Trinidad Cement investors saying no deal

TCL closed at $5.05 on Tuesday but bid and offer suggest no deal.

Trinidad Cement share price soared on the Trinidad market on Tuesday following an announcement by Sierra Trading that the offer to acquire majority shares is increased to TT$5.07 from TT$4.50. The stock advanced 38 cents to close at a 52 weeks’ high of $5.05 with 6,000 shares changing hands.
The market seems to be sending a message about the offered price with 94,000 units on the bid at $5.05 with the lowest offer at $5.22 with only 1,000 units, suggesting the price could shoot past the offered price of $5.07.
Trading ended with 2 stocks closing at 52 weeks’ high as 13 securities changed hands compared to 14 on Monday. 3 stocks advanced, 4 declined and 6 were unchanged with 270,371 units valued at $2,062,449 compared to Monday’s 225,197 shares valued at $4,965,442.
Market activity resulted in the Composite Index advanced 2.21 points to 1,215.09, the All T & T Index rose 3.77 points to 1,837.30. The Cross Listed Index gained 0.08 points to 79.27.
IC bid-offer Indicator |The Investor’s Choice bid-offer ended with 5 stocks with bids higher than last selling prices and 4 with lower offers.
Gains| Republic Financial Holdings closed at $108.44, a 1 cent gain with 1,030 units trading, Sagicor Financial added 10 cents to close at a 52 weeks’ high of $8.01 with an exchange of 1,288 shares in addition to the gains in Trinidad Cement.
Losses| First Citizens Bank closed at $34.97, for a loss of 1 cent with 509 shares changing owners, Massy Holdings was down 1 cent, closing trading at $51.99 with 472units traded. Scotiabank lost 2 cents to $58.75 with 2,519 shares changing ownership and Trinidad & Tobago NGL closed at $20.49, falling 1 cent with 108 units trading.
Firm Trades| Clico Investments closed trading at $22.60 with 44,075 units changing hands, valued at $996,049, Grace Kennedy traded 518 shares and closed at $2.67, Guardian Holdings exchanged 8,873 units, closing at $13. JMMB Group was unchanged at 92 cents with an exchange of 18,072 shares, National Commercial Bank, with 173,407 shares traded, valued at $537,562, closed at $3.10 and Point Lisas closed at $3.75 with 13,500 shares changing ownership.

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