Sales jump sharply at Main Event

Main Event backed with IC BUY RATED status

Growth in revenues while not an exact proxy for increased profits, is often a very good indicator of greater gains ahead. That may be exactly what is happening at the Junior market listed Main Event.
The results for the nine months to July show strong sales growth but flat profits. Revenues for the July quarter surged nearly 26 percent to $364 million, but profit fell 7 percent to $24.5 million from $26.3 million in 2017. For the nine months to July, profit was up just 4 percent to $105.5 million that flowed from a 13 percent rise in revenues to $1.07 billion, compared to net income of $101 million in 2017.
The company incurred increased cost as it seeks to expand its service offerings. The results to date suggest that the full year earnings will not vary much from the 2017 full year results of 37 cents. But 2019 could be a blow out year for them, if revenue growth seen so far for this year, continues into 2019.
Profit margin in the first half of the year, was held to the same level as in 2017, at 48 percent and declined in the July quarter to 45 percent from 49 percent in the 2017, the impact, operating profit rose just 15 percent in the quarter to $164 million from $143 million but fell to 14 percent for the year to date, to $512 million from $447 million in 2017.
Administrative expenses rose 20 percent to $111 million in the quarter and increased 15 percent in the nine months period to $311 million. Marketing and sales expenses increased by 44 percent to $15 million for the nine months. Depreciation rose 49 percent to $24 million in the quarter and increased 29 percent in the nine months to $69 million, an indication of increased capital spend to accommodate expansion and increased income. Finance cost was flat in the quarter, at $5.2 million and rose just 5 percent to $13.6 million for the nine months.
Earnings per share came out at 9 cents for the quarter and 37 cents for the nine months and should end the fiscal year around 40 cents. For 2019 earnings should be in the order of a string increase to 75 cents.
“Performance has been negatively impacted by write downs on trade receivables to align to reporting standard, IFRS 9, continued start up expenditure for new service offerings and cost with higher head counts and incentive compensation,” the Chairman Ian Blair and Chief Executive Officer reported to shareholders in their commentary accompanying the quarterly.
Gross cash flow brought in $175 million but growth in receivables, inventories, addition to fixed assets of $160 million, offset by net loan inflows and increased payables resulted in net cash flow ended at a negative $63 million and leaving $29 million in cash at the end of July. Shareholders’ equity stood at $551 million with borrowings at just $185 million, including amounts due to related parties. Net current assets ended the period at $141 million, inclusive of trade and other receivables of $304 million, cash and bank balances of $29 million. Current liabilities amounted to $209 million inclusive of short term borrowings.
The stock traded at $5.50 on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange with a relatively low PE ratio of 7.3 times 2018 earnings and is elevated to BUY RATED status.