3 new junior stocks in 2017 best 10

The Junior Market ended 2017 with 3 new listings in the Top 10 best performing stocks in 2017. The 3 are, Express Catering up 167 percent, Main Event with a rise of 164 percent and Stationery and Office Supplies with a gain of 148 percent.
Knutsford Express with an increase of 275 percent, is the winning Junior Market stock for 2017, after ending at ninth position on the Junior Market in 2016, with a rise of 108 percent in 2016. Jetcon Corporation, the no 6 best performing stock in 2016 gained 199 percent in 2017 to land the number 2 spot. Eppley gained 145 percent for 2017 to hold down spot number 6 spot, number 7, is Blue Power rising 104 percent, followed by C2W Music after gaining 104 percent, with the number 9 spot being held down by Access Financial with gains of 76 percent and KLE Group rising 67 percent at 10.
Investor’s Choice research covering more than 30 years’ data shows that only an average of 2 stocks out of the top 10 performers each year repeat that performance in the following year, with the rest falling outside the top 10.
IC Insider.com data is showing that only Access and Stationery and Office Supplies are likely to end in the TOP 15 Junior Stocks in 2018.

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