Wigton shares list today

Wigton stock could double soon.

Shares in the highly sought after Wigton Windfarm will start trading today on the Jamaica Stock Exchange when the market opens at 9:30 this morning.
The shares that saw more than 31,000 investors the 11 million units that were on offer was heavily oversubscribed and persons within the financial market expects that it will trade at a premium to the 50 cents offer price. The shares will be restricted to a maximum price rise of 15 cents today or 30 percent of the IPO price, which is the maximum the stock exchange circuit breaker rule permits. If the bid closes at 84 cents at the close of trading then it can trade as high as $1.09 on Friday when the market reopens after the Labour day holiday.
The stock should be very liquid and that may constrain the price movements as speculators take profit early. The PE ratio of the stock is 8.5 times earnings but with many main market stocks priced in the 15 times region Wigton could get to that valuation and sell just under $1.
Mayberry Investments the main broker for the issue stated that the public sector pool was oversubscribed accordingly and all Public Sector workers who applied for less than 15 million shares were fully allocated while investors from the general public, were fully allocated up to 8.5 million shares.

Wigton star attraction to watch

Wigton stock could double soon.

Wigton Windfarm is will be on a large group of local investors this week as the stock makes trading debut on the Jamaica Stock Exchange on Wednesday.
While the new main market listing will most likely be the star attraction, investors who left Junior Market stocks to languish while they drove main market to several new highs as they waited for Junior Market company, 2019 first quarter results are again looking for gains in the Junior Market.
A number of the Junior Market results were strong, in fact very strong and some prices were driven up, in response. More gains are expected in the coming weeks as investors pile funds into a number of companies with limited supply of stocks for sale.
Good numbers for the 2019 first quarter came from, Derrimon Trading with revenues rising 63 percent to $3.15 billion and profit jumping 33 percent to $69 million. Elite Diagnostic with strong growth in profits for the March quarter that more than doubled the $6.7 million reported in 2018 March quarter to $16 million.  Fontana grew pretax profit by 51 percent to $30 million with earnings per share of just 2 cents will not provide the fire for much more price gains for a while.

Honey Bun doubles Q2 profit.

General Accident was mildly up but FX losses disguised the strong gains in operating results, smart investors will see this and lend support to the stock price. Honey Bun grew revenues by 15.5 percent but profit blasted off by 104 percent. Jamaican Teas second quarter profit rose 45 percent before tax to end at $65 million from $45 million in the 2018 March quarter but profit after tax rose 38 percent to $55 million from $40 million, for the six months profit after tax rose 27.5 percent from $91 million to $116 million. ISP Finance an IC Insider.com TOP 10 listing last week, saw profit rising by 75 percent to $16 million in the quarter to help lift demand for the stock and Stationery and Office Supplies that posted a 30 percent jump in profit to reach $58 million jumped in price since releasing results but could go higher after taking a break.
Caribbean Cement has fallen in price below $70 making it extremely attractive. The company’s managing director, speaks at Mayberry’s monthly forum on Wednesday and that could provide more information to fuel increased demand for the stock.

Wigton shares now fully allocated

Wigton IPO prospectus is out.

Successful investors in the public share offer of Wigton Windfarm will see the shares trading on the Jamaica Stock Exchange at the commencement of trading next week Wednesday.
Mayberry Investments (MIL) the main broker for the issue announced the allocation of shares. In a release on the allocation, MIL stated that the public sector pool was oversubscribed accordingly, all Public Sector workers who applied for less than 15 million shares were fully allocated. The remaining Reserved shares are allocated sequentially, in tranches of 10,000 units until the Reserved Pool was exhausted. Members of the general public who applied for less than 8.5 million shares, received full allocation, the remaining shares were allocated sequentially in tranches of 10,000 units.
Refunds to applicants who are clients of Mayberry, will be credited to their accounts, by end of today, 15 May, refunds for non-Mayberry clients will be made available to the selling agent or location where the application was first received by 16 May.
All Applicants will receive a formal letter from the Jamaica Central Securities Deposit advising them of their respective allotment of Shares in the Company in due course.

Wigton attracts over 30,000 applicants

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Wigton IPO prospectus is out.

