Split & rights issues for Sterling

Sterling Investments coming with split and rights issue.

Sterling Investments is considering a 5 for 1 stock split and a rights issue of ordinary shares to existing shareholders.
The company will hold an Extraordinary General Meeting at the Knutsford Court Hotel, on October 8, to consider the an increase in the authorized share capital by the addition of 1,850,000,000 ordinary shares and to approve the issue up to 2,000,000,000 ordinary shares currently un-issued, by way of a Rights Issue, on terms to be decided by the directors, including the number and price of the shares.
November 14 is the expected date for the commencement of the rights issue, Yanique Leiba-Ebanks advised IC Insider.com.
“Proceeds of the rights will be used to fund private equity and investment in some local stocks. We have been participating in IPO share issues that have done well for the fund,” Leiba-Ebanks said. So it will be more of that, going forward along with the focus on leveraged fixed income investments.

Yanique Leiba-Ebanks – AVP Pensions & Portfolio Investments
Sterling Asset Management

The issues were necessary as the company has just under 300 shareholders with limited interest in trading the stock by the general public. The company was encouraged recently to split the stock and issue more shares to broaden the shareholdings to provide a platform for more liquidity for the stock that trades infrequently.
Sterling’s fortunes will be boosted with net profit that grew by 20.5 percent in the 2018 half year, to $52 million and $27 million in the June quarter, from $25 million, in the similar period in 2017. Sterling has 59.15 million shares issued and enjoyed earnings of 87 cents for each share for the half year.
Others to expect splits from are, Barita Investments and they could well have a rights issue to fund acquisitions and other expansion and new products such a margin facilities. CAC2000 with the stock price rising into the mid-teens, Stationery & Office Supplies with the stock price expected to be priced in the teens sooner or later is expected to split by 2019. At the annual general meeting held earlier this year, shareholders were informed that the board had be looking at it but no decision was make. Access Financial directors and NCB Financial indicates that they don’t see any benefit to their company in doing a split but it only a matter of time that they will be forced to, the same applies to Palace Amusement. Some investors are of the view that with Derrimon Trading splitting  when the stock got in the teens that Caribbean Flavours is likely to follow. Investors should not ignore the possibility of Berger Paints and ISP Finance joining the queue in the near future.

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