US$ sell off continues – Thursday

The recent selloff of US dollars continued in the Jamaican forex market on Thursday, with dealers on average in buying the US dollar for 31 cents lower than on Wednesday while the rate they sold funds at fell 19 cents from Wednesday and is down $1.16 from last week’s peak.
Inflows of all currencies into Jamaica’s forex market fell to US$51.81 million on Thursday, from US$53.87 million on Wednesday. Dealers sold US$56.89 million versus US$52.24 million, previously.
US currency purchases, accounted for US$36.57 million on Thursday at an average rate of $127.58 compared to Wednesday at US$47.72 million at $127.89. Dealers sold US$42.52 million at an average rate of J$128.41 versus J$128.58 for US$47.28 million previously. The selling rate for the US dollar is coming off from a peak of $131.31 on September 15, with the Jamaican dollar recovering 2 percent of its value since.
The selling rate for the Canadian dollar fell to J$103.36 from J$103.43 at the close on Wednesday. The British Pound climbed to J$169.33 for buying the British currency versus J$168.53 on Wednesday and the euro slipped in value against the Jamaican dollar, to J$151.66 to buy the European common currency, versus J$153.48 previously.

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