Scotia Premium Growth up 37% in 2017

Scotia Investments was the top performing unit trust in 2017.

The Jamaica stock market enjoyed strong growth between 2015 and 2017 with several stocks recording more than 100 percent gains in each of the years. The vast majority of Jamaicans have not participated in the gains offered by the market.
The vast majority of Jamaicans have not enjoyed the benefits of investing directly in the stock market because they do not fully understand it while some are just scared to lose their money. Many investors have taken the hassle or concerns out of investing directly in stocks by investing in equity based unit trust schemes that have delivered better gains than those in the fixed income market.
For while the combined market index of the Jamaica Stock Exchange racked up gains of 43 percent in 2017, the top performing equity based fund, Scotia’s Premium Growth Fund recorded gains of 37 percent for their investors in 2017 on top of a 25 percent gain in 2016. The Scotia Fund displaced Barita’s Capital Growth Fund, the 2016 front runner that ended at number 6 in 2017, delivering a 21.5 percent return, down slightly from 26.7 percent in 2016
Many investors have benefit from the strong performance of the local stock market in a number of ways. Pension funds that a large number of Jamaicans are members of, hold shares of many companies on the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE). There are also insurance company funds that rely on the shares as part of their investment portfolios. The National Insurance Scheme also invests in these companies and many more Jamaicans benefit from the market’s performance than they may be aware of. Others persons invest through unit trusts to enjoy the growth in the market and thus lower their risk. How does this work?

Barita Unit Trust equity drop from #1 in 206 to 6th spot in 2017 with a gain of 21.5%

A unit trust is a pooled investment scheme that allows anyone without expert knowledge and time to invest in a diverse portfolios of most stocks, to invest in them and therefore benefit from the gains that the funds can deliver. The investments, which comprise local and foreign equities, bonds, corporate paper, government securities, real estate, among others, are professionally managed to optimize gains for the investor.
Investing in a unit trust is an attractive option as the portfolios are not only diverse but they also cater to those with or without an appetite for risk. A few of the benefits to be derived are tax free gains, depending on the portfolio, lower levels of market volatility given the mix of securities in each portfolio as well as other perquisites.
From year to year, the performance of investments in equity based unit trust funds may in part reflect the highs and lows of the economy, the percentage share of investments in the local stock market shares and fixed income funds. Most importantly, the management of the funds can make a big difference as can be seen from the varied performance of funds in Jamaica. Additionally, in recent years there have been new players entering the market and new products being offered, thereby creating greater diversity so as to capture new investors and a greater share of the market of the non-investing market.
At present, there are eight schemes managed locally, namely Barita Unit Trust, JMMB Fund Managers, JN Fund Managers, NCB Capital Markets, Proven Fund Managers, Sagicor Investments, Scotia investments Jamaica and  Victoria Wealth Management. All offer varied slate of funds denominated in Jamaican dollars and US dollars. Sagicor Investments has fifteen (15) portfolios, the most diverse of all, followed by Barita Unit Trust, JMMB and NCB, VM, Scotia and newcomer Proven.
Funds under management as at October 2017 stood at $229 billion with Sagicor still commanding the lion’s share with Scotia and NCB holding their double-digit portion while the others shared the remainder of the pie.
In the next article, IC will look at the performance of the unit trust equities’ portfolio in 2017 compared to previous years to give investors a better view of the best performing funds.

Elite shares start trading on Tuesday

The latest initial public offer to hit the capital market, Elite Diagnostic,will be listed on Tuesday on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange and will bring the number of listed companies to 35.

The issue that was heavily oversubscribed could see trading taking place at the maximum allowable on the first day which is 30 percent above the IPO price of $2 up to $2.60.
On Wednesday, the price could surged above 30 percent if the bid were to close above $2.60 on Tuesday but not exceeding $3.38 which could result in the price hitting $4.39.
The company offered 70,680,000 Ordinary Shares to the public which were aggressively taken up by investors with applications for 614,190,600 units were received from 3,346 investors with a value of J$1,228,381,200. The public offer was oversubscribed by more than 10.5 times.
A total of 3,257 Application for Shares were received from the general public who will receive the first 15,000 units with the balance in excess, allocated 3.383 percent.
IC forecasts profit of 22 cents per share for the current year to June and 35 cents for 2019. With the heavy demand for the stock and the sharp fall in Treasury bill rates the prospects of the price reaching $4 should not be ruled out.
Sagicor Investments and NCB Capital Markets were the brokers to the issue.

