US$ market heavily rocked on Tuesday

Trading jumped on the US dollar market on Tuesday with six securities changing hands compared to three on Monday and First Rock Capital dominating trading with 15.4 million shares for 96 percent of the day’s volume.

First Rock led trading with 15.4 million shares

At the close of the market, the Index carved out a miniscule rise of 0.02 points to close at 187.85 and the PE ratio averaged 13.1 times IC projected 2020 earnings.
The market closed with the prices of two stocks advancing, two declining and two closing unchanged. Trading pushed investors to exchange 16,076,419 shares for US$1,552,647, in contrast to just 552,258 shares at US$125,657 on Monday.
At the close of market activity, First Rock Capital gained of 0.65 of a cent to close at 10 US cents, after trading 15,400,300 shares, infrequently traded, Productive Business Solutions exchanged 500 units at 64 US cents. Proven Investments gained 1 cent to end at 23 US cents, in swapping 19,851 stock units, Sygnus Credit Investments had 11,400 units transferred at 15 US cents and Trans Jamaican Highway lost less than one-tenth of a cent in trading 636,914 shares to end at 0.94 US cents.
In the US dollar preference shares segment, JMMB Group 6% traded 7,454 units with the loss of a cent to close at US$1.

Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

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