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Lasco Financial connected parties recently purchased 15 million shares.

When persons connected with the management of a listed company trade shares in the company other investors are well advised to take note.
In some cases it means nothing, but in others it can be a telltale sign of things to come. One such trade that could be telling is embodied in a release to the Jamaica Stock Exchange by Lasco Financial Services that advised that eight connected parties purchased a total of 15.05 million shares in the company on August 9. The average price of the stock on the day the block traded, was $5.29, placing a value on the block of more than $75 million, that is no small change and is more likely than not to be a vote of confidence in the future fortunes of the company.
The purchase takes place after generating revenues of $555 million, $235 million or 74 percent more than the corresponding period in 2017 and importantly, grew $55 million over the $500 million generated in March quarter and may be suggesting the possibility of quarterly growth going forward for a while. Profit before taxation, jumped 62 percent to $132 million from $81 million in 2017. Profit after tax ended the quarter 50 percent higher than the year before at $101 million and could end up around $500 million for the full year for earnings per share around 40 cents.
The strong increase in revenues and profit comes from continued growth from the original business lines and was boosted by the acquisition of CrediScotia business in late 2017.
Profit before loan Interest more than doubled from $83 million to $172 million but funds borrowed to purchase the CrediScotia portfolio pushed interest cost to $41 million up from just $2 million in 2017.
At the end of the quarter, loans and receivables was at $1.8 billion with the majority being loans and the company borrowed $1.5 billion to help fund the acquisition and provide working capital. Shareholders’ equity was $1.47 billion.
This one is worth watching keenly as a long term buy with the large profit margin in lending.

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