Derrimon out Kremi is back in TOP 10

Derrimon Trading reentered the TOP 10 last week but has spent just one week rising during the week from $6.50 to $8 and is replaced by Caribbean Cream, the only new entrant to the TOP list.
Jamaica Broilers slipped to $17.50 during the week and moved to the top of the main market listing with Berger Paints moving to Number 3 position having closed at $16.50 on Friday while Salada Foods rose to $10 and fell to 7th spot.
At the close of Friday, the average PE ratio for Junior Market Top stocks is at 9.2 and a PE at 8.6 for the main market TOP 10. The average PE for the overall main market is 14.7 and 14.4 for Junior Market, based on 2017 estimated earnings.
At the close of the week, IC’s TOP 10 stocks now trade at an average discount of 34 percent to the average of the market for Junior Market Top stocks and 42 percent for the main market.
Market Watch| The two markets have retreated to be testing support and some individual stocks seem to be more in a mood for profit taking than wanting to move much higher currently, as such stocks may not gain much during the week ahead, but that is difficult to know. Investors should nevertheless keep a keen eye on Caribbean Cement for which supply seems to be declining fast, Cable & Wireless that appears scarce under $1, NCB Financial, Berger Paints, JMMB Group, Main Event, Lasco Financial, Paramount Trading and Stationery and Office.

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