Strong buying interest for Dolla

Buying interest in Dolla Financial is extremely high and selling low, with 332 million in bids and 6.2 million on offer, just after 9 am on Thursday. Bids are up to $1.72 with minimal offers of 60,000 units up to $1.72 which hardly dented the demand.
At the opening of the market, bids at $1.72 jumped to 48 million shares, with the lowest offer at $1.75. Trading in the stock is halted with the 30 percent price movement being triggered, with the price now 72 percent up on the IPO price of $1.
After the opening of trading, there were 3,650 bids to buy 364.4 million units between 70 cents and $1.72 and just 260 offers to sell 7 million units. the equilibrium price could be some way off.

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