JSE Main Market edged up on trading gains

Trading gained strength on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Main Market  on Friday with the volume of stocks traded rising 48 percent with a 188 percent rise in value compared to Thursday, after 60 securities changed hands compared to 55 on Thursday, with 23 rising, 20 declining and 17 ending unchanged.
A total of 8,306,314 shares were traded for $100,793,237 compared to 5,605,407 units at $34,963,663 on Thursday.
Trading averaged 138,439 shares at $1,679,857 compared with 101,916 units at $635,703 on Thursday and month to date, an average of 135,871 units at $1,223,350 compared with 134,495 units at $978,777 on the previous day. January closed with an average of 205,236 units at $1,805,558.
Wigton Windfarm led trading with 4.53 million shares for 54.5 percent of total volume followed by Massy Holdings with 699,277 units for 8.4 percent of the day’s trade and Sagicor Select Financial Fund with 435,064 units for 5.2 percent market share.
The All Jamaican Composite Index advanced 394.82 points to 381,036.58, the JSE Main Index rallied 796.94 points to 337,795.57 and the JSE Financial Index popped 0.13 points to close at 80.69.
The PE Ratio, a formula to ascertain appropriate stock values, averages 14.7 for the Main Market. The JSE Main and USD Market PE ratios incorporate earnings forecasted by ICInsider.com for companies with financial year ends between November 2022 and August 2023.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows four stocks ending with bids higher than their last selling prices and 10 with lower offers.
At the close, Caribbean Producers lost 45 cents in closing at $11.53 with an exchange of 12,342 shares, Eppley advanced $2.49 to $39.99 after trading 30 units, Guardian Holdings rallied $10 to close at $535 after exchanging one stock unit. Jamaica Broilers popped $1 to $30 with a transfer of 179,133 stocks, JMMB Group fell 48 cents to $34.47 with the swapping of 18,477 units, Kingston Properties gained 41 cents to close at $7.40 in switching ownership of 9,606 shares. Kingston Wharves advanced $1 to $35 with one stock unit changing hands, Margaritaville rose 95 cents to $22.95 with an exchange of one stock unit, Massy Holdings climbed $1.39 to close at $80 after 699,277 stock units crossed the market. Mayberry Investments rose 76 cents to $8.77 after a transfer of 101 units, Mayberry Jamaican Equities advanced $1.81 to close at $12.91 in an exchange of 1,055 shares, MPC Caribbean Clean Energy climbed $5.69 to $98 after trading one stock. NCB Financial declined $3 to a 52 weeks’ low of $77 after 122,024 units passed through the market, following the release of first quarter results to December with lower profit before other comprehensive income. 138 Student Living shed 44 cents in ending at $5.56 after 2,450 shares were traded, Palace Amusement climbed $201.99 in closing at $2,399.99 after switching ownership of 375 stocks. Sagicor Group rallied $2 to settle at $51 with the swapping of 25,843 stock units, Scotia Group lost 40 cents to finish at $34.50 as investors exchanged 353,714 units, Seprod dipped $1 to end at $65 in transferring 3,550 shares and Supreme Ventures shed 50 cents to close at $25 after 117,645 stock units cleared the market.
In the preference segmentProductive Business 10.50% preference share popped $150 after ending at a 52 weeks’ high of $1,250 with 30 stocks changing hands, Jamaica Public Service 7% gained 50 cents in closing at a record high of $6 in exchanging 128 shares and 138 Student Living preference share rose $1.50 to $75.50 with investors transferring 516 units.
Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

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