Wigton Windfarm’s recent IPO is said to successfully attracted more than 30,000 applications, for the 11 billion shares that were offered at 50 cents each, IC insider.com has been advised.
IC Insider.com gathers that the number could reach as much as 32,000 applications and is more than 100 percent oversubscribed. The number of applicants, suggest that the level of oversubscriptions is most likely lead to the issue being twice oversubscribed. Based on the formula announced for allocation that will see smaller applications getting full allocation, the top bidders are likely to be disappointed with what they end up getting that could see their take coming for 10 percent or less, depending on the amount applied for.
According to a release from Mayberry Investments lead brokers, “all Applicants (large or small) up to the first 10,000 shares will be met. Applicants in excess of 10,000 will then be met in similar fashion in increments of 10,000 until all applications are met or all shares are allocated”.
The number of applications seem to be close to the issue of National Commercial Bank in 1987 that attracted over 30,000 applications, with the issue being oversubscribed by 175 percent.
The oversubscription should result in a healthy liquid market, when the stock starts trading in a few weeks time.

Wigton Windfarm’s profit upgraded

Wigton IPO propectus is out.

Net profit for the nine months to December 2018 for Wigton ended at J$730 million compared to $1 billion reported in 2017 before taxation.
IC Insider.com now projects normalized earnings for the 2019 fiscal year between $600-700 million resulting in earnings per share of 6 cents. As earnings for the above periods, include foreign exchange gains and losses. Included in other income is $552 million to December 2018 of foreign exchange gains and in Finance cost, $748 million, in foreign exchange losses. With the company repaying the foreign currency loans, the main source of foreign exchange gains or losses no longer exits, hence the need to normalize results without them.
Based on the updated earnings, with the price of the stock at 50 cents each, the PE ratio is now
8.5, valuing the company at just $5.5 billion. The stock now sits at number 4 on IC Insider.com TOP 10 main market stocks, making it more attractive than the value based on the projection to March this year, included in the public bodies’ document.
Wigton Windfarm IPO out very soon” an article published last week is running at the number one best read article on IC Insider.com and represents a clear sign of the popularity of the issue that opens on April 17.
IC Insider has now updated certain aspect of a second article, Wigton Windfarm IPO prospectus is out, carrying a more detailed look at the offer, and is proving to be quite popular but running well behind the first one currently.The lead broker for the IPO is Mayberry Investments.

Paramount goes to market for $300M


Junior Market listed, Paramount Trading, goes to market to fetch $300 million at a rate that is set to exceed 12 percent per annum.
The company just issued a prospectus offering 150 million cumulative redeemable preference shares due 2021 priced at $2 each at fixed rate of 8.75% per annum. On the surface that seems a bit reasonable but with other costs, the annual rate will be approximately 12 percent. The prospectus indicates that the issue is to take advantage of opportunities for improvement and expansion of the business, to provide working capital and for general corporate purposes and to pay the expenses of the Invitation, which the Directors believe will not exceed $16.5 million. That cost adds approximately 2.75 percent per annum to the interest rate, bringing it to 11.5 percent. There will also be fees for listing on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, even more than the listing fees will be the monthly fees to be incurred, for making the monthly interest payments and providing annual reports to preference shareholders, for the two years. Mayberry Investments are the brokers to the issue.
Paramount’s profit peaked at $173 million in 2016, fell to $101 million in 2017 and then to $59 million in 2018. For the half year to November last year, profit slipped to $35 million compared to $58 million for the 2017 period. The company only had $62 million in borrowed funds but Inventories and payables climbed sharply over the previous year.

Market Watch on Scotia

The main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange moved within less than 5,000 points of the record close in November last year as investors pushed the prices of some stocks higher during the past week.
Based on the date the first quarter results for Scotia Group was released in 2018, the 2019 results should be released on Thursday but so far the company has not posted the date of dividend consideration  that is normally the date of announcing the results. Caribbean Cement closed at $55 and should move higher with limited supply on offer and an analysis of the audited 2018n results suggesting that cost should decline and revenues rise in the current year. IC Insider.com raised earnings to $6 for the year with the expensive $1 billion cement import last year not recurring this year and the benefit of a full year of removal of lease cost with added saving this year from the $2 billion annual savings from resulting from owning the kilns rather than leasing.  Keep on watching this one for a break out in price.
Radio Jamaica pulled back to $1 late last week but there is buying at those levels and above.
The Junior Market is consolidating with a slight negative bias, even as this market seems far more undervalued than the main market, the release of quarterly profit results is not helping this market currently as investors wait to see what 2019 results will look like.
Last week, a number of results were released but they showed that investors may have pushed prices to their limit already. Jamaica Stock Exchange report big increase in profit for 2018 of $413 million versus $221 million in 2017 with earnings per share of 59 cents and thus pushing the PE ratio to a rich 30.  Berger Paints profits were flat but the company had a blowout final quarter with revenues jumping 155 percent from the poor 2017 quarter and profits of $130 million versus just $30 million in 2017. Grace Kennedy reported improved results with earnings per share of $5, helped

