Chlorine to boost Paramount’s margin

Paramount Trading is expanding its operations by offering chlorine and bleach products for contract manufacturing and through a joint venture with Allegheny Petroleum into lubricants.
“The Company recently completed construction of the infrastructure required for a new chlorine and bleach plant at its 6 East Bell Road, Kingston, which will be outfitted with state of the art equipment and advanced technology. The Company plans to commence operation of the plant in February 2018,” the release from the company states.
The Company also advises that it entered into an Asset Sale Agreement to acquire the bleach plant equipment and other assets from Seprod, for its new chlorine and bleach operations. This acquisition is in line with the Company’s goals to continuously strengthen its presence as a manufacturer in the chemicals market, and will complement the Company’s existing offerings. Paramount, Chief executive Hugh Graham said is the largest importer of chlorine into the island and that is also exports the product to the Eastern Caribbean.
Currently chlorine is imported in 150 pound containers, with the new facility chlorine will be imported in 2 tons containers which will be used to fill smaller 150 pounds containers, the by-product flowing from the process is bleach, Hugh Graham advised IC The net effect will be improved margins and lower cost. The deal with Seprod will come into effect in February after Seprod exhausts their inventories. This will mean lower cost for Seprod as Paramount packages bleach for Seprod.
The new operation is expected to boost profit at Paramount Trading that enjoyed a 126 percent turn-around in profit for the first quarter to August this year to $34 million from a 31 percent increase in revenues to $331 million. “Yes Alpart was one of our customers in the past when the plant was operating and they have returned now that they have reopened and was a major part of the jump in sales” in the recently concluded quarter, Graham confirmed.
The construction of the blending plant and laboratory, in conjunction with Alllegheny Petroleum is will be completed within a few weeks and is expected to be up and running in early 2018 Graham advised.
Based on discussions we are having the US$5 million that Graham advised was likely two years ago is likely be higher he indicated.
The stock jumped on Monday to $3.59 on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

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