$1.22 billion chased 71M Elite shares

Elite Diagnostics could be in the Junior Market TOP 10 by the end of 2018.

Elite Diagnostic initial public offer of 70,680,000 ordinary shares were aggressively taken up by the General Public and place the issue as the one to have attracted the largest number of subscribers.
Applications for 614,190,600 units were received from 3,346 investors value of J$1,228,381,200.
The public offer was oversubscribed by more than 10.5 times and only one category of reserved shares was fully subscribed to, with 6,160,000 shares reserved for Medical Practitioners, receiving 54 applications. Applications from this group covered 19.046 million shares valued at $38,092,600, the first 70,000 units were allotted in full with balance getting 10.062 percent.
A total of 3,257 applications for shares were received from the general public who will receive the first 15,000 units with the balance in excess, receiving 3.383 percent.
A total of 12 applications for shares valued at approximately 1.555 million shares were received from Directors and Employees of the Company for the 4,060,000 shares reserved.
Five Affiliated Doctors applied for 142,000 out of the 700,000 shares reserved for them, two Affiliated Entities applied for just 56,000 of 420,000 shares reserved for them. Eight Referring Doctors Tier 1 applied for 2,240,000 of the 6,160,000 shares reserved. Applications from Referring Doctors Tier 2 applied for 1.011 million shares from the 1,900,000 shares reserved for them.
Sagicor Investments and NCB Capital Markets were the brokers to the issue.

Elite IPO fully subscribed

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Elite Diagnostics could be in the Junior Market TOP 10 by the end of 2018.

Word reaching IC from usually reliable sources, is that the much delayed Initial Public Offer for Elite Diagnostics was oversubscribed before the revised prospectus was posted on the Jamaica Stock Exchange on Monday. 

The company is issuing just over 70 million shares at a price of $2 each and a PE ratio around 9 times estimated 2018 earnings and just under 6 times 2019 estimated earnings. The shares were to have officially opened on Monday January 22, but was put off until Wednesday 24, following amendment to include depreciation that was omitted from interim results to September, and then was pulled to correct errors in the interim results balance sheet and cash flow statement. The issue will now officially open on Monday February 5 and is expected to list on the Junior Market of the stock exchange that will see profit being tax free for 5 years and at half the regular rate for the second 5 years. Brokers for the issue are NCB Capital Markets and Sagicor Investments.

Elite Diagnostics IPO a buy

Elite Diagnostics is the first 2018 IPO out of 9, that is expected this year.

The initial public offer for Elite Diagnostics will open on January 22 at $2 per share and is scheduled to close on January 29, the prospectus which is now out states.
A total of 70.68 million shares are offered to raise $141 million. The shares to be listed on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, if the issue is successful and will bring the total company listings on the Junior Market to 35 and the total listings to 39 and the total listings on the entire exchange to 96. Elite will be the second medical related company expected to list on the market and the second within two months.
Based on interim first quarter results to September last year the stock is attractively price and seems set to be heavily oversubscribed to be followed by a big bounce after listing. Elite has done well in just 5 years and seems set to expand at a nice pace going forward.
The company operates from Holburn Road in Kingston and now have a new office on 164½ Old Hope Road. The 4 year old company provides imaging and Diagnostic Medical Facility offers services such as MRI, CT Scan, X-Ray, Ultrasound & Fluoroscopy.
Of the shares available for subscription in the IPO, 18 million units are reserved for subscription at $2 each. The company has 282 million issued shares. The proceeds of the IPO will put the company in a position to repay a substantial part of the debt due lenders amounting to $202 million.
A number of Imaging diagnostic service providers operate in Kingston and Saint Andrew. These providers compete with the company for the provision of services in the Kingston and Saint Andrew market.
For the September quarter 2017, the company had net profits of $23 million on revenues of $69.8 million compared to revenues of $56.9 million in 2016 and profits of $14.4 million. Annualised, net profits would be $92 million or an increase of 108 percent over the previous financial year, if the current trend continues and would result in earnings per share of 30 cents for a PE ratio of 6.7 times earnings.
In the first year of operations in 2014 a loss of J$48.7 million was realized on revenues of $58.3 million. For 2015, revenues increased 127 percent and profit of $498,079 was realised. For the financial year ended June last year, revenues increased to J$263 million and net profits moved to J$44.2 million from $29 million in 2016. Gross Profit margin is very high at 67 percent for the 2017 fiscal year with administrative expenses at 31 percent of revenues, excluding depreciation.
In 2017, a new office was set up at 164½ Old Hope Road, opening in November 2017 and is expected to generate additional income for the benefit of the company commencing the current financial year, the company says.
Directors are, Steven Gooden, B.Sc., M.Sc., CFA, Chairman, Warren Chung, B.Sc. Executive Director, Dr. Neil Fong, B.Sc., M.B.B.S Executive Director, Andre Ho Lung, FCCA, M.Sc. Non-executive Directors are Kevin Donaldson, B.Sc., M.B.A, Paula Kerr-Jarrett, B.A., LL.M., Quentin Hugh Sam, B.Sc., Peter D. Chin, B.Sc., M.B.A., William Mahfood, B.Sc.
The company believes that its principal competitive advantage lies in using state of the art diagnostic equipment. “It 64-Slice or Multi-Slice CT Scanner is one example. It produces clearer images compared to older models by allowing technicians and radiologist to acquire thinner slices and 3D images at lower doses of radiation leading to a more detailed view of the patients’ anatomy. This leads to faster and more accurate diagnosis. 10.20 The Company has recently acquired a 3 Tesla (3T) MRI scanner – to the company’s knowledge only one of two in the Caribbean, the other being located in the Cayman Islands. The strength of the magnetic field generated by a 3T MRI scanner is twice that of the current industry standard 1.5T MRI scanners. The image quality of an MRI scanner is generally dependent on the strength of the magnetic field it is able to generate, the higher the magnetic field the better the image clarity. This increased image clarity aids Radiologists in their interpretations of diagnostic images. In certain circumstances the more powerful scanner is also capable of reducing scan times thereby reducing patient turnaround time.”
NCB Capital Markets and Sagicor Investments are brokers for the issue.

