Lots of gains left for IC 2020 TOP10 stocks

The TOP 10 report is back and based on earnings for the 2020/21 period as there are still substantial gains ahead for many stocks in the listing, accordingly, ICInsider.com will hold off from our weekly commentary for the 2021/22 listings posted earlier this week.
For the few days in 2021, the Junior Market has moved slightly higher than the 2020 close and is a few points away from April’s high point and March 5 last year as the bullish golden cross takes full hold on the market to launch a big rally.
The Main Market slipped a bit to end the first week of the new year with a modest loss, but technical indicator points to it heading towards the 460,000 points level on the All Jamaica Composite Index.
Investors should be on the lookout for new quarterly results starting this week with AMG Packaging, Caribbean Cream, Express Catering, Knutsford Express, Margaritaville and Paramount Trading should release results this week. Before the month ends, other results expected are from Caribbean Cement, QWI Investments, NCB Financial, Barita Investments and the Lasco companies.
The top three stocks in the Junior Market with the potential to gain between 199 to 364 percent by March 2021 are Caribbean Producers, followed by Elite Diagnostic and Lasco Financial. With expected gains of 123 to 219 percent, the top three Main Market stocks are Berger Paints, followed by Scotia Group and Grace Kennedy.

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