Knutsford Express trades 10M shares drops $3

Knutsford Express traded just over 10 million shares on Tuesday.

Trading on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange on Tuesday had a big jump in the volume and value of shares as Knutsford Express exchanged 10 million shares and dropping $3 in pushing total for the market to 11,208,712 units valued at $124,643,001.
The market closed with 18 securities changing hands, compared to on Monday also with 18 securities trading leading to 1,064,473 units valued at $4,105,299 securities changing hands.
The Junior Market Index declined by 26.14 points to close at 2,900.39 with the prices of 7 securities rising, 8 declining and 3 remaining unchanged.
Trading resulted in an average of 622,706 units for an average of $6,924,611 trading, in contrast to 59,137 units for an average of $228,072 on Monday. An average of 197,679 units at an average value of $1,737,294 traded, and previously 152,676 units at an average value of $1,188,048. In contrast, January closed with an average of 122,386 shares, valued at $489,704 for each security traded.
IC bid-offer Indicator|At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows 7 stocks ending with the bid higher than the last selling price and 6 with lower offers.
At the close of the market, Access Financial closed at $45.01, with 2,000 shares, AMG Packaging climbed 45 cents and closed at $2.50, with 875,948 stock units trading, Cargo Handlers settled 40 cents higher at $10.90, with 700 shares, Caribbean Cream ended trading with a loss of 50 cents at $5.20, with 1,500 shares, Caribbean Producers finished trading with a loss of 3 cents at $4.47, with 8,000 units. Dolphin Cove finished 50 cents higher at $17, with 25,000 stock units, Express Catering ended trading with a loss of 8 cents at $4.60, with 5,085 shares, FosRich Group traded 25 cents higher at $2.55, with 11,023 shares, General Accident finished trading with a loss of 7 cents at $2.80, with 2,000 shares. Knutsford Express closed with a loss of $3 at $12, with 10,074,564 shares, Lasco Distributors ended at $4.50, with 4,610 shares, Lasco Financial concluded trading with a loss of 10 cents at $5.10, with 102,601 stock units, Lasco Manufacturing finished 33 cents higher at $4.50, with 18,431 units. Main Event settled 39 cents higher at $6.10, with 23,985 shares, Paramount Trading traded at $3.10, with 20,000 shares, Stationery and Office finished trading with a loss of 31 cents at $4.50, with 4,000 stock units and tTech ended at $6, with 28,965 shares. In the junior market preference segment, Eppley 9.5% concluded trading with a loss of 9 cents at $7.80, with a mere 300 units changing hands.
Prices of securities trading for the day are those at which the last trade took place.

8 junior bids more than last sale

UpIncreasegraph Activity on the Junior Market closed with 7 securities traded, ending with 123,044 units changing hands valued at a mere $321,011. The JSE Junior Market Index gained 2 points to close at 707.57, with the price of 2 stocks advancing and 2 declining.
At the close of the market, there were 8 stocks with bids higher than their last selling prices and 2 stocks with offers that were lower, a strong indicator of rising prices ahead. The junior market ended with 6 securities closing with no bids to buy and 8 securities that had no stocks being offered for sale.
Stocks trading in the junior market are, Access Financial finishing trading with 10,310 units as the price gained 29 cents to $10, JM 27-3-15Lasco Financial with 49,804 shares changing hands, 2 cents higher to $1.07, Consolidated Bakeries concluding trading with 2,000 shares changing hands at 82 cents, Eppley 9.5% preference shares trading 11,694 units at $6. General Accident finishing trading with 22,470 shares at $1.67, AMG Packaging closing with 12,260 units trading lower by 24 cents at $2.25, and Honey Bun dealing in 14,506 units with a loss of 4 cents to $1.91.
Derrimon Trading 11.75% preference share, was listed on Friday but there were no trades, nor interest to buy or sell during the day.