Buy Berger – Sagicor Investments

Berger Paints is worth more than $20 per share.

While the directors of Berger Paints are recommending minority shareholders accept an abysmally low $10.88 for the shares with one condition that the bidders as a result of the Offer its holding will most likely exceed 75 percent of the holdings.
No information was given as to how this was possible. Interestingly two entities that control more than 25 percent of the total shares in the company don’t appear ready to sell at least not at the low price offered.
Sagicor Investments, a subsidiary of Sagicor Group who controls more than 10 percent of Berger Paints shares have issued an analysis of the company and the fairness of the offer. They are advising investors to hold or buy more shares at the current low price. It would be an odd situation that the subsidiary of the group are recommending a buy or hold recommendation and the parent did the opposite. A fair conclusion is that they will not sell, in which case the offer fails as most investor thing it will.
Sagicor Investments concluded, “the business has made significant strides in the past three years. This has resulted in the company achieving phenomenal financial success as the company implemented its strategic goals. With a solid foundation established operational and financial performance should continue to improve over the medium term. Though the attractive dividend policy may change, the future earning potential should see the stock trading at a price to earnings ratio within the range of 10X – 12X. The stock is currently trading below this range.”
“Having considered the anticipated economic outcome along with challenges facing the company, including the strengthening purchasing power of domestic consumer, the growth trend in the construction industry and moderate growth in overseas market, the 12 month price target is within a range of J$17.05 to J$20.46.”

Carib Beer brewed in Trinidad by Ansa McAl Group

“Given the price expectation, the current offer of $10.88 is at a significant discount to the value of the company’s shares. Investors would better serve maintain the current position or take the opportunity to increase the position in the stock given the fall-off in the current market price. While there are risks, relating to changes in the management agreement and delisting, the future earning potential of the company should compensate for holding the stock.”
IC got wind of a letter by Ideal Group of companies that commented a possible delisting Berger, “we are the largest minority shareholder in Berger Paints at 12%+ of the Company. We find the offer price of $10.88 by ANSA McAL to be woefully-inadequate and have chosen to reject the offer. In fact, given that the share price is now on or around $11 per share, we are buying Berger at this attractive price level, not selling.”
The letter goes on to say, “we are also aware that another leading minority shareholder, shares our views and has also rejected the offer. In fact, they are buying via the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE). Both parties between themselves own around 25 percent of BRG’s issued share capital.”
On investors on Monday bought 60,411 of the company’s shares, on Tuesday 153,142 units, on Wednesday 129,140 shares and on Thursday 148,982 units around or above $11 per share, a clear enough indication that the smart money is not buying into the Berger directors unfortunate recommendations.

