Jamaican$ value rises against US dollar – Monday

The selling rate of US dollar fell against the Jamaican dollar by 5 cents on Monday, with the rate dealers bought the US dollar costing 11 cents less than the closing rate on Friday.
On Monday, Inflows of all currencies, totaled US$49.63 million, versus US$41.47 million on Friday with the selling of US$53.75 million in contrast to US$37.21 million previously traded.
In US dollar trading, dealers sold US$50.2 million at an average of J$128.76, at the close, compared to US$36.10 million at an average of J$128.81 on Friday. Purchases of the US currency by dealers, amounted to US$46.11 million at an average of $127.14 at the close, compared US$39.08 million at an average of $127.45.
At mid-day on Monday dealers purchased US$26.57 million at an average rate of J$127.84 and sold US$17.58 million at an average of J$128.65. At mid-day on Friday dealers purchased US$9.99 million at an average rate of J$127.73 and sold US$15.10 million at an average of J$128.78.
The selling rate on Monday, for the Canadian dollar rose to J$100.55 from J$98.16 at the close on Friday, the selling rate for the British Pound slipped to J$176.24 from J$176.66 previously and the euro jumped against the Jamaican dollar at J$158.23 to buy the European common currency, versus the prior selling rate of J$159.18.

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