JSE Main Market down again – Tuesday

At the close, the JSE All Jamaican Composite Index dropped 3,090.89 points to close at 527,231.19, the JSE Market Index fell 2,798.09 points to 480,098.25 and the JSE Financial Index lost 0.13 points to 130.62.

Pulse closed at a new high after hitting a record $10.59 during the day.

The market closed, with 41 securities changing hands in the Main and US dollar markets with the prices of 15 advancing, 20 declining and 6 trading firm. At the end of trading, Pulse Investments ended at a 52 weeks’ closing high while Kingston Properties closed at a 52 weeks’ low of $4.87 and Sagicor Real Estate Fund traded at a 52 weeks’ intraday low of $7.50.
The JSE Main Market activity ended with 38 securities accounting for 27.628,819 units valued at $81,726,949 in contrast to 25,245,816 units valued at $126,226,094 from 39 securities on Monday.
Wigton Windfarm dominated trading with 11.1 million shares for 40 percent of total volume, followed by Sagicor Select Financial Fund with 8 million units for 29 percent of the day’s trade and Sagicor Select Manufacturing and Distribution with 4.7 million shares for 17 percent of the market’s volume. QWI Investments was the only other stock trading more than one million units, ending the day with 1.8 million units.
The Market closed with an average of 727,074 units at $2,150,709 for each security traded, in contrast to 647,329 units valued at an average of $3,236,567 on Monday. The average volume and value for the month to date amount to 615,914 units valued at $2,734,748 for each security changing hands compared to 600,720 units valued at $2,828,391 for each security traded. Trading in January resulted in an average of 626,134 units valued at $3,511,981 for each security.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows twelve stocks ending with bids higher than their last selling prices and four closing with lower offers. The PE ratio of the market ended at 19.1, while the Main Market ended at 18.2 times 2019 earnings.
In the prime market, Barita Investments gained 51 cents to settle at $68.51, with an exchange of 22,520 shares, Caribbean Cement closed at $67.80, after losing $1.20 trading 14,681 shares, Grace Kennedy shed $2.20 to end at $67 in transferring 74,051 shares, Jamaica Producers closed 50 cents lower to $24.50, with 7,434 shares changing hands. Jamaica Stock Exchange dropped $1.90 to $29.10, in swapping 58,730 shares, JMMB Group ended at $43.10, with a loss of 90 cents after trading 133,263 units, Kingston Wharves gained $1.50 to settle at $60, with 1,965 units crossing the exchange. NCB Financial Group declined to $182.01, after losing $2.98, with 74,687 shares changing hands, 138 Student Living lost 59 cents to end at $4.40, trading 300 units, PanJam Investment closed at $98.50, after falling $2.45 and trading 6,213 stock units, Proven Investments lost $2 in closing at $46, after the swapping of just 1,064 shares. Pulse Investments added $1.50 to settle at a record high of $10 after the transfer of 202,971 shares, with the price hitting an intraday high of $10.59. Sagicor Real Estate Fund lost 30 cents to end at $8.70, with 32,919 units changing hands after trading at a 52 weeks’ intraday low of $7.50, Salada Foods climbed $2 to $32, with 90,090 shares traded and Seprod ended with an exchange of 15,557 shares at $45.75, after gaining 50 cents.
Trading in the US dollar market ended with 216,590 units valued at over US$69,187. The market index jumped 12.41 points to close at 228.93. JMMB Group 5.75% preference share traded 5,000 units at US$2, Proven Investments gained 2 cents to end at 31 US cents, after exchanging 172,225 units and Sygnus Credit Investments lost 1.6 cents to end at 15.4 US cents after transferring 39,365 units.

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