47% surge in Access profit

Looking at the Access Financial results to March without dissecting it would lead to a conclusion that things have slowed with earnings per share of $2.49 versus $2.19 as the comparative reported in the audited financial statements for 2107.
Those numbers disguise the full impact of the 2017 fiscal performance that is up nearly 47 percent after tax, compared to the previous twelve months period. The company that made its name lending workers supported by employers making payroll deductions for repaying the loans, made profit after tax of $678 million versus $463 million when the 15 month period is adjusted for the extra 3 months. The growth continues the strong growth of the company as loans keeps on growing year after year and being up $514 million in the last twelve months to $$2.6 billion. Access has shareholders’ equity of $1.7 billion and should exceed the $2 billion mark during the current fiscal year as profit for the current fiscal year.
IC Insider.com is forecasting profit for the year to March 2018 to exceed $1 billion with earnings per share of $4 with $6 for the 2019 fiscal year.
Dividends paid during the year to March 2017 amounted to $178,431,396 or 26 percent of profit. The stock traded at a record high of $50 on Tuesday on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

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