Profit jumps 69% at Main Event

Main Event should earn 50 cents per sahre for 2017.

Revenues at Main Event, rose 14.8 percent in the July quarter, to $290 million, compared to only 10 percent for the year to date to reach $942 million.
The strong growth in revenues coupled with reduction in cost in some areas resulted in a loss of $4.7 million in the 2016 quarter, transformed to a profit of $26 million in this year’s third quarter and $101 million for the nine months, versus $60 million in 2016, for a strong increase of 69 percent.
Revenues in the quarter to April was flat, at $319 million compared to the 2016 period, but contributed $25 million more profit than the July quarter. Direct operating cost as reported were $147 million in both quarters in 2017, as a result, gross profit margin in the July period was less than in April. In the July quarter, administrative cost ended at $92 million, the same as in the April quarter but depreciation rose to $22 million, from $16 million, as the company acquired more equipment for its own use rather than hiring them.
Assuming the growth level in revenues for the third quarter continues, the company seems heading for profit of 50 cents per share for the 2017 fiscal year to October and 70 cents for 2018, providing room for the stock to deliver a good return for investors who get in at the right price.

Three directors of Main Event, including the mentor who is respossible to ensure compliance with the JSE rules.

“We remain very confident in our strategies and the company’s prospects for further growth and new business opportunities,” the company’s Chairman, Ian Blair and CEO, Solomon Sharpe stated in their comments on the nine months results.
The balance sheet shows fixed assets growing to $420 million from $342 million at July 2016 and improved working capital of more than $100 million versus just $12 million in 2016, while borrowings have declined from $156 million to $122 million. With increasing profit, the finances should be looking better by year end and into 2018.
The stock is BUY RATED but closer to the $5 level currently and for a limited time, as it may not trade back down there.

The stock is listed on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock exchange and is trading at $5.60, just over a PE of 11 compared to 13.7 for the junior market.

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