Grace new HQ close to the end of construction in downtown Kingston

by a big increase in investment income and foreign exchange. Jamaica Producers earnings grew 23 percent to 73 cents per share and resulting in one of the higher valued stocks on the market. Mayberry Investments reported a loss of $6million after tax for the year with a big increase in credit loss and investment impairment provisions. Sagicor Group and PanJam Investment full year’s results are delayed.
Fontana’s and Wisynco continues to trade around their current prices just below $4 and $12 respectively and seem poised to continue to move side wards for a while.
Elite Diagnostic moved up to $3.20 last week with good demand at that level continues to trade around $3.10 with a gap developing between the bids at $3.10 and sellers at $3.40. Will buyers move higher or will sellers come down where the majority of buyers are?  Watch to see how this develops.
Buying for General Accident continues to trade around $4.50 level with no clear signs when it will the break out to a higher price level.
Lasco Financial remains stuck around $4.60 price level with some selling taking place at $4.60, but buying is not strong enough to move the price in the short term.  Medical Disposables bounced last week but the price may bounce around for some time in the medium term.

Cement & RJR on watch alert

Carib Cement could earn $5.30 in 2019.

The action on the Jamaica Stock Exchange is focused on the main market currently as it continues to exhibit clear bullish signs, that propelled by a recent wedge formation and is also being steered upwards by a long term upward sloping support line, that goes
back to early 2016.

The main market is just 9,625.14 points away from the peak
reached of 433,307.22 points reached on 29-Nov-last on the All Jamaica Index. The Junior Market is consolidating with
a slight negative bias, even as this market seems far more undervalued than the main market.
This week investors will see a series of releases with some expected to move the prices of some of the companies. The stocks in this
category to watch keenly are Jamaica Stock Exchange that should report a doubling in profit for the 2018. Berger Paints, Grace Kennedy, Jamaica Producers, Mayberry Investments that should show the full impact of the new accounting standard that will book all investments gains or losses directly to regular profit and loss, Sagicor Group, PanJam Investment. Release of full year’s results for Caribbean Cement last week, provided fuel that drove the price up to $51.50. Supply of the stock is low, with profit prospects for 2019 looking good.
Last weeks’ release of Fontana’s half year results, were mixed, with slightly higher profit for the six months but lower profit for the December quarter, the latter from modest sales increase, halted the advance of the price of the stock. The stock is likely to trade around the $4 level for a while. Investors ought to be focusing on the expansion plans and what that will do to profit in fiscal 2020. Wisynco continues to trade around the $12 mark but could break out at any time demand existing to buy just below $12 and supply drastically reduced compared to the period before the company released six months results.
Demand remains high for Buy Rated Radio Jamaica but supply has virtually dried up and so the stage may be set for higher prices ahead. The price moved up to $1.40 during last week but pulled back afterwards to trade back at $1 on Friday before heading back to close at $1.25.
Elite Diagnostic continues to trade around $3.10 with a gap developing between the bids at $3.10 and sellers at $3.40. Will buyers move higher or will sellers come down where the majority of buyers are?  Watch to see how this develops.
Buying for General Accident continues between $4 and $4.25, when will the break out takes place is unknown, but the valuation suggest that it could be sooner than later as the company is expected to build on the 2018 results of 29 cents per share in 2019.
The price of Lasco Financial rose during the past week but the price could inch higher this week but investors may not be ready push it much higher in the short term
Medical Disposables bid at the close on Friday was $5.50 with offer at $6.49, a wide gap that will close at some time. The company’s expansion into consumer products offers scope for a faster growth in profit going forward and that swill help the stock in the latter half of 2018. The latest results show, it is going take sometime for the expected growth to really take hold.

