Majors surge 3,247 points to record close

Bulls pushing Jamaican stock to new highs.

The value of stocks, on the main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, climbed sharply on Friday, as the market closed with 40 securities changing hands of which 23 gained and 8 declined in the overall market, including 9 stocks rising and 3 falling, in the junior market.
At the close the All Jamaica Composite Index surged 3,246.81 points, to close at 213,648.57. The JSE Market Index leapt 2,903.22 points to finish at 195,414.38. The JSE combined index jumped 2,748.82 points to close at 208,184.36.
At the close with 10,710,157 units valued at $359,865,498 changed hands, compared to 2,993,596 units valued at $27,027,397 changing hands on Friday. Of the stocks traded, the junior market accounted for 491,934 units changing hands, valued at $2,672,851. Grace Kennedy with 7,729,745 units valued at $316,822,639 accounted for the bulk of the trades with the price rising 59 cents to close at $40.99.
The average trade for the day in the main market ended at 378,453 shares compared to an average of 84,869 units traded on Thursday. The average for the month to date is 235,343 versus 132,234 units on the previous trading day, well below the average of 549,379 units, December ended with.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading in the main and junior markets, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows 13 stocks with bids higher than their last selling prices and none with a lower offer.
In market activity, Berger Paints rose 20 cents while trading 1,875 shares to close at $6, Cable & Wireless gained 4 cents to close at 89 cents with 101,180 units trading, Caribbean Cement ended with a $1 rise while trading just 1,000 shares at $34. Carreras gained 75 cents and closed at $66.75 with 12,920 shares changing hands, Ciboney traded 87,962 units and rose 4 cents to end at 20 cents, Investors traded 443,934 shares of 1834 Investments to close at $1.20. Jamaica Broilers fell 10 cents and closed at $14.50 with 11,679 shares changing hands, Jamaica Producers rose 45 cents to end at a 52 weeks’ high of $9.85 with 3,700 units trading, Jamaica Stock Exchange gained 4 cents in trading 20,360 shares, to end at $5.56. JMMB Group traded 53,329 units and added 30 cents to end at $15, Kingston Properties lost 95 cents in trading 13,795 units to close at $8.05, Kingston Wharves jumped by $1.81 in trading 26,062 shares at $21.81, Mayberry Investments ended at $4.80 with 4,270 shares changing hands. National Commercial Bank traded 202,254 shares with a fall of 49 cents to close at $51.01. Pan Jam Investment traded 3,893 shares at $26.50. Pulse Investments lost 30 cents in trading 53,383 shares at $3.70, Radio Jamaica rose 9 cents to close at $1.35 after 44,324 shares changed hands, Sagicor Group closed with 42,635 shares changing hands at $29.04. Sagicor X Fund ended with 57,375 units trading at $10.50. Scotia Group with 587,294 shares changing hands and closed with a rise of $3.01 at $38.01, Scotia Investments gained $1.02 with 16,000 units trading, to end at $31.02, Seprod rose $2 to $30 with 24,088 units changing hands, after trading at an intraday high, of $30.50, Supreme Ventures had just 7,213 shares trading and gained 9 cents to end at $5.10 and Proven Investments ordinary share traded 667,533 units at 20.5 US cents.

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