NIR shoots up in July

US$ bungleNet International Reserves of Jamaica shot up by US$124 million in July, to end at US$2.39 billion. The build-up has taken place over the period when bankers purchased US$100 million more than they sold, with the amount climbing to US$116 million up to the first week in August and US$124 million including Monday’s intake.
The reserves are just slightly below the amount of US$2.42 billion it was at the end of March at the 2016 peak, just before the central bank had to intervene by selling to the market with the reserves declining to a low of US$2.265 billion in June, just above the US$2.2 billion at the end of January.
With August being another month when inflows of foreign currency is high, the prospects are good for further build-up of funds in the system, before the end of the month and could place the country’s central bank in full control of the foreign exchange market in the months ahead before the next period of higher inflows starts in mid-December.

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