Seprod jumps $7 to $46 – Tuesday

Seprod jumped $7.01 to close at $46.

Seprod an IC Stock to Watch, for the week, jumped a sharp $7.01 to close at $46 after hitting $47 during the trading session, in trading 69,936 shares, in response to the company reporting a big jump in profit for 2018.
Profit after tax moved from $735 million in 2017 to $1.276 billion from an increase in revenues of 48 percent to $24.4 billion with profit rising over 2,000 percent to $304 million in the December quarter, from a doubling in revenues.
Trading on the main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange ended as JSE All Jamaican Composite Index increased by 3,739.64 points to 421,424.01 and the JSE Index advanced 3,398.24 points to 383,952.65.
At the close market activity, the main and US markets traded 38 securities, compared to 34 securities trading on Monday, with 15 advanced, 13 declined and 10 traded with prices unchanged.
Main market activity ended with, 15,805,801 units valued at $87,341,139 compared to 4,631,898 units valued $132,673,939 changing hands, on Monday.
An average of 451,594 units valued at an average of $2,495,461 for each security traded. In contrast to 149,416 units for an average of $4,279,804 on Monday. The average volume and value for the month to date, amounts to 325,058 shares with a value of $13,668,348 and previously, 313,874 shares with a value of $14,739,721. Trading for January resulted in an average of 101,980 units, valued at $3,042,494, for each security traded.
JMMB Group 7.25% preference share led trading with 11,919,446 shares for 75.4 percent of the day’s volume, Pulse Investments was next with 901,239 shares, accounting for 5.7 percent of the total main market volume changing hands and Ciboney ended with 607,166 shares, for 3.8 percent of the day’s volume.
IC bid-offer Indicator|The Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator ended with the reading showing 4 stocks ending with bids higher than their last selling prices and 3 stocks closed with lower offers.
In main market activity, Barita Investments declined by $1.49 trading 99,034 shares, to close at $48.01, Berger Paints fell 50 cents to end at $19.50, with an exchange of 4,506 stock units, Caribbean Cement exchanged 24,981 shares but fell 49 cents, to end at $43.01, Grace Kennedy traded 20,001 stock units with a fall of $1.99 to end at $59. Jamaica Stock Exchange rose 35 cents to close at $17.50, with 134,109 shares trading. JMMB Group lost 25 cents trading of 82,352 shares at $31.75, Kingston Wharves jumped $1.90 to close at $77, with 1,112 units changing hands, Pulse Investments lost 25 cents to close at $2.90, with an exchange of 901,239 shares. Radio Jamaica rose 24 cents and settled at $1.24, with 366,704 shares, Sagicor Group climbed $1.50 and ended trading of 48,877 stock units at $40, Salada Foods jumped 57 cents trading 8,199 shares at $35, Stanley Motta rose 80 cents to end at $5, with an exchange of 5,850 shares. Sygnus Credit Investments gained 70 cents to end at $13 with an exchange of 24,206 shares and another Stock to Watch, Wisynco Group  gained 80 cents and ended trading of 194,598 shares at $11.80.
Trading in the US dollar market resulted in 83,275 units valued at US$14,233 units changing hands.  Proven Investments gained 1 cent in trading 54,975 units, with the price closing at 22 US cents, Sterling Investments traded 10,000 units at 0.0385 US cents and Sygnus Credit Investments ended with 18,300 units trading unchanged at 9 US cents. The JSE USD Equities Index advanced by 3.01 points to close at 174.10.

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