Pulse top 2020 Jamaican stock with 243%

The Jamaica Stock Market has moved from the best performing in the world in 2018 to one of the worse performing in 2020. The fall from grace had to do far less with local factors but more so with global developments. Nevertheless, Main Market listed Pulse Investments came out on top in 2020 with gains of 243 percent, followed by former Junior Market listings, Epply in the second position with 227 percent and Key Insurance with 88 percent.
Even as the markets had their worse year since 2018, the past year ended with a number of stocks recording gains, up to 243 percent for top Main Market stocks and a much lower 36 percent for the best performing Junior Market stock. The Junior Market suffered badly, with ten stocks losing upwards of 39 percent out of a list of 33 stocks that declined for the year. The Junior Market was partially saved by two stocks, one that was listed in December 2019 and one listed in the last half of 2020. Mailpac was listed in December 2019 and rose 36 percent in 2020, followed by Tropical Battery by 28 percent as the two leading Junior Market winners. With tax losses as the only major asset of worth, Ciboney came in third and more than doubled with a rise of 118 percent. The Main Market had 32 stocks declining during the year, with losses going as high as 63 percent.
In 2020, both of the Jamaica Stock Exchange major markets were down, with the Junior Market just edging out the Main Market index with a lower decline of 21 percent versus 22.6 percent. Even though 2020 was not a great year, some investors made money by buying stocks at rock bottom prices when many investors were dumping earlier in the year.
The JSE Main Market fell 33 percent to a yearly low in March and the Junior Market by 37 percent. Since then, they have rebounded but not enough to take them out of the year’s negative territory.
Since bottoming in March, the Junior Market is up 30 percent and the Main Market 16.6 percent by the end of the year. There are strong signals pointing to an upward move for both markets as they transitioned from a consolidating phase when investors were assessing developments in the economy and the stock market to a more bullish state since the latter months of 2020.

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