Jetcon & CWJ set for 2017 top spots

C&W set to be 2017 top stock from the main market.

By the end of 2017, the two top stocks on the Jamaica Stock Exchange is forecasted by IC Insider to be the 2016 listed Jetcon Corporation and previously battered Cable and Wireless that should be reporting good profits for the year.
In the just concluded week, Caribbean Cream (Kremi) and Lasco Financial that entered the IC Insider’s TOP 5 at the end of December, only spent one week in the list. Both stocks climbed during the past week with Lasco Financial moving up 18 percent to $3.67 and Caribbean Cream gained 14 percent to $8.55. Key Insurance rose 14 percent during the week and General Accident was up 7 percent.
Entering the TOP 5 for the first time, is Dolphin Cove, and returning is Jetcon Corporation at 4th and 5th spot, respectively. Investors have lost confidence in Dolphin Cove even as the company continues to produce decent results and having good prospects, with the major expansion in the tourism industry. Profit to September last year, was up 11 percent to $1.17 per share, exceeding the results for the entire 2015.
Jetcon reported in their September quarterly

Dolphin Cove moved into the IC Insider’s TOP 5 junior market stocks.

report that they “had another quarter of strong results with revenues climbing 86 percent over the September 2015 quarter, to $267 million and climbed 61 percent to $610 million for the nine months. Profit grew 275 percent to $35 million from $9 million in the September quarter, compared with the similar period in 2015 and is up 141 percent for the nine months period over the same period in 2015.” Profit for the nine months ended at $67 million and had exceeded the $40 million after tax, earned for the full year of 2015. In mid-September the company also reported that “subsequent to the Quarter, revenues continue be ahead of the same period for 2015 by approximately 70 percent,” suggesting that the final quarter should continue to reflect the robust performance seen in the earlier months. Jetcon is poised to be IC Insider’s top junior market stock for 2017, followed by ISP Finance, based on IC Insider’s forecast.
There were not much movement in the main market stocks during the week. Radio Jamaica moved out of the TOP 5, having gained in price during the week and is replaced by National Commercial Bank, at the number 5 position. The banking group is still selling cheaper than Scotia Group with earnings for the 2017 year to be released by the end of January. IC Insider is forecasting $8 per share earnings for 2017 with increased dividend payments around $3 per share, suggesting the stock has much room for growth. The number 1 main market stock is projected to be Cable & Wireless followed by Barita Investments. Last year this publication stated that Barita was the best main market stock back in September, it is now up by 93 percent since but has much more gains ahead with projected earnings of $1.75 for 2017.

Note: One of our writers is a director of two junior companies, Jetcon Corporation and Jamaican Teas. Connected parties to IC may hold shares in companies commented on from time to time.

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