the results.
Junior Market stocks to watch this week include, the overhang of Cargo Handlers stock was taken out last week at $11.06 and seem set to pave the way for a bounce in the price, but the stock is a bit overvalued relative to the overall market. Caribbean Cream that closed at $5.55 but traded up to $6.60 in the previous week. Full year results are due towards the end of April and that could help the stock. Caribbean Producers came into buying last week, with a move higher going forward, supported by technical indicator. Sellers of General Accident shares continues to be low, but buyers are trying to get stocks no higher than $4.50 currently at a PE of 15 times 2018 earnings and well below likely 2019 earnings. Investors in the stock at the start of 2018 got a dividend that exceeded 5 percent. If the same were to happen in 2019, the stock would end up at $6 by the end of this year. Investors continue to demand Elite Diagnostic stock at $3.20 or lower with sellers mostly wanting close to $3.50. Trading higher may not occur until closer to the release of nine months results due by mid-May. Honey Bun is showing all the signs of moving higher and traded

Honey Bun traded higher last week.

at $4.24 this past week, up from $3.83 at the end of the previous week. The bid for the stock is now at $4.15. Fontana closed the past week with a slight uptick to end at $4.05, buying continues to be good. With strong potential for growth to flow from expansion of stores now on the way, the stock is to be watched for the inevitable breakout. Express Catering has been enjoying decent buying interest. It is bound to be a big winner from the double digit upsurge in Tourist arrivals so far in 2019. Lasco Manufacturing was in the news with expansion of the storage facilities to accommodate increased production, the stock gained last week and could record further gains this coming week, regardless it one worth watch for longer term gains.

Paramount goes to market for $300M

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Junior Market listed, Paramount Trading, goes to market to fetch $300 million at a rate that is set to exceed 12 percent per annum.
The company just issued a prospectus offering 150 million cumulative redeemable preference shares due 2021 priced at $2 each at fixed rate of 8.75% per annum. On the surface that seems a bit reasonable but with other costs, the annual rate will be approximately 12 percent. The prospectus indicates that the issue is to take advantage of opportunities for improvement and expansion of the business, to provide working capital and for general corporate purposes and to pay the expenses of the Invitation, which the Directors believe will not exceed $16.5 million. That cost adds approximately 2.75 percent per annum to the interest rate, bringing it to 11.5 percent. There will also be fees for listing on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, even more than the listing fees will be the monthly fees to be incurred, for making the monthly interest payments and providing annual reports to preference shareholders, for the two years. Mayberry Investments are the brokers to the issue.
Paramount’s profit peaked at $173 million in 2016, fell to $101 million in 2017 and then to $59 million in 2018. For the half year to November last year, profit slipped to $35 million compared to $58 million for the 2017 period. The company only had $62 million in borrowed funds but Inventories and payables climbed sharply over the previous year.

No explosion for Jamaican stocks

Wisynco still one to watch.

Most company results are now in for 2018, a few are now due for periods ending in January and February. Not much is expected from results due shortly, that will make a major impact on the overall market.
A number of stocks that attracted increased buying interest in recent days that are worth watching this week. Wisynco Group traded during last week at $12 but slipped to $11.50 on Friday as nearly 6.4 million units crossed the exchange, but supply continues to be low.
Fontana continues to trade in healthy volumes at $4 but supply is getting limited. Seprod continues to come in for demand with the price rising in the week to close at $44. PanJam Investment continues to flirt with record highs, but is held in check by the late reporting of financials. Radio Jamaica is fluctuating in price but with increase local economic activity investors should be looking ahead for this one. General Accident has been trading around the $4.50 level for weeks with increased interest shown in the stock since it posted increased profit for 2018. Selling seems to be coming mainly from one source.
Scotia Group reported results for the first quarter but with lower profit in the quarter compared to 2018, but they reported healthy growth in loans an important indicator for improved profit going forward. This is one to watch for longer term. Caribbean Cement continues to fluctuate having posted strong 2018 results. With prospects for 2019 looking great, investors will never know when the break out will occur, the same applies partially to NCB Financial that currently have selling overwhelming buying. Honey Bun is displaying signs as if a break out is not far off with sellers mostly in the high $4 level and buyers under $4.

Use PE ratio to make big bucks

Investors can improve return on their stock market investment by just following one critical measure, the PE ratios of stocks. Buy low PE ratio stocks and sell those that are too high relative historical norm that almost a sure recipe for making good money in the stock market.
An important factor worth noting is that the PE ratios based on 2018 earnings are well ahead of those for 2019 earnings. The average PE of stocks listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange based on 2018 earnings is just under 19 times, reflecting valuation as high as 60 times 2018 earnings, with some with PEs in single digits.
The Junior Market boast average PEs around of 17, while the main market is at 19.5. The Junior Market typical PE hoovers around 16 while that of the main market is around 15, all based on 2018 earnings. The typical PE is where a large number of stocks are clustered.
While many investors see stocks as cheap, based on price, that is not the basis of investing in a stock. The focus on the PE is most critical. It is the tool used by most investors to determine if a stock is worth having or not. Many individual investors consider NCB Financial as expensive at

Chart showing falling interest rates & rising PE ratio of the Jamaica Stock Market.

