Kremi & Lasco Financial in TOP 5

Investors’ activity in the junior market resulted in changes to the IC Insider’s TOP 5 list from that for December 9. AMG Packaging with gains of 38 percent and Blue Power with gains of 46 percent dropped off the list.
Caribbean Cream and Lasco Financial entered the top listing with potential gains based on fiscal year 2015/16 of 81 and 71 percent respectively.
Derrimon Trading fell back during the period to $3.55 to re-enter the list but has since shot up to $5.50 to be sitting well below the TOP 5 with gains of 77 percent since it entered the top 5 initially. Announcement that the company deposited money to acquire a large block of the shares in Caribbean Flavours spurred the move in the stock price.
In the IC Insider’s TOP 5, the candidates remain unchanged for the main market, with investors’ interest being focussed on other stocks in the main market.
The list comprises potential gains based on current estimated earnings which are likely to drive stock prices before the 2017 earnings start to have a full effect.
The 2017 list based on IC Insider’s earnings forecast is likely to vary quite a bit from those on the current list.

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