Profit jumps 59% at Carib Cream

Caribbean Cream outlook.

Profit jumped 59 percent in the quarter to May, to $55 million from $35 million in 2017 from sales revenue that rose 29 percent to $412 million from $319 billion in 2017 for Caribbean Cream that trades as Kremi.
The improvement brings to an end falling profit for the past fiscal year when profit fell to $90 million from $176 million in 2017, from increased revenues and from profit of $164 million in 2016.
For the quarter, gross profit margin rose to 36 percent from 34 percent in the 2017, as input cost climbed 25 percent, compared over for the 2017 first quarter. The net effect, operating profit rose 37 percent to $147 million from $107 million.
Administrative expenses increased 25 percent to $76 million and marketing and sales expenses climbed 24 percent to $13 million. Finance cost was up to $3.4 million from $3.15 million.
Earnings per share came out at 15 cents for the quarter and should end the year around 70 cents, just slightly lower than the 80 cents forecasted at the end of the fiscal year.
According to Chairman Carol Clarke Webster and Managing Director, Christopher Clarke in their joint statement to shareholders, “these results are attributable to improved products supply as a result of greater production efficiencies, along with the introduction of a new range of novelties which are performing well in the market. In addition, we continued our sales and marketing thrusts to expand our market penetration and ‘Top of the mind” awareness of our product range.”
Gross cash flow brought in $65 million but growth in receivables, inventories, offset by payables reduced it to $44 million, in addition, fixed assets purchased for $101 million offset by net loan inflows of $65 million resulted in a cash increase of $8 million, pushing the cash and bank balances to $183 million. Shareholders’ equity stands at $693 million with borrowings at just $147 million. Net current assets ended the period at $221 million well over Payables of $134 million.
The stock traded at $4.90 on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange with a PE ratio of just 7 times 2019 earnings leaving quite some room for a good bounce from the current price. The stock is one of the TOP 10 Junior Market listings.
The company declared a dividend of 4.8 cents payable on September 21 to shareholders on record at the end of September 7. The stock will traded ex dividend on September 6.

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