Jamaican$ slips on increased inflows – Tuesday

The rate the public bought the US dollar at, rose on Tuesday to JS$131.18 from J$131.09 on Monday, as dealers sold US$36.32 million compared to US$38.44 million on Monday.
Dealers bought US$51.92 million in US currency, at an average of J$130.27 versus J$129.82 on Monday when they purchased US$43.67 million.
On Tuesday, dealers purchased the equivalent of US$56.56 million in all currencies, up from US$46.95 million and sold US$37.94 million versus US$40.62 million on Monday.
The selling rate for the Canadian dollar rose to J$108.04 from J$106.17, at the close on Monday while the British Pound was more costly, with J$175.99 buying the British currency versus J$173.48 previously and the euro, fell in value against the Jamaican dollar, with it taking J$157.24 to buy the European common currency, versus J$159.32 previously.

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