Big loss for Junior Market to end October

The Jamaica Stock Exchange Junior Market suffered a sharp decline in trading Monday with the Index dropping 98.29 points to end at 4,051.71 after falling nearly 120 points shortly before trading closed, and fell 177.83 points for October, with investors clearing all Access Financial shares up to $26.50 just before the market closed. 
The volume of stocks traded surged 317 percent, with the value up 369 percent over Friday, following trading in 43 securities up from 38 on Friday and ended with 17 rising, 20 declining and six unchanged.
A total of 25,484,902 shares were exchanged for $87,225,378 up from 6,115,628 units at $18,600,896 on Friday.
Trading averaged 592,672 shares at $2,028,497 compared to 160,938 units at $489,497 on Friday with the month to date averaging 264,407 units at $832,036 compared with 246,806 stock units at $767,886 on the previous trading day. September closed with an average of 470,099 units at $1,578,447.
Dolla Financial led trading with 9.33 million shares for 36.6 percent of total volume, followed by Fosrich with 6.06 million units for 23.8 percent of the day’s trade, Derrimon Trading with 1.94 million units for 7.6 percent of share trading, JFP Ltd with 1.68 million units for 6.6 percent of the total market trade and MFS Capital Partners with 1.27 million units for 5 percent market share.
The PE Ratio, a measure of computing appropriate stock values, averages 12.7. The PE ratios of Junior Market stocks incorporate projected earnings for companies with financial year end that falls between November this year and August 2023.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows nine stocks ended with bids higher than their last selling prices and one with a lower offer.
At the close, Access Financial gained $2 in closing at $26.50 after 113,097 shares passed through the market, Blue Power fell 30 cents to $3.10 as investors exchanged 2,501 stock units, Cargo Handlers shed 20 cents to close at $13.30 with a transfer of 6,389 units. Caribbean Cream popped 14 cents to $4 with an exchange of 1,744 stocks, Caribbean Flavours dropped 12 cents to end at $1.62 after a transfer of 39,730 shares, Consolidated Bakeries dipped 18 cents in closing at $2.51, with 71,819 units clearing the market. Dolla Financial declined 19 cents to close at $3.20 after trading 9,333,710 stocks, Fosrich lost 16 cents in ending at $4.50 with the swapping of 6,063,236 stock units, Future Energy Source advanced 22 cents to $5.38 while exchanging 547,923 units. Honey Bun dipped 84 cents to end at $6.56 in an exchange of 17,321 stock units, Indies Pharma increased 21 cents to $3.14, with 150,512 stocks crossing the exchange, Knutsford Express rallied 60 cents in closing at $9.70 but the price hit an intraday high of $9.80 in trading 11,196 shares. Lasco Manufacturing dropped 44 cents to end at $3.81 after it hit a 52 weeks’ intraday low of $3.75 with investors transferring 35,850 stocks, Limners and Bards climbed 35 cents to $2.70 after an exchange of 32,992 stock units, Medical Disposables declined 28 cents to close at $5.69, with 31,573 units crossing the market. Spur Tree Spices rose 25 cents to end at $3.77 and closed with an exchange of 520,027 shares, Stationery and Office Supplies rallied $1.24 to $16.99 after an exchange of 67,561 stock units, Tropical Battery increased 12 cents to $2.75, with 513,109 units changing hands and tTech shed 59 cents in closing at $2.70 in exchanging 1,300 shares.
Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

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