Barita up 593% top 2018 JSE stock

Barita climbs to a new closing high of $50 on Friday to gain 593% in 2018..

Stocks on the Jamaica Stock Exchange main market ending 2018 with a credible gain of 31.7 percent but brokerage house Barita Investments surged a by a huge 593 percent to be the markets best performing stock in 2018.  
Barita Investments gain mostly came after Cornerstone Investment Holdings officially sealed the deal to take over the company and laterally, after announcing a rights issue to shareholders at an exercise price of $15.50. The stock closed the year at $52. But there is a lot more going on with this company as the new majority owners take a more aggressive approach to capture more business locally and within the wider Caribbean.
Four stocks end 2018 with gains of more than 100 percent contributed to the year’s performance but the year’s movement fell below that of 2017, when the index rose 50.7 percent. The next best performer could only deliver a 211 percent rise in contrast to the stunning gains by Barita. Salada Foods ended the year with a jump in price to $35 on strong gains in profit, to capture the number 2 best performing spot rising by 211 percent for the year, followed by Palace Amusement with gains of 159 percent, the third year in a row that it is occupying the top 10 list. Kingston Wharves grew 135 percent to be one of 4 stocks to reappear in the top 10 for two consecutive years. Jamaica Broilers gained 67 percent. Pulse Investments reappeared in the Top 10 with a rise of 66 percent and heavy weight, PanJam Investment put in a strong showing of 65 percent, while Supreme Ventures chipped in with 57 percent, Mayberry Investments rose 52 percent and NCB Financial with 50 percent to retain one of the Top 10 spots for the second year in a row.
The worst performing stocks included Ciboney down 71 percent due mainly to the sale of property it previously owned with most of the proceeds distributed as a dividend thus reducing the value of its assets to a few million dollars. 138 Student Living was next with a fall of 42 percent with Portland JSX ending with a loss for the year of 25 percent following on from Kingston Properties with 22 percent and Sygnus Credit Investments with 20 percent from it 2018 IPO price. Both Ciboney and Carreras that are in the top 10 worst performing stocks in 2018 are coming from the top 10 in 2017.

Many more stocks to watch now

NCB had a good 2018 fiscal year with strong profit gains that boosted interest in the stock.

There was another big insider trade, in NCB Financial Group shares following last weeks’ big trade valued at $650 million.
Jamaica’s largest financial institution, advised the Jamaica Stock Exchange that a connected party sold 2,768,165 of the group’s shares and three directors and a senior manager purchased a total of 2,836,672 shares between November 23 and 26. This development is the clearest signs that the immediate future is extremely bright for the group.
The local stock market is showing major shift in sentiment with the news that Scotia Group is selling off of its insurance arm to Sagicor Group. The announcement drove up the prices of Scotia Group, Sagicor Group and Pan Jamaican that traded at a new high on Wednesday. But NCB continued to scale new highs on each day for the week. NCB has little supply coming onto the market as demand continues to climb.
All the above stocks are now the watch list, but investors must keep watch on Barita Investments that has shot up to a record high of $23 with a bid at $24.01. There is some amount of public chatter about the performance of the company that has encouraged more interest in the stock. The company will benefit from several developments in the financial market, including the impact of the change in accounting policy that will result in gains or losses in investments whether realized or not going straight to the profit and loss account. With growth in the stock market Barita should benefit in two ways, increased value of the portfolio, for example, 48 million JSE shares owned increasing around $100 million in the December quarter so far but Barita is said to also own shares in NCB that has risen sharply in price for the quarter. The equity linked unit trust will garner more fee income based purely on the fact that the portfolio would have grown based on gains in stock price. The other financial stock to be watched is Key Insurance that has traded over 21 million shares so far with the stock having a bid of $4 to buy over 911,000 shares. The movement in the Key shares seems like the start of an aggressive stance an investor, watch developments in this one keenly. Seprod also seems poised to rise with early selling from the public offer now appearing to be abating.
Mayberry Jamaican Equities is yet another to watch as the local stock market moves higher over the next several weeks and it could drag it mother company Mayberry Investments with it.