5 hot summer IPOs

Initial public offers have been extremely popular amongst investors who have made good money from the vast majority of them. Come this summer investors will get five more opportunities to invest in IPOS.
The last issue, Wigton Windfarm made several thousands investors happy, with the price rising as high as 90 percent over the IPO price of 50 cents. Even now that it is trading lower than the peak, investors are still more than 40 percent up on the initial price. Investors in the year’s first IPO, iCreate are not that lucky as the $1.01 they paid for the stock fell as low as 70 cents since and remains well below the IPO price.
Coming this summer are, The Lab that styles itself as a fully integrated 100 percent Jamaican born and bred advertising agency with global reach and an island swagger.

Kimala Bennett, Managing Director of The Lab.

Kimala Bennett is the company’s Managing Director. NCB Capital Markets are the brokers for The Lab, that could be looking at regional expansion. Clients include National Commercial Bank, JPS. Wendy’s Dominos, Supreme Ventures, Wray and Nephew, Grace Kennedy, Caribbean Broilers, Digicel. Persons in the know say this is one of those IPOs to plan for, as it is unique and profitable. NCB Capital Markets is also taking Eppley Property Fund, a company that owns property across the Caribbean, to market this summer as well as QWI Investments, a new company that invests in listed shares.
NCB Capital Markets is also brokers to Tropical Battery Company. The company expects to come to market in July, to raise around $200 million in an IPO our sources state. The company was founded in 1950 and later purchased by John Melville and remains in the  family, since. The company’s core business is the sale of automotive batteries, complemented by the distribution of several local and world renowned automotive consumer brands. Tropical Battery’s headquarters is located in Kingston, with distribution centres in Kingston and Montego Bay.
Another that will be coming to market is Sagicor Select Funds Limited an Exchange Traded Fund that is going to market in June to raise $5 billion. The fund according to Sagicor Investment CEO, Kevin Donaldson, will track the JSE Financial Index and will be rebalanced if needed, monthly. Donaldson indicates that the fund currently has assets of $1.2 billion already. Sagicor Investments could have 2 to 3 additional listings before the year ends.
When completed, the new listings on the Jamaica Stock Exchange will raise the listed ordinary shares to more than 80 and total listings to more than 100 securities.

NCB Financial could hit $190 soon

NCB Financial stock could hit $190

There are not many stocks to watch this week, as earnings season is almost over, with just a few more reports to be released.
Investors responded well to companies reporting good profit gains and in the case of NCB Financial, to the increased holdings in Guardian Group. The stock seems to have broken through resistance at the $150 level. The $165 region where the stock trades at now is also a resistance area but the strong buying last week at this price point, suggests it is poised to move higher with $190 being the next point of resistance.
Lasco Manufacturing posted strong full year results during the past week with an outstanding fourth quarter that led investors to pick up almost 1.4 million shares resulting in rise of 60 cents on Friday. Barita Investments is enjoying buying interest as the value of stock prices rise and the Jamaican dollar value remains lower than at the end of March, both will likely give a big boost to profit in the June quarter.
Eppley seems to have demand that should push the price higher during the week as the company is getting set to launch an IPO for the Eppley Property Fund. Medical Disposables’ full year’s

SOS expect to maximize profits from all business lines in 2019.

results just inched higher over 2018 but closer examination indicates that the results telegraphed a powerful message about profits to come. Expect demand to pick up in the future for this stock as the company continues to grow attractively.
Stationery and Office reported good first quarter results, weeks ago driving renewed interest in the stock. The demand left supply very short, suggesting it is only a matter of time before the price moves higher. Wigton Windfarm hit a low of 72 cents during the past week but closed at 79 cents on Friday and could move back into the 80 cents range in the coming week.
Investors should keep eyes on Jamaica Producers, Sagicor Group and Honey Bun.