Junior market climbs to highest ever

Blue Power rose $1 to close at a new all-time high of $31.

The junior market, pushed to close above the 2,600 points on Thursday for the first time, moved even higher at the close on Friday as advancing stocks out did declining ones, three to one. The market index rose just 5.51 points to end at a record 2,624.32, on lower volume than on Thursday.
At the close, a large number of securities, 13, ended with bids higher than their last selling prices and none ending with lower offers. Some of the securities with bids higher than their last selling prices have no offer and may not trade. At the close, the securities closing with large gaps between bids and last sale prices, include Access Financial with the $24.01 versus the last sale of $22, with no stocks on offer. Cargo Handlers had a bid at $19.11 with the last trade at $18.60 and an offer at $19.70 and Eppley that ended with a bid of $8.01, compared to a last sale of $4.90.
The prices of 9 stocks rose, 3 declined with 13 securities trading, compared to 16 trading on Thursday. Volume of stocks traded fell 37 percent, from Thursday’s low level, ending with just 491.934 units changing hands, valued at $2,672,851, down by 32 percent from $3,954,032 on Thursday.
An average of 37,841 units with an average value of $205,604 traded, compared to 49,187 units with an average value of $247,127 on the preceding trading day. The average for the month to date is, 70,258 units with an average value of $$341,603 versus 81,063 units with an average value of $386,936 on Thursday. The average for December is 131,147 units, at an average of $672,488.
At the close of trading, Blue Power jumped $1 and closed at a 52 weeks’ high of $31 with 10,979 units traded, Caribbean Cream jumped $1.15 with 21,100 units being exchanged to end at $8.55. Caribbean Flavours lost 80 cents while trading 2,900 shares to close at $11.20, Caribbean Producers gained 50 cents in trading 2,000 units at $3.75. Derrimon Trading gained 5 cents to close at a 52 weeks’ high of $5.80 with 10,000 shares changing hands, General Accident rose 1 cent and closed trading with 3,200 units at $3, Jamaican Teas ended at $4.25 with 54,784 shares being exchanged. Jetcon Corporation gained 6 cents, to close at a new all-time high of $6.07, with 141,959 shares being exchanged by investors, KLE Group climbed 30 cents and closed with 76,000 shares trading at $2.20, Knutsford Express traded just 200 shares and gained 50 cents in closing at $23. Lasco Distributors ended with 21,000 units trading with a loss of 9 cents to close at $7.01, Lasco Financial rose 15 cents and closed with 50,362 shares changing hands, at $3.65 and Lasco Manufacturing fell 20 cents to end at $4.80, with 97,450 units trading.

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