Scotia Group steadies ship

Jackie Sharp - CEO Scotia Group

Jackie Sharp – CEO Scotia Group

Scotia Group reports profit $6.16 billion for the nine months ended July 2015 compared with $7.97 billion for the period to July, 2014. The reduction was impacted by Asset Tax expense of $1.29 billion fully booked from the first quarter as well as an increase in the Asset Tax rate imposed in May 2014.
Profit for the July 2015 quarter, was $2.31 billion, a shade off from the results for the April 2015 quarter of $2.36 billion, but well down on the July 2014 quarter of $2.9 billion. The decline in the quarter is due mainly to a fall-off in net gains on investment assets of $240 million, net interest income of $140 million, foreign exchange trading gains of $220 million and insurance revenues of $230 million.
Earnings per share for the nine months amounts to $1.93 and for the last quarter 72 cents and should end the year around $2.75.
The Group reported lower insurance revenue, lower net gains on foreign currency activities and financial assets in the Investment Management segment of the Group with total revenue for the nine months of $26.3 billion, a decrease of $319 million from the prior year. For the July 2015 quarter, total revenue of $8.62 billion was down $103 million from the April quarter. Net interest income after impairment losses for the period was $16.9 billion, an increase of $76 million versus the same period in 2014.
Scotia hq 25 9-14Expenses have been held quite tightly, resulting in an increase of $533 million or 3.7 percent when the Asset Tax is excluded for the nine months, while expenses were just $100 million more in a the third quarter, over the similar period in 2014.
Total assets increased year over year by $23.4 billion or 5.8 percent to $424 billion as at July 2015. The growth was primarily attributable to increases of $4 billion or 2.9 percent in Loans, net of allowance for impairment losses to $148.7 billion, $8 billion or 5.4 percent in investment and pledged assets and $8.8 billion in other assets resulting from higher retirement benefit asset. Loans as a percentage of total assets have declined from 36 percent to 35 percent as of July this year. The ratio needs to be moving in the other direction if profit is to commence growing at an attractive pace. At a quarterly rise around $1 billion the growth in loans is not strong to delivery good bottom line growth and help the stock to be above the average of the market.
An interim dividend of 40 cents per stock unit payable on October 15, 2015, to stockholders on record at September 23, 2015 was approved.

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