Fontana & Wisynco jump IC Top 10

Fontana Waterloo Road branch now new completion.

There were some major price movements for the TOP 10 stocks. By the end of the week, Fontana moved up in price to $3.95 and moved out of the list.
ISP Finance closed with the bid at $13, forecasted earnings was adjusted down to $1.65 for 2019, with the stock existed the TOP 10. Caribbean Cream and Jamaican Teas replaced the above two companies.
TOP 10 main market selection last week, Wisynco closed the week at $11 and that was enough to move it off the list with Carreras moving back on to the list. Radio Jamaica made a big surge from 80 cents to end the week at $1.20 but with the offer at $1.18 after the company posted strong gains in profit in the December quarter of $168 million versus $79 million in the similar period in 2017. Seprod also enjoyed a big move from $34.85 to $39, both remain in the TOP 10.
Stocks falling out of the TOP 10 should not be ignored, they have much more gains ahead of them, in 2019. Both Fontana and Wisynco earnings are based on June 2019 year-end. Results for the 2020 year will start coming out before the end of this year and could result in increased interest in the stocks.
Medical Disposables fell in price during the week and rose in the TOP 10 to number 2 while Sygnus Credit Investments garnered increased buying interest with the price moving up with the stock just holding on to the number 10 spot on the main market list.
The three leading Junior Market stocks are General Accident, with potential gains of 300 percent, Medical Disposables with 264 percent projected gains and Stationery and Office Supplies 245 percent.
The three leading main market stocks are, Victoria Mutual investments 150 percent likely gains, Caribbean Cement with likely gains of 150 percent and Sterling Investments with 135 percent.
The main market closed the week with the overall PE at 13 and the Junior Market at 10. The PE ratio for Junior Market Top 10 stocks average 6.2 and the main market PE is now 8.4.
The TOP 10 stocks now trade at an average discount of 38 percent to the average for the Junior Market Top stocks but it’s a third of what the average PE for the year is likely to be of 20 times earnings. The main market stocks trade at a discount of 35 percent to the overall market.
TOP 10 stocks are likely to deliver the best returns within a 12 months period. Stocks are selected based on projected earnings for each company’s current fiscal year. Based on an assumed PE for each, the likely gains are determined and then ranked, with the stocks with the highest potential gains ranked first followed by the rest, in descending order. Potential values will change as stock prices fluctuate and will result in movements of the selection in and out of the lists for most weeks. Earnings per share are revised on an ongoing basis based on new information received that can result in changes in and out of the list as well.


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