Big fall for Junior Market

Newly listed Image Plus Consultants closed below the IPO price of $2 in trading on Tuesday with 6.23 million shares as the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange closed sharply lower with the volume of stocks traded rising 4 percent and the value moderately lower than Monday, after 48 securities were exchanged compared with 49 on Monday and ended with prices of just 10 rising, 29 declining and nine closing unchanged.
A total of 16,319,167 shares were exchanged for $40,158,085 compared with 15,746,039 units at $40,681,154 on Monday.
Trading averaged 339,983 shares at $836,627 compared to 321,348 units at $830,228 on Monday. Trading month to date averages 222,672 units at $567,113 compared with 214,342 stock units at $547,976 on Monday, the previous day. December closed with an average of 333,420 units at $925,533.
Image Plus Consultants led trading with 6.23 million shares for 38.2 percent of total volume followed by Dolla Financial with 1.97 million units for 12.1 percent of the day’s trade, Spur Tree Spices chipped in with 1.44 million units for 8.8 percent of stocks traded and Fosrich with 1.16 million units for 7.1 percent market share.
At the close, the Junior Market Index shed 64.19 points to settle at 3,904.77.
The PE Ratio, a measure of computing appropriate stock values, averages 12.6. The PE ratios of Junior Market stocks incorporate projected earnings for the financial year ending that fall between November 2022 and August 2023.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows six stocks ending with bids higher than their last selling prices and none with a lower offer.
At the close, Access Financial advanced $3.44 to $25.55 after the trading of 6,480 shares, Blue Power dipped 16 cents to close at $2.70 with 11,243 stocks crossing the exchange, CAC 2000 fell $1.27 to $7.21 in transferring 859 stock units. Caribbean Assurance Brokers lost 21 cents to close at $1.92 with investors switching ownership of 146,880 units, Caribbean Cream shed 42 cents in closing at $3.38 after an exchange of 887 stocks, Consolidated Bakeries lost 30 cents to end at $1.85 with the swapping of 5,977 stock units. Dolphin Cove gained 32 cents to close at $14 with 77,593 units changing hands, Express Catering dipped 40 cents to close at $5 with the swapping of 22,919 shares, Fontana fell 50 cents in closing at $8.50 in an exchange of 88,390 stock units. Fosrich lost 15 cents in ending at $3.39 trading 1,163,398 shares, General Accident rose 37 cents to end at $5.08 after a transfer of 23,988 units, GWest Corporation lost 9 cents to finish at $1 with an exchange of 18,833 stocks. Image Plus Consultants dipped 10 cents to an all time low of $1.90 in switching ownership of 6,233,417 shares, Indies Pharma shed 19 cents in closing at $2.76 with 6,218 stocks changing hands, Iron Rock Insurance fell 23 cents to $2.17 after 381 units crossed the market. ISP Finance declined $1 to close at $27 with investors transferring 33 stock units, JFP Ltd gained 17 cents in ending at $1.79 with an exchange of 474,334 stocks, Knutsford Express declined 49 cents in closing at $12 after 9,100 units cleared the market. Lasco Financial dropped 31 cents to end at $2.53 as investors exchanged 86,710 stock units, Limners and Bards dipped 17 cents to $2.40 in trading 5,620 shares, Lumber Depot lost 16 cents after ending at $2.30 in switching ownership of 70,202 units. Main Event rallied 10 cents to $9.20 with a transfer of 24,720 stocks, Paramount Trading shed 18 cents in closing at $2.15 in an exchange of 2,156 shares, Stationery and Office Supplies dropped 74 cents to end at $14.25 while trading 17,420 stock units and tTech fell 35 cents to close at $2.50 with investors transferring 4,262 shares.
Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

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