Falling prices dominate with 15 down

 Carreras dominated with $64.8M in value

Carreras dominated with $64.8M in value

Activity on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, resulted in the prices of 7 stocks rising, 15 declining as 28 securities changed hands, ending in 4,785,392 units trading, valued at $101,683,594, in all market segments as Carreras dominated trading with shares valued at $64.8 million. For the first time in a few weeks there were no stocks at new 52 week’s high at the close.
TheJSE Market Index lost just 3.39 points to 96,596.51, the JSE All Jamaican Composite index fell 3.79 points to close at 108,907.87 and the JSE combined index gained 28.63 points to end at 99,293.77.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, in the main and junior markets, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows 19 stocks with bids higher than JSE sum 16-6-15 their last selling prices and 7 with offers that were lower, an indication that the number of stocks likely to gain on Wednesday should outnumber the ones declining.
In trading, Cable & Wireless put on 2 cents with 431,297 units changing hands to close at 46 cents. Caribbean Cement rose 1 cent while trading 121,350 shares at $5, Carreras gained 28 cents in trading 1,341,078 to end at $48.35, with NCB Capital Market s being the main broker selling and Sagicor Investments the main broker buying. Grace Kennedy suffered a decline by 40 cents with 8,919 shares changing hands at $63.50, Hardware & Lumber traded 50,000 shares at $18, with just one trade. Jamaica Broilers slipped 30 cents with 23,654 shares trading to close at $5.20, followed by Kingston Wharves that fell 15 cents to $6.40 with only 725 units trading, JSE fn Qts 16-6-15National Commercial Bank traded 528,170 units to close at $29.46 down from the last traded on Monday of $30, as the price slipped 54 cents. Sagicor Group fell 30 cents to $12.30 with 94,210 shares changing hands. The price of Sagicor Real Estate Fund rose 10 cents, with 42,375 shares changing hands, to end at $7.70. Scotia Investments fell 72 cents as 25,291 shares traded to close at $26.28 and Proven Investments traded 595,502 shares at 21 US cents, down from 21.05 US cents on Monday, after 467,745 units were traded in the morning session, at 22 US cents.

Rally maybe going on holiday

Jamaica Broilers closed at a new 52 weeks high on Tuesday

Jamaica Broilers closed at a new 52 weeks high on Tuesday

In the first hour and a half of trading Tuesday, on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, the all Jamaican Composite Index was once more over the 110,000 market. It gained 322.01 points to 110,048.85 and the JSE Index was at 99,578.98, with a gain of 288.02 points.
By the end of trading, the market gave up all the gains and much more as the market continues to struggle to move away from the resistance level which it crossed over recently. The JSE Market Index lost 939.55 points to 98,348.41, the JSE All Jamaican Composite index fell 1,050.45 points to 108,676.39 and the JSE combined index dropped 1,010.08 points to close at 100,729.99.
Activity, resulted in the prices of 10 stocks rising, 12 declining as 35 securities changed hands, ending in 9,192,775 units trading, valued at $92,864,773, in all market segments. Only three new highs were recorded in the overall market, with Jamaica Broilers ended at $5.49 and Jamaica Stock Exchange at $3.55 as new 52 weeks closing highs in the main market.
JSe sum 19-5-15 IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, in the main and junior markets, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows 10 stocks with bids higher than their last selling prices and 3 with offers that are lower.
In trading, Berger Paints as it traded at $2.55 with 14,650 shares, but there is a strong bid at $2.55 to buy 123,873 shares. Cable & Wireless had 306,000 shares trading at 47 cents, Caribbean Cement traded 292,100 units to close at $5, Carreras traded 211,982 shares to close at $49, Gleaner posted 322,432 units to end at $1, Grace Kennedy gained 5 cents to close at $63.55 with 45,627 units, the stock traded at $65 during the trading session. Jamaica Stock Exchange put through 83,000 units and ended at $3.55, JMMB Group lost 51 cents in trading 219,760 shares at $9.49, at the close. National Commercial Bank had 113,179 units trading between $29.50 and $30.20, the closing price, as 20 cents was added. JSE fn Qts 19-5-15 Sagicor Group traded down to $11 during the day but ended up with a decline of 1 cent at $11.99, at the end with 5,150,556 shares, changing hands. Mayberry sold more than 3.5 million units mostly at $11 from their inventory and Sagicor Investments was another major buying and selling broker of the stock. Scotia Group put on 70 cents to $26 with 8,794 units trading, Seprod had 136,611 units changing hands at $18.50, and Supreme Ventures traded 116,465 shares between $3.89 and $3.95 but ended at $3.90 and Proven Investments slipped by half of a cent in trading 61,517 units at 20.5 US cents.

