Fontana & Wisynco watch alerts

A close look at the main market shows clear bullish signs, with the market breaking out from a wedge formation and is being steered upwards by a long term upward sloping support line, that goes back to early 2016.
Unlike the rally in December that was dominated by NCB Financial, this rally is more broad based. Over the past two weeks, several company released results and seem to be stirring investors’ interest in a number of the companies.
Fontana and Wisynco were highlighted last week, as compelling stocks to watch. Demand for the two stocks drove prices higher on strong demand and increasing traded volumes, during the past week.
These two stocks remain on the watch list and IC expects to see continued demand for them. Importantly, the supply of Wisynco’s shares is drastically reduced, since the release of the December quarterly.  There are further reports that apart from a likely big new distribution contract that being discussed the company will be distributing sugar for a factory in the western end of the island.

Radio Jamaica

Buy Rated Radio Jamaica was struggling below the 90 cents mark for a very long time, came to life during the week with the company reporting strong gains in profit in the December quarter of $168 million versus $79 million in the similar period in 2017. The stock traded several million units below 95 cents but hit $1.20 on Friday as supply below dried up. The stock may find it difficult the move higher during the coming week but is worth watching to see where it trades during the week.
A block of nearly 61 million AMG Packaging shares traded during the week and stopped the price from moving higher. Buying interest remains as many investors see prospects of continued profit and stock price.
Elite Diagnostic closed the past week at $3.10 as results released showed a big improvement over the first quarter to September of $5 million versus $1.6 million on a pretax basis. The reported profit was not good enough to excite investors looking for immediate stock price gains.  The price may well remain anchored around current levels for a while. The quarter over quarter growth in revenues points to higher revenues in the March quarter. There now appears to be a gap developing between the bids at $3.10 and sellers at $3.40. Watch to see how this develops. PanJam Investment traded as high as $82 on Friday with limited supply of the stock offered for sale. This one seems poised to move higher as just limited supply of the stocks is on offer for sale.
Demand for Fontana shares ate away at supply of the stock during the week but seems to have the $4 mark to take out before moving higher.

Section of Fontana Waterloo road branch now under construction.

The stock is still undervalued, even as it has doubled the IPO price. Investors ought to be focusing on the expansion plans and what that will do to profit in fiscal 2020.
General Accident 2018 results came out in the region of 29 cents per share but with $129 million less investments income and a big bump up in Management fee expense of 40 percent to $803 million. Importantly, net premium income rose a strong 28 percent for the full year. Selling pressure may be easing up with buying picking up.
ISP Finance reported flat profit for the year to December but revenues rose 18 percent in the last quarter over that of 2017 driving profit in the quarter 30 percent to $25 million. The results was strong enough to drive the bid above the last traded price and push selling of the stock on to the sideline. The growth in the final quarter of 2018 points to improving fortunes for the company and so could ignite demand for the stock at a higher price than the closing bid of $13.
Jamaica Stock Exchange shares hit a new high of $17.95, during the past week, with increasing interest shown in the stock. Exposed supply is currently not high, with expected continued buoyancy in the market and a big increase in new listings this year, investors seem more aggressive to buy into what should be another year of increased profit for the company. Seprod’s price moved up to $39 with increased demand for the shares continuing against the background of declining supply. The price seems poised to move even higher in the coming weeks as the stock remains attractively priced and in limited supply.

Some of Seprod”s products.

Lasco Financial came out with powerful December quarter profit that rose 95 percent to $107 million after tax but a still respectable 67 percent before tax. Nine months profit rose by a much slower 21 percent from $222 million to $268 million after tax but a slightly heathier 23 percent before tax. The December quarter has sufficient information that investors can use to determine what future prospects are for profit and that could help lift demand for the stock.
NCB Financial remains on the Watch List with strong gains in operating profit for the December quarter, but the stock is finding it hard to break through resistance at the $150 level and may need something out of the ordinary if the price is to move decidedly higher before the summer months.

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