Sterling’s stock split effective November 27

Sterling Investments jumps to a high of $19 after split announcement.

The record date of the recently approved 5 for 1 stock split for Sterling Investments will be November 27, the company announced.
The split aimed at increasing the liquidity of the stock was approved by shareholders at an Extraordinary General Meeting on October 8.
Sterling’s most recent results to September, showed that the company’s fundamentals to be healthy, with gross revenues for the period hitting $134 million for the nine months to September 2018, an increase of 44 percent over revenues of $93 million in the similar period in 2017. Profit after tax grew 53 percent to $90 million for the nine months ended September, compared to $59 million in 2017.
For the September quarter, revenues rose to $56 million from $31 million in 2017, resulting in profit after tax for the quarter of $38.7 million versus $16 million in 2017. The 2018 result compares well with the full year results for 2017 when profit of just $52 million was realized from $92 million in revenues.
Sterling garnered $74 million in foreign exchange gains for the nine months period compared to just $11 million for the similar period in 2017 and $35 million versus $9 million in the quarter. Some of that seems set to be reversed in the final quarter of the year as the Jamaican dollar has since revalued and is unlikely to be reversed before year end.
The company reported that details of the upcoming rights issue will be announced shortly. IC gathers that the plan was originally, for the split to have followed the rights issue, but that seems to have changed with the announcement of the date for the split.
Shareholders’ equity increased from $895 million at September 2017 to $922 million at September 2018 while total assets under management amounted to $1.27 billion.
The stock last traded at $20.50 on the Jamaica Stock Exchange up from from $14.50 at the time the proposed split was announced in mid September.

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