TOP 10 stocks – Watch for Wisynco

Wata produced by Wisynco

Movement in the TOP 10 lists, resulted in just one move out, while some changed positions notably on the list. Main Event was the sole stock dropping from the top list leaving room for Caribbean Cream to move in.
With the Initial Public offerings (IPOS) out of the way, more life returned to the secondary market this past week with the main market gaining strongly but Junior Market stocks continue to struggle but helped by gains in price of two new listings.
The year ahead will see a number of changes to the TOP listings with several of the current listing carrying over. Only ISP Finance so far is showing as a new likely TOP 10 listing for 2018 in the Junior Market. The main market list is likely to see about 4 new entrants for 2018, with Cable & Wireless, Barita Investments, Palace Amusement and Wisynco depending on when it list, joining the top stocks. Radio Jamaica sits just below the TOP 10 and could well squeeze into the 10 by the start of 2018. Profit results for the fourth quarter, are likely to impact prices of most stocks as the information will provide important fuel for price movements.
At the close of Friday, the average PE ratio for Junior Market Top stocks ended at 7.9 and 8.2 for the main market TOP 10. The average PE for the overall main market is 14.2 and 13.4 for the Junior Market, based on 2017 estimated earnings.
IC’s TOP 10 stocks now trade at an average discount of 41 percent to the average of the market for Junior Market Top stocks and 42 percent for the main market.
Market Watch| Investors should still keep a keen eye on Caribbean Cement for which supply seems to be declining with the focus on refinancing of leased assets that is expected to result in major savings in cost for 2018 onwards. FosRich and GWest Corporation, the recent IPOs, started trading on the Junior Market last week with strong gains so far, they should be watched in the few trading days left for the year, to glean further directions as both are now richly priced. Others to be watched are, General Accident, Cable & Wireless , NCB Financial, Berger Paints, JMMB Group, Main Event, Lasco Financial, Paramount Trading and Stationery and Office. Wisynco could start trading this week and is expected to create some excitement with the issue more about twice oversubscribed.