4 for 1 stock split for Pulse Investment?

Investors in Pulse Investment can look forward to a stock split that is likely to see each existing stock split into four units when it becomes effective.The directors have not yet met to determine the exact amount of the split or the total number of shares that likely to be offered for sale later, but at Tuesday’s annual general meeting, the Chairman gave shareholders some sense as to what the outturn could be.
At the general meeting, shareholders approved a resolution “That the company be authorized to issue any or all of new shares pursuant to a Rights Issue or Stock Split or both, as the Directors may determine.” The company is not only planning to split the stock but is likely to come to the market for fresh capital to assist with its venture into residential development and investments into other companies. The meeting was told of the progress being made in the hospitality sector with occupancy said to range from 30 percent up to 100 percent at various times of the year. Rental of commercial space had very high occupancy rates. The modeling segment continues to add new talent with good demand coming from overseas for some of the models.

Kingsley Cooper Chairman of Pulse Investments.

The Chairman explained to shareholders that the sum of $377 million shown in the financial statement as income represents amounts covering production expenses relating to TV shows and advertising entitlement sold or used by the company. For the 2019 fiscal year, Pulse reported profit of $688 million up from $315 million in 2018. For the six months to December 2019, the company reported profit of $230 million for the quarter versus $102 million and $473 million for the six months compared with $229 million in 2018. Operating revenues were $163 million for the December quarter and $312 million for the half-year. Fair value gains on investment property contributing $145 million to profit in the second quarter and $291 million for the half-year. Earnings per share ended at 14 cents for the quarter and 29 cents for the six months. Pulse is trading at $11.30 on Wednesday morning on the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

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