$145, but with a PE ratio of less than 10 times 2019 earnings, suggest otherwise. PEs based on current year’s estimated earnings, are just 10 for the Junior Market and 14 for the main market, with the typical average of 12 for the main market. Should economic factors remain relatively stable, as they current are in Jamaica, as well as globally, the PEs based on 2018 earnings, are indicative of good gains in stock prices in 2019. The above would equate to the junior stock posting gains of 60 percent by next year March and the main market 25 percent.
Investors can compare, the current PE based on 2019 estimated earnings of each stock against the typical ones based on 2018, to get a picture of which ones are likely to gain strongly this year. IC Insider.com daily stock market report charts carry projected earnings and current PE for each stock that investors can use as their tool for identifying stocks with above average potential gains.

Flat profits at Jamaican Teas

Jamaican Teas

Domestic sales at Jamaican Teas was robust for the first quarter to December last year, with a 16 percent increase in both the manufacturing operation and at the company’s sole supermarket. Exports fell sharply and pulled down overall sales.
JTL’s first quarter revenues from manufacturing operations declined by 10 percent, due mainly to a stock reduction exercise at the main USA distributer, resulting from export sales declining 40 percent, following a very strong 67 percent increase in the first quarter of 2018 fiscal year and a 24 percent increase for the full fiscal year. The group had no sales of houses in the period as the sole scheme that was developed was completed. Sales generated from the property development in the 2017 quarter of $48 million.
The decline in export sales in the December quarter negatively affected results for the quarter for the group. Nevertheless, the Group’s first quarter net profit attributable to the owners slipped 4 percent, from $52 million to $50 million.
The Company is reporting pick up in exports following the closure of quarter, as well as local sales in both the manufacturing and supermarket operations. With the prices of certain stocks rising since December, the group should be enjoying gains in their equity portfolio.
Earnings per share per share from continuing operations finished at 7.3 cents, down from 7.7 cents in 2017.
For financial year commencing, October 2018, the Group adopt the new accounting standard IFRS 9, resulting in all realized and unrealized gains on listed equities becoming part of the profit and loss account.
The Group continues to enjoy improving financial health with equity capital of $1.4 billion and borrowed funds of just $178 million. The quarter ended with combined quoted investments at $454 million, up from $319 million in the previous year and net cash on hand equaled $132 million.
Jamaican Teas is listed on the main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange and last traded at $4.
Persons connected with IC Insider.com are associated to the company.

Fontana & Wisynco watch alerts

A close look at the main market shows clear bullish signs, with the market breaking out from a wedge formation and is being steered upwards by a long term upward sloping support line, that goes back to early 2016.
Unlike the rally in December that was dominated by NCB Financial, this rally is more broad based. Over the past two weeks, several company released results and seem to be stirring investors’ interest in a number of the companies.
Fontana and Wisynco were highlighted last week, as compelling stocks to watch. Demand for the two stocks drove prices higher on strong demand and increasing traded volumes, during the past week.
These two stocks remain on the watch list and IC Insider.com expects to see continued demand for them. Importantly, the supply of Wisynco’s shares is drastically reduced, since the release of the December quarterly.  There are further reports that apart from a likely big new distribution contract that being discussed the company will be distributing sugar for a factory in the western end of the island.

Radio Jamaica

Buy Rated Radio Jamaica was struggling below the 90 cents mark for a very long time, came to life during the week with the company reporting strong gains in profit in the December quarter of $168 million versus $79 million in the similar period in 2017. The stock traded several million units below 95 cents but hit $1.20 on Friday as supply below dried up. The stock may find it difficult the move higher during the coming week but is worth watching to see where it trades during the week.
A block of nearly 61 million AMG Packaging shares traded during the week and stopped the price from moving higher. Buying interest remains as many investors see prospects of continued profit and stock price.
Elite Diagnostic closed the past week at $3.10 as results released showed a big improvement over the first quarter to September of $5 million versus $1.6 million on a pretax basis. The reported profit was not good enough to excite investors looking for immediate stock price gains.  The price may well remain anchored around current levels for a while. The quarter over quarter growth in revenues points to higher revenues in the March quarter. There now appears to be a gap developing between the bids at $3.10 and sellers at $3.40. Watch to see how this develops. PanJam Investment traded as high as $82 on Friday with limited supply of the stock offered for sale. This one seems poised to move higher as just limited supply of the stocks is on offer for sale.
Demand for Fontana shares ate away at supply of the stock during the week but seems to have the $4 mark to take out before moving higher.

Section of Fontana Waterloo road branch now under construction.