D&G at new high with $64m trade

D&G traded over 10m shares on Monday

D&G traded over 10m shares on Monday

Desnoes & Geddes traded 10,710,929 shares, with a value of $64,265,574. Mayberry Investments sold from within their in house portfolio at $6 per shares, with the price ending at a new 52 weeks’ high after gaining 45 cents for the day.
Sagicor Investments bought the block as brokers for the buyer. Carreras was the other major traded to take place in the market with 1.3 million shares in ten separate trades. NCB Capital Market sold from in house inventory with Scotia Investments being the broker doing the vast majority of the buying. With the exception of 370 shares which traded at $43, the rest traded at $42.
Activity elsewhere on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, resulted in the prices of 7 stocks rising, 7 declining as 20 securities changed hands, ending in 13,368,989 units trading, valued at $131,890,39, in all market segments.
Main Market| The JSE Market Index lost 327.75 points to 85,319.89, the JSE All Jamaican Composite index fell 366.44 points to close at 94,109.89 and the JSE combined index dropped 351.94 points to close at 87,029.50
JSE sum 13-4-15 IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, in the main and junior markets, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows 12 stocks with bids higher than their last selling prices and 4 with offers that were lower.
Carreras traded 1,300,000 at $42 for a $1 fall, Grace Kennedy with 47,691 shares closed trading at $63 for a $2 fall, Jamaica Money Market Brokers 7.50% preference share, closed with 250,000 units at $2.02, to record a 2 cents gain, Jamaica Producers Group lost $1.04 in trading only 200 shares and ended at $15.96. Sagicor Group traded 50,268 shares between $10.03 and $10.50 before closing at $10.50, Scotia Group ended up trading 354,932 shares for 45 cents higher at $22.50, Scotia Investments had 20,000 shares changing hands at $23 for a decline of 80 cents and Supreme Ventures closing with 36,120 units at $2.84, a decline of 11 cents.JSE qts 13-4-15 Stocks with good interest to buy are Berger Paints with 200,000 units on the bid at $1.60, Jamaica Broilers with the bid at $4.50 to buy 239,065 shares, JMMB Group with 807,884 shares on the bid at $7.02. Jamaica Producers has buyers for 496,855 units at $15.96, Radio Jamaica 200,000 shares at $1.50, Sagicor Group 341,717 shares on the bid at $10.06 and Scotia Investments with the bid at $23 to buy 133,940 shares.
There is strong interest to sell Sagicor Real Estate X Fund with 1,400,000 being offered at $6.95 and Jamaica Money Market Brokers 8.75% preference share at $3.20 for 400,000 units.

Cancelled SVL trade changes closing data

JSE Ghp 10-4-15The last trade of Supreme Ventures took place on Friday April 10 at 12:56:23, less than five minutes before trading closed. The official trading data showed the trade as valid but the 1,435 shares that were involved took place at $2.31 with a value of just $3,314.85, but the fall was outside of the price movement restriction of 15 percent from the opening price placed on stocks.
The trade was not valid and was cancelled sometime after trading closed, but not before the stock exchange reported the results for the public. The shares were sold by Sagicor Investments with the buying broker being Victoria Mutual Wealth Management traded on behalf of clients.
The stock exchange rules will permit daily price movements of 30 percent but there would be initial freeze of one hour if the attempted price exceeds 15 percent from the opening price. For further trading in the stock to be effected would have required an hour to elapse before the trade could take the case of the above trade, there would be no time left in trading for the stock to resume trading. As a result of the cancellation of the trade, the closing price for Supreme Ventures officially ended at a 52 weeks’ high of $2.95.
The changes meant that JSE index ended at 85,647.64 instead of the 85,620.15 originally reported, The all Jamaica composite was reported at 94,445.60, is in fact 94,476.33 and the combined index reported as closing at 87,355.58 in fact ended at 87,381.44. The volume traded is marginally adjusted down to 9,744,758 units and the value $155,258,896 and resulted in the prices of 6 stocks rising 8 declining and 7 trading firm.
JSE sum upd 10-4-15The market was closing at the highest level for 2015 and the highest level since mid-May 2012, based on the all Jamaica Composite Index which is up 12 percent since the end of 2014. The local market seems heading towards the next major resistance level around 99,000 point which is less than 5,000 points away. Breaking the resistance level is important but it is the ability to take out the resistance level and move further up wards that more important if the rally is to be sustained.