$1 for Dolla IPO

The latest IPO for a Junior Market listing is now out, with Dolla Financial Services, a company that is involved in the business of short term lending, with is set to sell 500 million Ordinary Shares at $1 each to the public, with the offer including  250 million newly issued Ordinary shares and the sale of 250 million existing Ordinary Shares by the Selling shareholders.
The 2021 financial statements show a total income of $395 million and a profit of $168 million before tax. Currently, the number of issued shares is 2.25 billion units, with earnings per share of 7 cents per share. Results for March 2022 show revenues of $141 million compared to $64 million in 2021, with a profit of $66 million, up from $17 million in 2021. For the full year earnings should hit the $300 million mark with earnings per share of 20 cents per share with a PE ratio of 5, compared to 13 for the overall Junior Market.
The Company intends to use the anticipated proceeds of the invitation of $250 million to expand its loan portfolio regionally through acquisitions and organic growth and strengthen its capital base. It currently operates eight branches in Jamaica and one in Guyana and has an equity base of $373 million, the issue if successful will take equity to just over $600 million.
The issue opens on May 27, 2022. Victoria Mutual Wealth Management, the receiving agent for the purposes of the Invitation.

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