The stock is still undervalued, even as it has doubled the IPO price. Investors ought to be focusing on the expansion plans and what that will do to profit in fiscal 2020.
General Accident 2018 results came out in the region of 29 cents per share but with $129 million less investments income and a big bump up in Management fee expense of 40 percent to $803 million. Importantly, net premium income rose a strong 28 percent for the full year. Selling pressure may be easing up with buying picking up.
ISP Finance reported flat profit for the year to December but revenues rose 18 percent in the last quarter over that of 2017 driving profit in the quarter 30 percent to $25 million. The results was strong enough to drive the bid above the last traded price and push selling of the stock on to the sideline. The growth in the final quarter of 2018 points to improving fortunes for the company and so could ignite demand for the stock at a higher price than the closing bid of $13.
Jamaica Stock Exchange shares hit a new high of $17.95, during the past week, with increasing interest shown in the stock. Exposed supply is currently not high, with expected continued buoyancy in the market and a big increase in new listings this year, investors seem more aggressive to buy into what should be another year of increased profit for the company. Seprod’s price moved up to $39 with increased demand for the shares continuing against the background of declining supply. The price seems poised to move even higher in the coming weeks as the stock remains attractively priced and in limited supply.

Some of Seprod”s products.

Lasco Financial came out with powerful December quarter profit that rose 95 percent to $107 million after tax but a still respectable 67 percent before tax. Nine months profit rose by a much slower 21 percent from $222 million to $268 million after tax but a slightly heathier 23 percent before tax. The December quarter has sufficient information that investors can use to determine what future prospects are for profit and that could help lift demand for the stock.
NCB Financial remains on the Watch List with strong gains in operating profit for the December quarter, but the stock is finding it hard to break through resistance at the $150 level and may need something out of the ordinary if the price is to move decidedly higher before the summer months.

Everything Fresh picks up Meat company

Everything Fresh traded at $1.61 on Monday.

Everything Fresh completed the purchase and takeover of Meat Experts for a consideration of $50 million, the company reported to the Jamaica Stock Exchange.
The company expects to spend an additional $30 million for upgrades, the release stated. “Meat Experts is a widely integrated manufacturing operation located in Bog Walk, St. Catherine. It has its own abattoir, cutting, processing, packaging and cold storage facilities and logistics network. This acquisition will add several new products to the Everything Fresh lineup, promote the support of local livestock and produce farmers and reduce costs. Everything Fresh will be serving both its bulk and retail clients with additional products that will be launched under the Meat Experts and Everything Fresh brands. Everything Fresh continues to pursue other salient opportunities which exist,” the company stated.
The acquisition provides diversification for Everything Fresh that was previously a purely a distributor of edible goods including fruits and meats.

Everything Fresh two major owners and directors, Mr. & Mrs. Pullen.

Everything Fresh is listed on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, with the stock closing at $1.61 on Monday.
The suffered a reduction in revenues in the September 2018 quarter from $450 million to $422 million but the nine months period enjoyed a rise from $1.365 billion to $1.39 billion. A loss of $17.5 million was realized in the September quarter versus a profit of $11 before tax in 2017 and for the nine months, profit declined to $27 million before tax from $35 million in 2017. The acquisition could add between $20 to $30 million in profit for the group, based on the capital involved in acquisition and the upgrade to take place.

Big leap in BUY RATED Wisynco profit

Profit at Wisynco attributable to shareholders, rose a strong 36 percent to $776 million for the December quarter and 30 percent for the half year, to $1.54 billion.
Profit for the period would have been even better had the company not picked up a foreign exchange loss of $128 million in the December quarter. Profit before Taxation increased 24 percent to $942 million over the $760 million realized in 2017. The company earned of 21 cents per share for the quarter and 41 cents per share for the six months.
Revenues for the December quarter rose 16 percent to $7.1 billion over the $6.1 billion achieved in the corresponding quarter of 2017, while revenues rose 14 percent to $13.9 billion in the half year period.
Gross profit increased 18.3 percent, to $2.8 billion over the $2.4 billion achieved in the same quarter of 2017, for the half-year gross profit grew 18 percent to $5.4 billion. The company is eking out greater operational efficiencies with gross profit margin of 39.8 percent bettering the 39 percent for the 2017 second quarter. For the six months, gross profit margin grew to 38.8 percent from just 37.4 percent in 2017.

Sugar canes from which sugar is made.

Selling and distribution cost rose at a much slower pace than revenues, with a 12 percent increase for the quarter to $1.47 billion and 11 percent for the half year to $2.94 billion. Administrative Expenses increased 21 percent for the quarter to $284 million and grew by a sharp 79 percent to $544 million for the six months.
“Sales of Worthy Park spirit brands which include Rum-Bar Rums, Rum Cream and Vodka, commenced in November. The distribution of the Worthy Park packaged sugar commenced at the beginning of January,” Wisynco stated. The expanded products range, will lead to increased sales and profit, this fiscal year.
The company closed out the calendar year, with healthy looking financials, with just under $10 billion in equity capital, borrowing of $2.3 billion, cash funds of $3.63 billion and net current assets at $5 billion.
Wisynco is an IC Insider.com BUY RATED stock with the potential to earn around $1.10 per share in 2019 and $1.55 for the next fiscal year that starts in July, with the stock price hitting at least $15 by the end of this year.  Usally reliable reports is suggesting that the company could land the distribution rights for another major local brand that would ahve a big impact on revenues and sales. The stock traded on the Main Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange at the close on Friday at $10.40 for a PE of less than 10 times this year earnings compared with an average of 16 based on earnings for the market at the end of 2018.