New record for Junior Market – Wednesday

JM closed at a new record, on its way to 4,300 points & possibly 5,000.

The Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange continued higher in trading on Wednesday with the index jumping 48.55 points to a record close of 3,662.94 as it moves to 4,300 points before heading to 5,000. 
Securities trading on the Junior Market dipped to 31 from 33 on Tuesday, as prices of 17 rose, 18 declined and 6 remained unchanged. At the close IC bid-offer indicator was flashing negative signs for trading on Thursday.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows 6 stocks closing with higher bids than their last selling prices and 8 stocks closing with lower offers.
Elite Diagnostic and Lasco Manufacturing ended trading at 52 weeks’ high while Lasco Financial traded at an intraday high of $7 but retreated to $6 at the close before the company posted slightly lower profit for the June quarter as interest cost and taxation reduced the slight improvement in operating profit flowing from 18 percent increased revenues. Market activities resulted in an exchange of 5,851,203 units valued at $22,568,503 compared to 6,250,912 units valued at $27,428,507 trading on Tuesday.
The average trade for the day was 188,748 units for an average of $728,016 in contrast to 189,422 units for an average of $831,167 on Tuesday. The average volume and value for the month to date amounts to 182,591 units valued at $815,284 and previously 181,761 units valued at $827,046 for each security traded. July ended with an average of 138,412 units at $563,215 for each security traded.
Stocks ending with price changes| AMG Packaging declined by 7 cents in trading 37,500 shares to settle at $2.25, Blue Power ended trading with 70,897 shares, after rising 18 cents to end at $8.18, Caribbean Cream closed trading of 20,321 units and gained 60 cents to end at $5.20. Cargo Handlers lost 10 cents in trading 5,000 shares to close at 11.40 cents, Caribbean Producers dipped 20 cents in trading of 60,530 units at $4.55, Dolphin Cove climbed 5 cents in exchanging 359 shares at $12.05, Express Catering exchanged 49,900 shares, after rising 14 cents to end at $6.49. Everything Fresh fell 10 cents in trading 13,778 units to end at $1.70, Elite Diagnostic closed 35 cents higher at $7.35, with 70,811 stock units trading, Fosrich traded 48,910 units and gained 10 cents to end at $4.80, General Accident ended trading with 5,000 shares, after rising 19 cents to close at $5.59. GWest Corporation lost 19 cents trading 113,035 units at $1.11, Honey Bun close with a loss of $1.24 at $5.76, after swapping 214,611 shares, iCreate fell 9 cents trading of 126,485 units to end at 80 cents. Indies Pharma closed 20 cents higher at $3.95, with 67,901 stock units trading, Jamaican Teas closed trading of 66,120 units and gained 2 cents to end at $5.82, Jetcon Corporation exchanged 1,494 units and gained 15 cents to end at $2. Limners and Bards climbed 10 cents in exchanging 3,761,358 shares at $3.10. Lasco Distributors climbed 10 cents in trading 7,008 shares at $3.30, Lasco Financial lost 40 cents and ended market activity with 130,949 shares changing hands to close at $6, Lasco Manufacturing jumped $1.06, in trading 423,416 shares to close at $6.50, Medical Disposables closed trading of 14,304 units and gained 52 cents to end at $7.46. Main Event climbed 8 cents and exchanged 8,152 shares at $6.10, Paramount Trading had an exchange of 26,300 shares, after rising 5 cents to end at $2 and tTech closed trading of 71,942 units and gained 5 cents to close at $7.50.

Prices of securities trading for the day are those at which the last trade took place.

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